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Depositing at online casinos can be a real challenge for players from some markets like the United States. Many of the commonly used payment methods, including virtual wallets, online banking, and credit cards, are unavailable to them due to local regulatory restrictions. Some states have legal forms of online gambling, but playing at offshore-licensed online casinos is generally prohibited in the country.

Furthermore, the federal legislation instructs banks and payment processors operating in the US to block gambling-related transactions to such unauthorized websites. US law makes it difficult for local casino enthusiasts to deposit and withdraw from offshore casinos, severely limiting their range of banking options.

Similar restrictions can be observed in other countries, albeit to a lesser degree. The limitations have given rise to several alternative banking methods, one of which is the prepaid gift card. Gift cards are available across many US-friendly gambling sites, acting as a workaround for the banking restrictions.

Gift Card Summary
Available In Worldwide
Website N/A
Connecting Bank Card/Account to Gift Card N/A
Withdraw Balance to Your Gift Card N/A
Pay to Online Merchants Free
Available for Deposits Yes
Available for Withdrawals N/A
Usual Deposit Time in Online Casinos Instant
Usual Withdrawal Time in Online Casinos N/A
Live Chat Depends on issuer/retailer
Telephone Support Depends on issuer/retailer
Email Support Depends on issuer/retailer

There are many different brands of gift cards, with American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard being the four most popular options. Gift cards facilitate fully anonymous deposits at online casinos because of their stored monetary value. This means they are not linked to external accounts maintained by banks or other financial institutions.

If you need help using gift cards for online gambling transactions, then stick around. SuperCasinoSites will walk you through the depositing process and explain all about the pros and cons of gift cards as a casino deposit method. Our seasoned reviewers will have a closer look at the security levels, processing times, and fees associated with gift cards.

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Using Gift Cards for Gambling Transactions

Using Gift Cards for Gambling TransactionsGift cards are the perfect solution for players who have their payments declined due to local gambling regulations. There are two main categories of gift cards, physical and digital ones. Physical gift cards pretty much resemble regular debit and credit cards – they have a magnetic stripe at the back, along with a number at the front.

You can use them for payments at online merchants or retail shops, restaurants, and other terrestrial locations. Note that they lack Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), which makes it impossible to withdraw your gift card’s balance at an ATM. Physical gift cards have no monetary value until someone buys them.

You can purchase one at your local retailer by paying in cash or with a credit/debit card. In some cases, it is necessary to call a specific phone number to activate your card. In contrast, digital gift cards are intended for use online or via mobile devices to facilitate safer and easier payments on the go. You can load the codes of several digital cards into smartphone wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. You simply have to select the digital card as your chosen method of payment during checkouts on the go.

Gift Card Gambling Transactions
Supported Transactions Deposits
Deposit Pending Time Instant
Withdrawal Pending Time N/A
Additional Security Deactivation in case of loss or theft

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gift Cards

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gift CardsGift cards offer various advantages, especially to players from the US market. They serve as a great substitute method of payment for online casino customers who prefer not to use cards linked to their bank accounts. Furthermore, some people simply have no bank accounts or cannot use credit cards due to bad credit rating.

Since most gift cards have no connection to bank accounts, the transactions are more likely to go through rather than being rejected. The higher acceptance rates make them the perfect workaround for issues related to blocked payments. Another benefit of using them has to do with anonymity. Some players are reluctant to use their debit/credit cards or bank accounts for online gambling purposes at offshore casinos.

Gift Cards Pros Gift Cards Cons
Prevents overspending Unsuitable for high rollers
Suitable for recreational gamblers who play for small amounts Offers less flexibility
Accepted at many US-friendly online casinos Unavailable for withdrawals
Ensures secure and anonymous deposits Dormancy and inactivity fees may apply
Higher acceptance rates at US-facing casinos Some gift cards are available for use in certain countries only

Gift Card Fees for Gambling Transactions

Gift Card Fees for Gambling TransactionsOne great thing about transacting with gift cards is that most online casinos working with them process such deposits free of charge. Of course, it all depends on the payment policies of the operator. Because of this, you should inquire beforehand whether fees are in place at your preferred gambling site. Conversion fees can also apply, particularly, if your gift card was debited in a currency different than that of your casino account.

