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As many virtual casinos offer live-dealer games, a lot of players are interested in this sector of iGaming. At SuperCasinoSites, professional gamblers have gathered all the information one will need to fully understand the concept behind live-dealer games and the way they are played. Thanks to this website, you will be able to learn about the different games available at Live Casinos and you will know how to choose the best website for your live-dealer adventures.

Today’s modern online casinos seem to offer everything one player needs since the demand for these gambling websites is constantly on the rise. One of the main reasons why more and more players opt for this type of virtual entertainment is that most casino websites feature all-time favorite games which are conducted in a professional manner by a well-versed dealer. What sets the so-called live casino games apart from the ordinary online games is the fact that the former are operated in real time by real dealers. The online casinos which offer such games are called live casinos and by far, they are definitely the most sought-after ones.


How Live Casino Games Work

1High level of entertainment

Live casino games appeal to a number of players the world over for one major reason – the whole gaming process in them is so realistic that it makes you feel as if you were playing in a world-class brick and mortar casino. In other words, thanks to these types of games, you can get a high level of entertainment, however without having to go through all the hassle of traveling to a land-based gambling venue. What makes live casino games so special is the fact that they use a cutting-edge live streaming technology which is exclusive to them.

2Streamed from real casinos

In order to play a live casino game, you are required to click on a video link which usually opens a new window. Once the game has loaded, you will be able to see a well-presented dealer who is typically located in a private studio, specially designed for these types of games. Depending on the software provider the online casino of your choice uses, the dealer might be positioned in an actual land-based casino instead. The whole gaming process is conducted in the same manner as it is performed in brick and mortar casinos.

3Difference with brick and mortar casinos

The only difference is that it is possible to play a favorite casino game at the most convenient time and place for you. In front of each table and dealer, there is positioned a web cam thanks to which the gaming process is streamed in real time. However, being able to witness a favorite casino game at the time of playing is not the only benefit that live casinos offer. Thanks to the live chat functionality, you can initiate a conversation with the rest of the participants in the game as well as with the dealer. It should be noted that some casinos also offer live games that are broadcast on TV and in them, presenters lead the gaming process instead of dealers.


Live Games as Part of an Online Casino

Gaming Experience

Difference with RNG Games

live casino experience imageThe gaming experience you will most certainly get from playing a live casino game cannot be compared to the one you normally gain from playing a standard online game. Live casino games are so true-to-life that they can evoke an overwhelming enthusiasm which makes the whole gambling experience priceless. After all, there is nothing more valuable than spending your spare time in an enjoyable way that gives you the thrills you are looking for. By playing a live casino game, you have the chance to fully enjoy yourself and make a profit.

The reason why these types of games have become a huge hit among players ever since their release, is that they were developed with great care and it really shows. From the beautifully designed studios from which the games are streamed to the various available chip denominations, undoubtedly live casino games are worth playing. Not to mention the fact that you can talk with the attractive dealer or with the fellow players and this way, have even more fun. The human element has been successfully recreated in these types of games which is great news for social players who miss the ability to chat when they play online.

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Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are gaining in popularity among players from all over the world as they give them the chance to experience their favorite casino game in the same way as if they were playing in a reputable land-based gambling venue. This is the reason why more and more online casinos start to offer these types of games as they feature everything one player could ever ask for from a casino game. Up to the present, the games which are available in this format are all-time favorites such as Blackjack and Roulette.

Some online casinos also feature other exciting games such as Baccarat, Casino Hold’em and Sic Bo which you can enjoy in real time with a well-versed dealer. The latter is not so commonly offered but if you bump into it, you can give it a try as it is a very interesting dice game that originates from ancient China. It is worth mentioning that the available live dealer games depend on the software provide the online casino of your choice partners with.

Even though the range of the live dealer games is rather limited in comparison to the number of standard online games, bear in mind that it is just a matter of time more games to be made available in this real-time format since they are extremely sought-after. Without a doubt, one of the main priorities of the leading software providers is to improve the quality of live gaming and provide the end-users with more exciting games to choose from.

Casino Hold’em


Choosing a Live Casino

How pleasant your online gambling experience will be, depends greatly on the live casino you will choose. Therefore, it is best to take into account several important factors such as the available table limits and games, the software provider in use, the available camera angles and the reputation of the respective casino. However, finding a live casino that suits your needs can turn out to be quite an overwhelming task since the available gambling websites that offer live games are a lot. If you still don’t have a live casino in mind, you can have a look at some of our suggestions.


Without a doubt, live dealer games appeal to a staggering number of players as they resemble their land-based counterparts to a huge extent. This is the reason why more and more live casinos are emerging on the gambling market, attempting to provide players with the best gaming experience. Now, let’s consider some of the popular live casinos which have successfully managed to achieve this task and win the trust of hundreds of gamblers.

Yako Casino
Royal Panda
Codeta Casino
William Hill
Leo Vegas


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