Zelle Casinos

As the gambling market in the US is growing, the need for payment solutions that can cater to the specific needs of US players has increased. Launched in 2017, Zelle is a payment service that enables hassle-free, fast, and secure payments online. The method is also increasingly appearing among the supported options at online casinos that welcome US players, allowing them to handle their gaming accounts in a convenient way.

Zelle is an online banking service that enables its users to make fast payments directly from or to their bank accounts. However, as Zelle acts as a mediator between the merchant and your bank account, you are not required to expose any banking details during the transactions, making your payments extra secure.

More security is always needed, especially when wagering real money online. Zelle casinos allow their patrons to use the service for both deposits and withdrawals, ensuring smooth payments at any time and place.

Zelle Summary
Available in the USA
Website www.zellepay.com
Connecting bank card/account to Zelle Free
Withdrawal balance from Zelle to your bank card/account N/A
Pay to online merchants Free (some banks may apply fees)
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Up to 24 hours
Live chat No
Telephone support 1-844-428-8542
E-mail support Contact form on website and app
Best Online Casino Bonuses
Bonus Amount
  1. 350% up to
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Using Zelle for Gambling Transactions

Zelle Gambling TransactionsIf you have made the decision to use Zelle for your casino payments, then you will have no issue handling your transactions via this payment service. There are typically three ways to use Zelle for your deposits and withdrawals at gaming websites. Not all casinos support all three options so you will need to get familiar with each option to be able to use Zelle at the virtual casino where you play.

Before you proceed with any of the Zelle payment options, you will need to create your Zelle profile and link the service to your bank account. You can do that by following the registration steps on the official website of the method or head to your online/mobile banking account and look for the Zelle feature to activate it.

The first Zelle variant that allows casino players to fund their gaming accounts is known as Zelle-To-Bitcoin. This option can be used at any virtual casino that supports payments via Bitcoin. Instead of buying BTC via standard exchanges and waiting before you can use your bitcoins to fund your casino account, you can easily deposit with the cryptocurrency using the service of Zelle.

To be able to purchase BTC for your casino payments, you will first need to head to a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange that accepts Zelle for purchasing and selling BTC. The service of Zelle will allow you to exchange USD available in your bank account for BTC that you can later use for your deposits at a virtual casino.

Once you have purchased BTC via Zelle, you simply need to head to the deposit page of the online casino and select Bitcoin as your payment method. This will present you with the Bitcoin address of the casino that you will need to enter into your Bitcoin wallet to complete the transaction. The funds are typically transferred almost instantly, allowing you to gamble in no time.

If you have deposited to your casino account using Zelle-to-Bitcoin, you will also be able to request a withdrawal via the same method. In fact, you will be able to cash out your casino funds in any other cryptocurrency the website supports.

The second way to use Zelle at virtual casinos is via Zelle Voucher banking. Several interactive casinos that cater to US players accept casino vouchers that allow players to make transfers for both their deposits and withdrawals. These so-called online casino vouchers allow payments via P2P methods like Zelle, which allow players to purchase funds from or sell a certain amount of their account balance to other casino members.

To use this Zelle option for your casino deposits, you will first need to choose the casino voucher method for your payments. This will redirect you to the community forum of the virtual casinos to allow you to search for a seller of a voucher code of the same amount you would like to deposit. Then, you will see the P2P service the seller is using and will be able to purchase the voucher if you see the code can be bought via Zelle or Zelle Pay. Once the seller receives the money, the voucher’s value will be instantly added to your casino balance.

If you want to cash out your casino winnings via the same method, you will need to request a withdrawal via a casino voucher for the amount you would like to withdraw. This will generate a voucher code that you will need to post on the community page of the virtual casino. Once another player pays you the amount via Zelle, you will need to release the code to them instantly.

The third option that can be used at online casinos to make payments via Zelle is online banking. This is probably the easiest way to deposit via Zelle and also use the service for your casino withdrawals. When you select the Zelle option for your casino deposits, you will need to enter the amount you would like to transfer and log into your online banking or into your Zelle account. Once you approve the payment, the money will instantly appear in your casino balance.

The Zelle online banking option is not always accepted for casino withdrawals. However, if you have confirmed that you can use the service for your withdrawals, you can head to the cashier page and choose to cash out your winnings via Zelle. Once the casino approves the transaction, the money will appear in your bank account within 24 hours.

Zelle Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Up to 48 hours
Additional security encryption, firewalls, additional authentication

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Zelle as a Payment Method

SafetyPay Advantages and DisadvantagesIf you are wondering whether Zelle is the most suitable payment solution for your casino endeavors, then it can be useful to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the service. Let us begin with the strong points of the method by sharing that there are several options to make use of when you wish to deposit money or withdraw your winnings via Zelle.

As many US-friendly casinos accept payments via Bitcoin, it is very convenient that Zell users can use the service to convert USD into BTC and use the cryptocurrency for their casino payments. There is also the option to make P2P payments via Zelle and use online casino vouchers for instant deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, some casinos may also support the online banking method, enabling Zelle users to deposit straight from their bank accounts.

Deposits via Zelle are processed extremely fast, making the payment option a suitable option for every casino player. What is more, if you decide to use Zelle for your casino voucher withdrawals, you will be able to instantly cash out your winnings. Even if you opt for another Zelle method to withdraw your casino funds, you will still be able to enjoy your money in a very fast manner.