Bear in mind that you may incur some nominal charges when purchasing your gift card. You may also have to pay some fees for retopping your balance provided that the card is reloadable. The exact charges vary based on the type of card and where you bought it from.

Gift Card Fees
Gambling Deposit Fee Free
Gambling Withdrawal Fee N/A
Bank Account Deposit Fee N/A
Bank Account Withdrawal Fee N/A
Credit/Debit Card Deposit Fee N/A
Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal Fee N/A
Maintenance Fee Possible with some gift cards but the exact inactivity fees vary

Processing Times with Gift Cards

Processing Times with Gift CardsOne of the strong points of gift cards is that they are just as time-efficient as standard debit and credit cards. Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing delays that prevent you from playing your favorite casino games right away. Gift cards facilitate online casino deposits in real-time, meaning that you will have the funds instantly credited to your gambling balance.

As previously mentioned, gift cards are mostly suitable for small-scale players who gamble occasionally and for nominal amounts of money. This is because gift cards typically have nominal values that range from $10 to $500. Combining the balances of several gift cards is usually not an option, which renders them altogether unsuitable for high rollers and people who gamble frequently.

If you purchase a plastic gift card delivered to your address, you will generally have to wait at least a couple of business days until it arrives at your door. The real waiting begins when you want to withdraw your winnings from the casino. Gambling operators obviously cannot send your money back to the gift card you have used when depositing.

Gift Card Processing Times
Gambling Deposit Time Instant
Gambling Withdrawal Time N/A
Bank Account Deposit Time N/A
Bank Account Withdrawal Time N/A
Credit/Debit Card Deposit Time N/A
Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal Time N/A

Mobile Payments with Gift Cards

Mobile Payments with Gift CardsSmartphone and tablet players can conveniently implement their gift cards to make casino deposits while on the move. The depositing process is basically the same as that on desktop computers. You simply open your favorite gift-card-friendly casino in your phone’s browser or via a dedicated iOS/Android app.

Then you enter your login credentials to access your gambling account and navigate to the mobile cashier. Repeat the steps we described earlier and follow the instructions to confirm the money transfer. The funds will instantly appear in your casino balance. It goes without saying you can also purchase virtual gift cards online by using your smartphone or tablet.

Another cool thing about gift cards is that players can link them to mobile wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Huawei Pay, or Apple Pay. This will enable you to store all your gift cards into a single wallet and have them with you wherever you go.

Gift Card Mobile Payments
Apple Pay Yes
Google Pay Yes

Security at Gift Card Casinos

Security at Gift Card CasinosMany players favor gift cards over other banking methods since the former are highly regarded for their security. One of the biggest advantages of this payment option is that it does not require you to put at risk any of your personal and banking information. Players who use it can maintain their privacy by conducting fully anonymous deposits.

These cards are practically untraceable since they are not associated with a bank account tied to a particular person’s name. However, anonymity and convenient use come at the expense of other potential issues. It is possible to lose your gift card or have it stolen. If this happens, you should take measures as soon as possible.

We recommend you get in touch with the issuer immediately after you notice your card is missing. You will have to provide them with the number of the card so they can deactivate it and potentially reimburse you with a new one.

Some issuers would replace stolen or lost cards only on condition they have been registered first. Taking swift action is of the utmost importance since the thieves can drain your card’s balance in no time.

Gift Card Security
Passcode Possible, if you store your gift cards in mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay
Fingerprint Possible, if you store your gift cards in mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay
FaceID Possible, if you store your gift cards in mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay
Two-Factor Authentication Yes, same as above
Trusted Devices No
IP Restrictions No

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