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With online casinos becoming more popular among players in Latin America, the need for convenient, safe, and available payment solutions has become significantly higher. This is why services like SafetyPay have emerged to help Latin American casino enthusiasts handle their payments with ease and in the most secure way.

The payment solution offered by SafetyPay was created due to the necessity of a service that would allow people based in Latin American countries to make international payments. The original idea of SafetyPay was to offer a convenient way for international merchants to reach out to customers based in different parts of the world.

As the SafetyPay service continued to grow, it has also become one of the commonly used options at online casinos catering to players from Latin America. It is possible to resort to two different options for your casino payments carried out via the SafetyPay system. That said, whichever players choose, they will be able to handle their gaming funds in a secure and hassle-free way.

SafetyPay Summary
Available in Latin America, the USA, Canada, and a few European countries
Connecting bank card/account to SafetyPay N/A
Withdrawal balance from SafetyPay to your bank card/account N/A
Pay to online merchants Free
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Almost instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Almost instant
Live chat Yes
Telephone support Request call option
E-mail support

Using SafetyPay for Gambling Transactions

SafetyPay Gambling TransactionsThe type of deposit option that players can resort to for their SafetyPay deposits depends on whether they have a bank account. Even if you do not have one, you should not worry as you will still be able to use the service to top up your casino balance.

To deposit into your virtual casino account, head to the cashier section where you will need to choose the method you would like to use for your transaction. After you choose SafetyPay from the available options, you will need to enter the amount you would like to deposit. You will be redirected to a SafetyPay page that will generate a code you will use to complete the payment. You will also notice that there will be a set time within which you will have to make your payment. You will then be asked to choose the exact method you would like to use to make your casino deposit.

One of the available options will most likely be paying via online banking. If you have activated this type of service with your bank, you can select this method and choose your bank from the list of supported banks. You will then be asked to choose to receive the information about your SafetyPay payment via email or SMS. Once you do that, you will be required to follow the steps provided in the email or SMS to confirm the transaction. After you do that, the money should appear in your casino balance instantly as SafetyPay offers real-time purchase verification.

If you do not have a bank account or you simply prefer not to share any banking details with the virtual casino, you can also make use of the cash payment option of SafetyPay. If you opt for this method, you will be sent a barcode used to complete your payment at one of the numerous locations around the world where SafetyPay is supported. Although this option eliminates the need of using a bank account, you should keep in mind that it takes a bit more time for the deposit to be finished as you need to visit a collection point that supports SafetyPay payments.

One very convenient feature that users who have online banking accounts will enjoy is that they will be able to withdraw their casino winnings via the payment system of SafetyPay. Whenever you wish to cash out your casino funds, you can head to the cashier page yet again and select the withdraw option. The next step will be to choose SafetyPay as the solution to use for the transaction and enter the amount to withdraw.

After you have completed the aforementioned steps, you will be asked to log into your online banking account. Once you do that, all that is left is to confirm the withdrawal. Keep in mind that this type of transaction takes longer to be completed as it first needs to be approved by the online casino.

SafetyPay Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Up to 48 hours
Additional security encryption, firewalls, and others (depending on bank)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SafetyPay as a Payment Method

SafetyPay Advantages and DisadvantagesWhen you cannot decide on the best option for your casino payments, it is always a good idea to evaluate all of the benefits and lacking points of each method. When it comes to the evaluation of SafetyPay, we will help you by listing the advantages and disadvantages of the solution.

Let us begin with the strong features of SafetyPay, which is a payment solution that mainly caters to residents of Latin American countries. That said, SafetyPay has expanded its presence in other markets like Canada and the US and it is a payment service that enjoys more popularity in the last few years. This means that many casino players will have access to the payment solutions offered by the system of SafetyPay.

Usually, casino players can choose from two different options for their deposits via SafetyPay. The best part is that you do not need a bank account to top up your casino account via SafetyPay. Thanks to the numerous locations spread across different countries, players can head to the nearest location that accepts SafetyPay payments and simply use cash to make a deposit to their casino accounts.

