eZeeWallet Casinos

One of the newest payment solutions that have become popular among online casino operators is eZeeWallet. Available in 189 countries, this digital wallet allows its customers to pay for purchases and services in a very secure and convenient way. Several online casinos also support payments via eZeeWallet, helping their players to top up their accounts and request withdrawals in a hassle-free manner.

Like other e-wallets, eZeeWallet ensures that online players will be able to quickly deposit into their gaming accounts and enjoy their winnings just as fast. Since e-wallets do not require players to expose any type of sensitive information, this method gives casino aficionados peace of mind when they handle their online casino payments.

eZeeWallet Summary
Available in 189 countries, inlcuding Australia and New Zealand
Website www.ezeewallet.com
Connecting bank card/account to eZeeWallet N/A
Withdrawal balance from eZeeWallet to your bank card/account fee depends on the bank
Pay to online merchants Free
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Instant
Live chat No
Telephone support +44 8082812474
E-mail support support@ezeewallet.com

While eZeeWallet is available in over 100 countries, it has become a popular payment solution in virtual casinos that cater to Australian and New Zealand players. The solution is easy to use and often online casinos do not impose any surcharges for eZeeWallte users.

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Using eZeeWallet for Gambling Transactions

Using eZeeWallet for Gambling TransactionsConveniently enough, casino players will be able to handle both their deposits and withdrawals via eZeeWallet. Before you proceed with your payments, however, you will need to open your eZeeWallet account and fund your e-wallet. The registration process is extremely easy and quick, allowing you to choose from several currencies for your digital wallet balance. You can choose to set up your account in AUD, BRL, GBP, COP, DKK, EUr, INR, MXN, PLN, PEN, or SEK.

Depending on your country of residence, you will be able to choose from different deposit methods when you wish to charge your e-wallet with money. Among the services you can use to top up your eZeeWallet account, there are prepaid cards by Neosurf, services like iDeal, Giropay, Trustly, and many more convenient banking solutions.

Whenever you want to deposit in your casino balance, you can pick eZeeWallet from the available payment options and proceed with the transaction. Instead of providing personal or banking information, you will simply be asked to log into your eZeeWallet account and confirm the payment. This ensures that your personal information and money will be protected while you deposit to your online casino account.

eZeeWallet Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and Withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Up to 48 hours
Additional security two-factor authentication

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using eZeeWallet as a Payment Method

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using eZeeWallet as a Payment MethodLike any payment solution, eZeeWallet has its strong points and weaknesses and it is up to you to decide whether this is the right option for your online casino payments. To start off with the advantages of the service, we can definitely appreciate the convenience of paying via eZeeWallet. Whether you are initiating a deposit or withdrawal, you will be able to complete the payment in just a few simple steps. Handling your eZeeWallet balance is also a piece of cake, allowing you to always handle your balance with ease.

Another great advantage of using your eZeeWallet for casino payments is the advanced security technology that is used during payments via the digital wallet. This ensures that your money is always properly protected. Thanks to encryption technology, you can be sure that not bad actors will have access to your personal information or funds.

The positives of this payment service do not end here, with eZeeWallet users being able to handle both their deposits and withdrawals via this option. This is extremely convenient for casino players who wish to narrow down their casino transactions to one simple solution. What is more, eZeeWallet is mostly accepted in online casinos targeted towards Australian and New Zealand players. This is great news as they often have a limited number of banking options to choose from.

eZeeWallet Pros eZeeWallet Cons
Fast online casino payments Some popular currencies are not supported
Available for both deposits and withdrawals The method is not widely accepted at online casino
Secure payments that do not require exposing sensitive information players are required to open an eZeeWallet account
Budget-friendly solution that incurs no fees

Fees for eZeeWallet Gambling Transactions

Fees for eZeeWallet Gambling TransactionsOne of the biggest advantages of using eZeeWallet for your payments is the fact that you will not have to pay any fees for your casino deposits. This makes the digital wallet a budget-friendly solution that many online players will appreciate. In addition to that, online casinos tend to not impose surcharges on withdrawals via eZeeWallet as well. This means that players will have the chance to handle all of their casino payments without paying any additional fees.

