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Online Crypto Casino Market – Statistics and Facts

The cryptocurrency market has come a long way since Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency, in early 2009. Thousands of digital coins have emerged since then, competing for a share of the global crypto market that is expected to reach an impressive $64.9 billion in revenue by 2027 for a compound annual […]

US Online Casino Revenue – Statistics and Facts

Online casino gambling started its journey to legalization in the US in 2011 when each state was given the permission to regulate online casino gambling. That year, the states of New York and Illinois were allowed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to sell lottery tickets online. However, online casino gaming continues to be unregulated […]

Michigan Online Casino Revenue – Statistics and Facts

The first regulated online casinos launched in Michigan in early 2021 following the passage of House Bill 4311. This momentous piece of legislation authorized commercial and tribal casinos in the state to legally provide remote sports betting, casino gaming, and poker to Michiganders. It marked the Wolverine State’s rapid emergence as one of the biggest […]

Atlantic City Online Casino Revenue – Statistics and Facts

The state of New Jersey started considering introducing legal casino gambling in the 70s, with voters in the Garden State being asked to give their vote on casino gambling for the first time on November 5,974. Back then, 60% of voters were against it and took another vote in 1976 for casino gambling to be […]

Pennsylvania Online Casino Revenue – Statistics and Facts

Online gambling, or interactive gambling as it is also known, has been legal in Pennsylvania since late 2017 when then-Governor Tom Wolf signed Bill HB 271 into law. This bulky 470-page piece of legislation propelled the local gambling industry to new heights as it authorized online casino gaming, sports wagering, poker, and daily fantasy sports. […]

New Jersey Online Casino Revenue – Statistics and Facts

The legalization of online gambling in New Jersey was realized in November 2013. This made The Garden State one of the first states in the US to regulate and legalize online casino gambling. The different forms of online gambling, which are legally allowed in New Jersey include various types of games such as online slots, […]

Macau Gambling Revenue – Statistics and Facts

Macau legalized gambling as early as 1847 in an effort to diversify its economy and bring in additional revenue to its empty coffers. The former Portuguese colony has come a long way since then and is currently regarded as the largest gambling hub in the world. The landbased gaming industry is a principal source of […]

Casino Gaming Apps With the Highest Revenue Generated in November 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, it is clear that it has been another fantastic year for iGaming. The industry’s revenue, particularly from mobile slot applications, is more than impressive. However, before we get down to traditional pre-holiday analysis, we decided to take a look at the last full calendar month. This article will give […]

Gambling Advertising Regulation in Malta

Malta is a small island country in the center of the Mediterranean Sea whose society and culture have been shaped by centuries of foreign rule under Greek, Roman, British, and French conquerors. Today, it is an independent republic with a population of over 442,769 people and a membership in the European Union (EU). After the […]

What Taxes Are Due on Money Won Gambling in the USA

Casino players from some countries like Australia and the United Kingdom have it easy. British and Australian laws recognize gambling as a form of recreation rather than a professional source of income. Besides, gamblers stand better chances of losing money than winning over the long run. Due to these considerations, Aussies and Brits do not […]

How Market Liberalization Impacted Sweden’s Gambling Industry

The gambling industry of Sweden has not ceased to evolve during the past 25 years, and it went from a state-run business into a market more and more operators are looking to penetrate. Yet, this did not happen overnight, and the country has gone a long way until its gambling industry started to flourish. The […]

Countries With High Gambling Addiction Rates

While thanks to movies and pop culture, many may believe that the United States is the country with the most gamblers and the highest rate of problem gambling in the world, the reality is different. There are several regions where the gambling industry is extremely popular and well-developed, generating some of the highest revenues. When […]

Coronavirus Impact on Italy’s Gambling Industry

The coronavirus had a negative impact on numerous businesses around the world and the gaming industry in Italy is no exception. Being one of the countries that took a serious hit from the virus, Italy suffered huge losses, including in the gaming sector. In 2019, the gambling industry enjoyed a peak in wagers, amounting to […]

Steps to Get Online Casino License in Italy

Gambling in Italy is closely associated with the ancient heritage of the Roman Empire. The country takes pride in being the home of the world’s oldest land-based casino Ridotto that opened its doors as far back as 1638. The gambling house is considered to be the predecessor of modern casinos. Even though Ridotto was open […]

The Present and Future of Italy’s Gambling Industry

    Italy’s Market Sees Increase in Online Gambling in 2020 The Italian igaming market has proven resilient despite the hard times that come with Covid-19. Live sporting games, one of the main contributors to the industry, are absent courtesy of the virus. At the beginning of March 2020, all sports championships were canceled and […]

Gambling Participation Rates in Sweden

The Swedish gambling industry has been a messy affair for quite some years. There was no regulated online gambling market until quite recently. Before, the market was completely monopolised by the state. However, the new Gambling Act that was introduced on January the 1st 2019 and many things have changed. Now, the Spelinspektionen (Swedish Gambling […]

Gambling Addiction? What Are the Symptoms and How to Recognize It on Time

There was a time when people only acknowledged one type of addiction – addiction to substances such as drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. However, throughout the years of human development, more and more specialists began realizing that there was something more to it than just addictive substances. People were, and are, forming addictions to brain stimulation […]

European Countries with the Toughest Restrictions on Gambling Ads

Every day people are bombarded with commercials. Some of them seem to stick to our minds, while others are truly boring. Advertising is a complex form of communication with the target audience on a psychological level. It is the art of influencing humans’ behavior, encouraging them to make a given decision. Some people are more […]