Jeton Casinos

Presently, virtual players are given a choice from a large array of banking solutions when wrapping up their transactions to and from web-based casinos, and Jeton is an option, which turns more and more heads. Its popularity has skyrocketed recently, and there is a good reason why, as it combines promptness, user-friendliness, and reliability.

This payment solution might pose as the perfect choice for gambling enthusiasts who want to execute transactions over the Internet with complete confidence that their data and funds are heavily protected.

Jeton Summary
Available in More than 100 countries around the world
Connecting bank card/account to Jeton Free
Withdrawal balance from Jeton to your bank card/account Free
Pay to online merchants Free
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Several working days
Live chat Yes
Telephone support Yes
E-mail support and

The company set up shop back in 2017 and has indeed scaled up as currently, it is available in well over 100 countries and facilitates transactions in more than 50 currencies. With almost 500,000 happy users, the company continues to expand its operations and gives its best to guarantee that its customers will send, receive, and exchange money in the utmost security.

Gambling enthusiasts can handle their payments through Jeton in a quick, secure, and stress-free manner, no matter whether they will settle on the digital wallet or the prepaid vouchers the company offers.

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Using Jeton for Gambling Transactions

Using Jeton for Gambling TransactionsIt can safely be said that the beauty of this banking solution lies in the fact that it guarantees high levels of security, which is of crucial importance when it comes to gambling-related transactions.

As we said already, players are presented with two options when they want to use the services of Jeton and depending on their needs and preferences, they can carry out their payments through a digital wallet or a prepaid voucher.

As for the prepaid Jeton vouchers, they are known as JetonCash, and each card goes with a unique 19-digit code. What is important to note is that such vouchers are gettable exclusively by individuals who are over the age of 18. When they go for purchasing a prepaid voucher, players will be prompted to prove that they meet this requirement.

Jeton Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Several business days
Additional security Login and one-time code are required

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jeton as a Payment Method

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jeton as a Payment MethodChoosing Jeton as a casino top-in or cashout method has lots of benefits, but handling your payments through it does not go without any weak points. Players are advised to weigh the strengths and weaknesses in order to determine if cuts the mustard.

The exceptional safety of Jeton is indeed its number-one advantage. There are several things that should be mentioned when the levels of security are concerned, and first and foremost, players should be aware that the company is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

When it comes to the safety of the transactions themselves, gambling aficionados can carry out deposits and cashouts with the full confidence that their sensitive data will be kept private. No matter if players will use the prepaid vouchers of the digital wallet, they will not be required to expose any of their sensitive information to the casino operator. In this way, gambling enthusiasts can remain anonymous while moving funds to their casino account.

Jeton Pros Jeton Cons
Available in a broad number of territories Players need to register and maintain a separate account
The e-wallet can be used for transactions in both directions It is not that widely-accepted by gaming operators
Jeton offers customer support around the clock It is a still new payment processor
Jeton transactions are completely safe The verification of the accounts might take longer
Players can choose between multiple currencies

Fees for Jeton Gambling Transactions

Fees for Jeton Gambling TransactionsJeton is indeed a low-cost payment method, which goes to explain why it continues to turn heads. Although registering for an account is fee-free, so is sending and receiving money, the usage of the payment processor results in some charges that are worth paying attention to.

Players can view the charges they will face and the limits they will need to abide by while using the services of Jeton as they head over to its official website or when they log into their wallet.

Something, which is important to note is that the fees users of personal accounts and business accounts will differ and are worth checking sufficiently far in advance. When deposits to the digital wallet are concerned, using local payment processors might not incur a fee, but if this happens, it will not exceed 2%. The limits for such payments range between €10 and €1,000.

Jeton Fees
Gambling deposit fee Free
Gambling withdrawal fee Free
Bank account deposit fee Free
Bank account withdrawal fee Free
Credit/debit card deposit fee Free
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee Free
Maintenance fee Free

Processing Times with Jeton

Processing Times with JetonWhen using Jeton as a casino deposit method, the amount players have chosen to upload will be deducted from the balance of their wallet immediately after the transaction is authorized. Since there are no wait times for top-ins, this makes the prepaid vouchers and the digital wallet a go-to option for gambling enthusiasts.

What casino fans should consider is that if they have never used the payment processor before, they will need more time. Newly-registered accounts are normally verified within 24 hours. Yet, this period might be prolonged a bit because of the increasing popularity of the service. Additionally, players should take into consideration the wait times for funneling funds into the digital wallet itself.

Jeton Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time Up to several working days
Bank account deposit time Instant
Bank account withdrawal time Up to 24 hours
Credit/debit card deposit time Instant
Credit/debit card withdrawal time A couple of hours

Mobile Payments with Jeton

Mobile Payments with JetonPayments via Jeton are made a walk in the park, thanks to the downloadable apps, owners of iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones can take advantage of.

Gambling enthusiasts who want to wrap up their transactions when they are on the go should first head over to Google Play or the App Store and download the Jeton app on their device. As for the app designed for Android-run devices, it requires 5.0 or higher. Players who possess an iOS-based tablet or smartphone can download and install the app if their OS is 11.00 or later.

Thanks to the apps, gambling enthusiasts will be able to send money to over 100 countries around the globe with no effort at all. They can send money to their friends and family with the same ease, and for this, they will only need an email address or phone number.

Jeton Mobile Payments
Apple pay No
Google pay No

Security at Jeton Online Casinos

Security at Jeton Online CasinosOne of the main reasons why Jeton is a premium banking solution for casino enthusiasts is that the levels of safety it maintains are unmatched. When betting over the Internet or purchasing goods online, players’ biggest concern is the safety of their funds and the information they are required to expose.

Fortunately for Jeton users, this is one of the departments the company excels in. Firstly, the company abides by the highest standards for identity verification, which is so because of the financial regulations it is up against. It falls under the oversight of FCA, which is the prime financial regulator on the territory of the United Kingdom.

In addition to this, Jeton relies on two-factor authentication to guarantee that its users will not become victims of identity theft or fraud. Thanks to this additional security layer, users of the payment processor will be required to provide their email address, password, along with a unique code they will receive via SMS.

To maintain the safety of its users, the company also relies on encryption technology, which is known as tokenization. Thanks to it, none of the sensitive data of players can be misused as it will be replaced by random numbers.

Jeton Security
Passcode No
Fingerprint Yes
FaceID Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes
Trusted devices No
IP Restrictions No

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