Zelle Pros and Cons

Casino players can use Zelle for payments via Bitcoin, casino vouchers, or online banking
Service is supported only in the USA
Available for deposits and withdrawals
Some casinos do not accept withdrawals via Zelle online banking
Enables instant deposits and fast withdrawals
Banks may apply some additional fees on Zelle payments
Extremely secure payments

Fees for Zelle Gambling Transactions

Fees for Gambling TransactionsAny surcharges that payment solutions may include are important for casino players as everyone wishes to come across the most budget-friendly solution. Fortunately, Zelle offers its users the chance to send or receive money via Zelle without paying any fees for the use of the solution.

Most virtual casinos that accept Zelle deposits and withdrawals will also not impose any fees on the payments carried out via this solution. Of course, it is always advised to check with the virtual casino to make sure that you will not be charged any fees for using Zelle for your casino transactions.

Signing up for the service of Zelle is also free of charge and you will not be charged any fee for linking your bank account to Zelle. There are also no maintenance fees related to the use of Zelle so you do not have to worry about any additional costs you need to pay.

Even though Zelle does not impose any fees on the behalf of the company, banks that are linked to the service may apply some surcharges on the payments carried out via Zelle. However, the rate of the fees that may be imposed depends on the policy of your bank.

Zelle Fees
Gambling deposit fee Free
Gambling withdrawal fee Free
Bank account deposit fee Varies
Bank account withdrawal fee Varies
Credit/debit card deposit fee N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee N/A
Maintenance fee Free

Processing Time with Zelle

Zelle Processing TimesWe mentioned the speed of transactions as one of the advantages of Zelle. Whenever you are handling your casino money, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the processing time of different payment methods. This is especially true whenever players want to make their casino deposits as soon as possible.

Let us start with the speed of setting up Zelle for your online payments. If your bank supports the service, you will be able to find it among the features available in your online/mobile banking account. If your bank is still not connected to Zelle, you can download and install the method’s dedicated app in a few simple steps. Linking your bank account to Zelle requires just an email or phone number, with the process taking just a few minutes.

When you are ready to deposit into your casino account via Zelle, whichever method is supported by the service you choose, you will be able to fund your casino account almost instantly. That way, you can start betting on your favorite games as soon as you are done with the depositing process.

Withdrawals via Zelle are a bit slower than deposits, but that is the case with almost every payment method. The reason for this is the pending time it requires for the virtual casino to approve the withdrawal before it is processed. This period is different for every online casino but it typically lasts about 48 hours. After that, the money should appear in your bank account within 24 hours.

Despite the slightly slower withdrawals, however, there is the option to spare yourself the pending period if you are using Zelle for your cashouts. If you opt for a withdrawal via an online casino voucher, you can get your money through Zelle as soon as another casino player purchases the voucher code you have released to withdraw your winnings.

Zelle Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time Up to 24 hours
Bank account deposit time Within a few minutes
Bank account withdrawal time Within a few minutes
Credit/debit card deposit time N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal time N/A

Mobile Payments

Mobile PaymentsAs many players enjoy playing on the go, mobile casinos are quite the trend among gaming enthusiasts. Naturally, this makes convenient and secure mobile payments sought after by many casino fans. If you have decided to handle your casino balance via Zelle, you will have no issue managing your deposits and withdrawals on the go.

For Zelle-to-Bitcoin payments, you can use your Bitcoin wallet app to verify your payments on the go. Purchasing BTC on the go will also be a cakewalk but we assume you are already familiar with the process if you have bought Bitcoins before.

While online banking payments through Zelle can be managed on the go through your mobile banking app, there is also the option to install the dedicated app of Zelle to verify your payments. The app is mainly used by customers whose banks are still not offering payments through Zelle. Nevertheless, using the Zelle app is extremely easy and can help mobile players to confirm their casino deposits and withdrawals when they play on the go.

If you are wondering if there is something different whenever you are depositing or withdrawing on the go, we can assure you that all three payment options you can make use of as a Zelle user are exactly the same on mobile devices. Playing at a mobile casino does not change much about the payment process, with the only difference being that you will be using your mobile banking app or the Zell app to confirm transactions.

Zelle Mobile Payments
Apple Pay No
Google Pay No

Security at Zelle Online Casinos

Security at Online CasinosIt is only natural to worry about the security of this payment method when you are about to use it for your casino deposits and withdrawals. The payment service itself boasts great security and the fact that it is offered by a large number of banks in the US, indicates that Zelle is a trustworthy payment solution.

Online banking via Zelle will allow you to pay for your purchases online or make deposits to your virtual casino balance directly from your bank account. However, Zelle will play the role of mediator so you will not be asked to expose any sensitive information such as your bank account details. That makes payments extra safe, protecting any personal or financial information other methods may require you to expose.

Whenever you need to confirm a Zelle payment, the only information you will be required to provide is the email address or the phone number you have registered with your bank account. To make your payments even more secure, Zelle utilizes additional authentication steps to ensure that no one else will have control over your payments.

Any sensitive information that users provide in order to be able to make payments via Zelle is protected via industry-standard tools and technology. These include firewalls, encryption, and physical centers where data is kept.

Zelle Security
Passcode Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
Fingerprint Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
FaceID Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
Two-factor authentication Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
Trusted devices No
IP Restrictions No

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