Credit and Debit Card Casinos

Bank cards have become one of the most preferred methods of payment in the world. They can be used at nearly every store that we can visit, as well as on the Internet where they are the primary way to pay. The best part about them is that they offer the consumer a certain type of convenience that was not available prior to their creation. Paying everything in cash can be cumbersome and impractical, even more so when we are depositing to an online casino. Credit and debit cards have been a valid payment option when moving money between your bank account and your online casino balance. It is the preferred deposit method for many gamblers around the world, as it allows for easy and convenient deposits and withdrawals. In this article, we will go over all of the aspects of using a bank card for gambling purposes.

Credit and Debit Cards Summary
Available in Worldwide
Website N/A
Connecting bank card/account to a credit or debit card N/A
Withdrawal balance from a credit or debit card to your bank card/account N/A
Pay to online merchants N/A
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Up to several business days
Live chat Yes
Telephone support Yes
E-mail support Yes

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and DisadvantagesThere are several very important advantages and disadvantages associated with making credit and debit card payments. Below you will find the inherent pros and cons of both debit and credit cards.

The advantages of debit cards are the opportunity to make instant transactions at the click of a button. The main advantage of a debit card is the fact that you cannot spend more than you actually have in your bank account. This way you can always allocate as much funds as you need to the debit card and use only those funds. This is a way for problem gamblers to keep their addiction in check. In a sense, debit cards behave much more like prepaid vouchers, with the exception that they are rechargeable.

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While they provide us with a lot of benefits, debit cards are not without shortcomings. For starters, you will always be limited to the amount of money that you have in your bank account and unlike credit cards, you will not be able to borrow some from the bank. This could be especially frustrating in the event that you cannot cover the minimum deposit or qualify for a bonus.

Credit and Debit Cards Pros Credit and Debit Cards Cons
Instant deposits Might not double as a cashout method
Safety Cashouts might take longer
Ease of use Some operators charge additional fees
Widely accepted

Using Credit and Debit Cards for Gambling Transactions

Using Credit and Debit Cards for Gambling TransactionsThe use of credit and debit cards at an online casino is just a simple as doing it at any online store such as Amazon or eBay. At every online casino, there is a cashier page where you can manage your money. There you will find the deposit feature. Clicking on it will bring up all of the possible payment options. Selecting the credit/debit card option will allow you to see all of the accepted bank cards. Following that you will be required to enter your card information, this includes the name on the card, its number, the expiration date and the CVV code on the back. Once that is done and you have confirmed the transaction, the money will be taken from your account and added to your casino balance.

Credit and Debit Card Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Several working days
Additional security CCV

Fees for Gambling Transactions

Fees for Gambling TransactionsWhen it comes to making transactions with an online casino the fees for depositing and withdrawing are not so different from any other online purchase. The company that provides the bank card transaction service will impose their charges on each transaction. What has to be considered in this scenario is who will bear the cost of the transaction. In most cases, it is the casino itself that pays the service charge. This is a very consumer-friendly way to do business but not all websites follow this logic. Some casinos will impose a commission on bank card deposits, so it is the user that takes on the cost of the transaction. This fee usually revolves around the 2.5% – 5% region, not really a substantial amount unless you are depositing large amounts of money. This is done on both deposits and withdrawals and it makes the players more considerate about how much they are willing to withdrawal and deposit each time.

This service charge imposed by the credit card companies is what makes bank card deposits undesirable by online casinos. You will often find that other payment services are much more consumer friendly in terms of fees, commissions and transaction wait times.

Credit and Debit Cards Fees
Gambling deposit fee Varies
Gambling withdrawal fee Varies
Bank account deposit fee N/A
Bank account withdrawal fee N/A
Credit/debit card deposit fee Varies
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee Varies
Maintenance fee Varies

Processing Times (for Gaming Transactions)

Processing TimesThe movement of money to and from an online casino usually takes time. The vast majority of online payment services used to deposit money an online casino usually allow the user to have immediate access to their money so that they can start playing at once. This means that as soon as the transaction is made the player can start a game. However, this is only the case when deposits are concerned. When the user wants to withdraw their winnings, they will have to wait between 1 to 5 business days for the transaction to clear. This is because the money is put on hold and information needs to be exchanged between all relevant parties. Such is the case when making any card transaction, regardless of where it is. At this point, some people may put forward the question ‘Why is it that the casino can take my money instantly, but when I withdraw it, I have to wait?’. This is a valid question that may raise concerns among some groups. The reality of the situation is that the casinos do not receive your money immediately. They are subject to the same wait times as the player is. However, instead of inconveniencing the user by forcing them to wait for the transaction to clear, the casinos simply allow them to play with that balance.

A thing that should be taken into consideration is that almost every casino reviews each withdrawal request prior to sending the transactions. This pending process usually takes up to 48 hours and only after the review is done will the payment be sent. This can further increase the wait time from when you request a withdrawal and t

Credit and Debit Cards Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time Depends on the casino
Bank account deposit time N/A
Bank account withdrawal time N/A
Credit/debit card deposit time N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal time N/A

Mobile Payments

Mobile PaymentsIn present day, mobile devices play a huge role in our lives. We use them incessantly and online casinos have noticed this. As a result, we now have the option of playing our favorite casino games on our smartphones and tablets. This also begs the question how is the deposit and withdrawal procedure different on mobile. In truth, there is absolutely no difference whether you are paying with your card on your desktop PC or on your mobile device. The mobile version of an online casino will still feature the same payment options and the process of making a deposit is still the same. You will be required to enter your card information, if you have not done so previously, put in the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction. The processing time will still be the same, instant on deposits, and 1 to 5 business days on withdrawals.

Credit and Debit Cards Mobile Payments
Apple pay No
Google pay No

Security at Online Casinos

Security at Online Casinos<When we spend money online it is only natural to think about the security of our personal information. This includes names, addresses, date of birth, emails, payment information, etc. Identity and credit card theft is a real issue currently and it is completely reasonable to worry about how accessible that sensitive information actually is. To alleviate those concerns online casinos implement cutting edge security systems to safeguard all of your personal data. Using state-of-the-art encryption technology all personal and banking information is encoded in such a way to make it unreadable in the event that any data is stolen. Even the most simple 64-bit encryption requires four to five years to be broken and that technology is considered obsolete by today’s standards. Most online websites use 128-bit or 256-bit encryptions, which require centuries to be decrypted using brute force with today’s technology. To put it in plain terms, your information is completely safe and in the event that any data is stolen it will be utterly unreadable.

If you are concerned about a particular online casino abusing your information you should put your mind at ease. All countries have laws that protect personal data and ensure its safety. These laws are enforced by government agencies and you can rest assured that your personal information will be safe. Of course, you should not completely rely on that and you have to do your due diligence before choosing an online casino. Ideally, you are looking for a reputable casino with a good track record.

Credit and Debit Cards Security
Passcode N/A
Fingerprint Yes
FaceID N/A
Two-factor authentication Yes
Trusted devices N/A
IP Restrictions N/A

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