Provided you decide to use online banking for your SafetyPay payments, you will enjoy instant deposits. This can be very convenient for players who are eager to play their favorite games as soon as they are done depositing into their accounts. What is more, those who are using the online banking method for their SafetyPay payments will also have the option to withdraw their casino winnings via the same service. Having the same option for all your casino payments is definitely an advantage that many players would enjoy.

SafetyPay Pros and Cons

Support both deposits and withdrawals via bank transfers
Available in very few countries, mostly in Latin America
Bank account not required for SafetyPay deposits
Withdrawals require users to have bank accounts
Instant payments
Not many online casinos accept SafetyPay payments
Service does not collect or share any financial information

Fees for SafetyPay Gambling Transactions

Fees for Gambling TransactionsWhen you are managing your payments at online casinos, it is important to know if you will be charged any fees and how much exactly the surcharges are going to be. Generally speaking, online casinos do not impose fees on payments carried out via SafetyPay so you will not be paying any surcharges when topping up your account or requesting a withdrawal.

Conveniently enough, SafetyPay is also not charging any monthly maintenance fee for using the service. The only type of commission that SafetyPay is charging is paid by the business accepting payments via this method. The rate of this commission, however, varies depending on the type of business accepting the SafetyPay payments.

As you can see, SafetyPay is a very budget-friendly payment solution that many casino aficionados would appreciate. One thing we would like to remind you, however, is to always check with the virtual casino about any fees they might impose as not all interactive casinos have the same transaction fee policy.

SafetyPay Fees
Gambling deposit fee Free
Gambling withdrawal fee Free
Bank account deposit fee N/A
Bank account withdrawal fee N/A
Credit/debit card deposit fee N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee N/A
Maintenance fee N/A

Processing Time with SafetyPay

SafetyPay Processing TimesOne of the best things about the service of SafetyPay is that it allows real-time payments. This is great news for casino players who would like to be able to bet real money on their favorite casino games any time they complete a deposit. It should be mentioned, however, that not all SafetyPay payment methods will allow you to top up your gaming account in a speedy manner.

To be able to enjoy quick transactions via the SafetyPay system, you will need to use online banking for your payments. This option will allow you to enjoy the money in your casino balance as soon as you confirm the transaction via your online banking account. Even though it may take some time for you to get to the bank or another affiliated location, you can still enjoy rather fast SafetyPay deposits. This payment solution boasts real-time payment confirmation which is something that other payment systems lack.

When it comes to withdrawals via SafetyPay, players will need to wait a bit longer. The reason for that is the pending time during which the casino is reviewing your withdrawal request. The duration of this period depends on the casino itself but it typically takes about 48 hours for an online casino to approve your withdrawal request. After that, you can expect your winnings to be transferred to your bank account within the next business day.

SafetyPay Processing times
Gambling deposit time Almost instant
Gambling withdrawal time Almost instant
Bank account deposit time N/A
Bank account withdrawal time N/A
Credit/debit card deposit time N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal time N/A

Mobile Payments

Mobile PaymentsIt comes as no surprise that with the bigger integration of mobile gambling, the need for convenient mobile payments has increased. We can assure you that if you are playing on the go, you can still use the service of SafetyPay to fund your mobile casino endeavors. While there is no dedicated app that you need to install on your mobile device to initiate mobile payments, you will still be able to use the service of SafetyPay while playing at mobile casinos.

The entire payment process on your mobile phone will be very similar to the one you go through on the browser-based version of the casino. You will yet again head to the deposit section of the mobile casino, choose SafetyPay as your preferred method, and enter the amount of your desired deposit. The SafetyPay code that will be generated can be saved on your mobile device so you can use it to make a cash payment at the nearest affiliated bank or another collection point.

The other option is to complete your SafetyPay deposit using your mobile banking account. As many banks offer their customers mobile banking apps, you can confirm the transaction by logging into your mobile banking profile through the app on your phone.

The great thing about using mobile banking is that most apps will allow you to activate additional security features. That way, you can be certain that no one else but you can access your mobile banking account.

