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Hello, readers of SuperCasinoSites! My name is Dan Howard. I am one of the co-writers at this website and a person with a vast experience in playing roulette online and offline. I have helped review many of the web-based casinos and roulette variations you can read about at SuperCasinoSites, with a focus on providing you with accurate information that can help you in finding the best casino websites.

Gambling Addiction? What Are the Symptoms and How to Recognize It on Time

There was a time when people only acknowledged one type of addiction – addiction to substances such as drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. However, throughout the years of human development, more and more specialists began realizing that there was something more to it than just addictive substances. People were, and are, forming addictions to brain stimulation […]

European Countries with the Toughest Restrictions on Gambling Ads

Every day people are bombarded with commercials. Some of them seem to stick to our minds, while others are truly boring. Advertising is a complex form of communication with the target audience on a psychological level. It is the art of influencing humans’ behavior, encouraging them to make a given decision. Some people are more […]