Whenever you top up your eZee balance, you might be charged a certain fee for the transaction. The size of the fee depends on the deposit method you have chosen, with some payment solutions incurring no surcharges. Australian casino fans who have decided to fund their eZeeWallet account will be able to choose between prepaid cards by Neosurf and instant banking by POLi. The first service will impose a fee of 4%, while deposits via POLi will levy no fees.

Australian users will also have to pay a 1% fee and an additional surcharge of AU$7 when they request to withdraw money from their digital wallet. Depending on your country of residence, the withdrawal fee may be different. You can, however, check the deposit and withdrawal fee for any country on the Fees and Limits page of eZeeWallet’s official website.

eZeeWallet Fees
Gambling deposit fee Free
Gambling withdrawal fee Free
Bank account deposit fee N/A
Bank account withdrawal fee Varies
Credit/debit card deposit fee N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee N/A
Maintenancce fee Free

Processing Time with eZeeWallet

Processing Time with eZeeWalletAnother great advantage of using eZeeWallet for your online casino payments is that you will enjoy extremely fast transactions. When you choose to deposit via eZeeWallet, you will not be asked to provide any card or banking details, making the payment process even faster. Deposits via this digital wallet are processed instantly and players do not need to wait to play their favorite casino games.

In addition to instant deposits, eZeeWallet is a wonderful option for casino withdrawals. This process takes longer due to the cashout approval time that entirely depends on the virtual casino where you play. After your withdrawal request is approved, however, the money will be instantly transferred to your e-wallet balance. This is great news, especially for players who rarely have many withdrawal options to choose from and often have to wait for days or even weeks to enjoy their winnings.

When you need to fund your e-wallet for your online casino adventures, you will also be able to quickly deposit to your eZeeWallet. When you request to withdraw money from your digital wallet, however, you might need to wait for a few days. The reason for that is that eZeeWallet will need to approve your withdrawal request and then it is up to your bank to process the payment. Usually, the longest time it takes for the eZeeWallet team to approve your cashout is up to 2 days, while the withdrawal process typically takes up to 7 business days.

eZeeWallet Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time Instant
Bank account deposit time N/A
Bank account withdrawal time up to 7 days
Credit/debit card deposit time N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal time N/A

Mobile Payments with eZeeWallet

Mobile Payments with eZeeWalletAs most online casinos are allowing their members to play on the go, many players are looking for convenient payment solutions that support mobile deposits and withdrawals. To allow its customers to make easy purchases on the go, eZeeWallet offers a dedicated mobile app. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store and be installed on almost any Android and iOS smart device.

If you are an Android user, your device will have to run on Android 5.0 or newer. Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad devices need to run on iOS 12.0 or later to be able to run the e-wallet app. Casino players will have the chance to easily manage their gaming transactions on the go, with the app allowing fast and secure payments on the go.

Even though you will be initiating payments on the go, you can be sure that your money will still be properly protected. The e-wallet app utilizes some of the best security tools in the fintech industry, allowing those who initiate mobile payments to still feel protected.

eZeeWallet Mobile Payments
Apple pay No
Google pay No

Security at eZeeWallet Online Casinos

Security at eZeeWallet Online CasinosIt is extremely easy to enjoy fast and easy payments via eZeeWallet. In addition to that, you can be sure that your personal and banking information will always be protected from cyber attacks. Whether you are initiating payments via the eZeeWallet app of the browser-based version of the wallet, you can be sure that your sensitive information and money will be protected.

While you are initiating payments via eZeeWallet, the data that is shared during the transaction is protected by encryption technology. This ensures that no unauthorized third parties will have access to your personal information. In addition to that, eZeeWallet utilizes security tools such as firewalls and two-factor authentication.

The security systems used by the company are regularly tested by independent auditing companies that make sure eZeeWallet is always properly protecting its customers. To be able to provide payment solutions and services, eZeeWallet has been licensed by the Financial Services Authority of the UK. This license proves that eZeeWallet is a trustworthy company that conducts safe payments.

eZeeWallet Security
Passcode No
Fingerprint No
FaceID No
Two-factor authentication Yes
Trusted devices No
IP Restrictions No

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