SafetyPay Mobile Payments
Apple Pay No
Google Pay No

Security at SafetyPay Online Casinos

Security at Online CasinosIf you are wondering whether you can manage your casino payments in a secure way, if you resort to the service of SafetyPay, you can be certain that your money will be handled in a very safe manner. The payment system of SafetyPay is enabling users to make online purchases, casino deposits included, without exposing any card details or other banking information.

While you are making payments via SafetyPay, no financial information that you share will be collected by the fintech company. This means that any sensitive information of yours will not be shared with the online casino or any unauthorized third party.

SafetyPay solely acts as a mediator between the online casino and your bank or any collection point supporting the service. Ultimately, you will use the services offered by the bank you know and trust to complete your SafetyPay payments. Since major banks are utilizing industry-standard security tools like encryption, firewalls, and more, you can be sure that your payments will always be protected.

With mobile payments, you can even make use of additional security features such as Face ID, fingerprint scanning, PIN codes, and more. The types of extra security tools that you can activate depend on the supported features of your mobile device and baking app.

SafetyPay Security
Passcode Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
Fingerprint Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
FaceID Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
Two-factor authentication Yes (depends on mobile banking app)
Trusted devices No
IP Restrictions No

SafetyPay Casinos FAQs

Am I Required to Have a Bank Account to Use the Service of SafetyPay?

Will I Be Charged Any Monthly Fees or Other Surcharges When Paying via SafetyPay?

Is SafetyPay Available Only at Online Casinos Catering to Latin American Players?

What Happens If I Do Not Pay the SafetyPay Code On Time?

Are There Any Limits on Transactions via SafetyPay?

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Find the answers of questions people asked so far:

Dan Joshua

Can I request a withdrawal from my online casino account via SafetyPay if I have previously used the service for cash deposits into my gaming account?

Asked by: Joshua | Asked on: 2023-06-26
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-27

Yes, you can opt for a withdrawal via SafetyPay if you wish to receive your online casino funds. However, this has to be done only if you have an online banking account, which will allow you to withdraw our casino winnings to your bank account. Since SafetyPay is a payment solution, which can act as a mediator between your bank account and the virtual casino. That means you do not need to provide any type of sensitive information while you initiate the withdrawal from your casino account. While withdrawals request to have an online banking account with a participating banking institution, you can still choose to pay via cash or boleto vouchers for your online casino deposits via the SafetyPay gateway.

Dan Lenora

Is it possible to redeem a casino bonus if I deposit via SafetyPay?

Asked by: Lenora | Asked on: 2023-08-23
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-08-24

Generally speaking, yes. It is rare that you will find an online casino supporting SafetyPay transactions to exclude the method from its promotion offers. That is why, most often than not, players depositing via SafetyPay are able to claim match bonuses. That said, players are always advised to read the full terms and conditions of a casino offer before they go ahead and redeem it as some brands tend to offer method-specific promotions that award bonuses only on deposits made via specific methods. You can also contact the casino’s support team if you want to make sure that your deposits via SafetyPay will be eligible for the casino incentive you would like to redeem. That said, this method is rarely listed as an excluded deposit option in most online casino promotions.

Dan Joel

I do not have access to a credit card, can I still use SafetyPay for my online casino payments and other e-commerce transactions?

Asked by: Joel | Asked on: 2023-11-02
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-11-03

Yes. SafetyPay is one of the most convenient payment solutions available across several countries in Latin America. SafetyPay is connected to more than 380 banking institutions and has over 180,000 collection points spread across 16 countries. One of the most convenient things about SafetyPay is that it enables safe, fast, and convenient bank payments even to users who do not have access to a credit card or would simply prefer to avoid using their card.

With SafetyPay acting as a mediator between your bank account and your casino balance, you can instantly transfer money to your gaming account, using the funds in your bank account. Despite resorting to the money in your own bank account, you will not be exposing any sensitive information, including banking details or card information. That is why, you do not need access to a credit card, to handle your online casino payments via SafetyPay.