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Canadians carry out nearly 96% of their financial transactions digitally and the same goes for gambling-related payments. An increasing number of players from the Great White North are looking to deposit and withdraw from their preferred online casinos with methods that facilitate instant, straightforward, and highly secure transfers directly from their online banking accounts.

The payment services provided by Gigadat pose as the perfect solution for online gamblers from Canada. The company boasts over thirty years of experience in the provision of digital payment solutions and this shows in the quality of its products. Gigadat’s payment services are supported by over 320,000 merchants, with 32 million consumers using them to transact conveniently and securely.

Gigadat Summary
Available In Canada
Connecting Bank Card/Account to Gigadat Possible via Interac Debit
Withdraw Balance from Gigadat to Your Bank Card/Account Possible with Express Connect wallet
Pay to Online Merchants Free
Available for Deposits Yes
Available for Withdrawals Yes
Usual Deposit Time in Online Casinos Instant
Usual Withdrawal Time in Online Casinos Instant after the casino releases the withdrawal from the player’s account
Live Chat Yes
Telephone Support 416-362-8550 / 1-855-789-2979
Email Support Contact form,,

Given all this, perhaps you will find it surprising that many Canadian players use Gigadat’s services without even knowing it. Two of the company’s most popular products are Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online, both of which facilitate quick and simple payments directly from your online banking account. Express Connect is yet another Gigadat service that allows users to safely store money in a digital wallet and spend it without having to share their sensitive personal data.

At the time of publication, Gigadat’s payment platforms are exclusively available to online gamblers from Canada, but hopefully the company will extend its offering to other markets in the future. Stick with SuperCasinoSites if you are new to Gigadat as we look into the company’s products and how they work for online gambling transactions.

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Using Gigadat for Gambling Transactions

Gigadat provides Canadian casino players with greater flexibility and control over their gambling transactions by giving them a choice from several easy-to-use payment services. These include Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer both of which rely on online banking. You can use them for online gambling payments provided that you bank with one of the numerous Canadian financial institutions connected to the Gigadat network.

Interac e-Transfer
Interac Online
Express Connect


Gigadat Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Instant (after the casino approves the transfer and releases the funds from the player’s account)
Additional security Security questions and answers, real-time transfer notifications via text messages and email

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gigadat

Advantages and DisadvantagesLike most payment solutions, Gigadat’s services have both advantages and disadvantages. Security is one obvious trump card here since Gigadat facilitates safe payments without requiring players to disclose any information related to the transactions. The money transfers take place via the gateways of the participating banks, which, as you can imagine, implement numerous measures to safeguard their customers.

Convenience is another benefit of using Gigadat’s services. Depositing and withdrawing is a breeze, not to mention the transactions are instantaneous, sparing you the hassles of having to wait before you can play your favorite casino games. Most Gigadat products do not require additional registration either, the only exception being the Express Connect service.

Furthermore, Gigadat works with a massive network of Canadian financial institutions, over 250 to be precise. Players from the Great White North can use it no matter which bank they hold an account with as long as they have activated its online banking services.

Some of the biggest banks associated with Gigadat and its services include Scotiabank, RBC Royal Bank, First Nations Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Banque of Montreal, and Toronto Dominion Bank. What also helps is that most Canada-friendly online casinos have added one or more of Gigadat’s payment services to their cashiers.

Gigadat Pros
Gigadat Cons

Available in English and French

Unavailable to players outside Canada

Allows players with Canadian bank accounts to send money to over 75 countries
Requires a subscription for online banking
Available at most Canada-friendly casinos
Some payment services require registration
Works with over 250 financial institutions in Canada
Incomplete transactions expire after 30 days
Facilitates secure and fast payments
Participating banks might charge additional processing fees

Fees for Gambling Transactions with Gigadat

Fees for Gambling TransactionsGigadat itself charges no additional fees for financial transactions carried out via its platforms. With that said, there might be extra charges on the side of participating financial institutions for using Gigadat’s electronic-transfer services. We suggest you get in touch with a representative of your credit union or bank to inquire about any potential extra costs.

If fees are in place, these will naturally vary across the board, depending on each bank’s individual policies. The same goes for receiving money via the Gigadat network. Similarly, each bank or credit union associated with Gigadat sets its own limits on the amount players can send or receive.

As for online casinos that work with the method, they rarely if ever impose extra charges on payments conducted with Gigadat. If your online casino account uses any other currency but CAD, you will most likely have to pay for the currency conversion.

Piastrix Fees
Gambling deposit fee N/A
Gambling withdrawal fee N/A
Bank account deposit fee N/A
Bank account withdrawal fee N/A
Credit/debit card deposit fee N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee N/A
Maintenance fee N/A

Processing Times with Gigadat

Processing TimesSpeed is among Gigadat’s strongest points as the company’s services allow for efficient and quick deposits. You can start placing real-money bets almost immediately after you initiate the payments. Deposits via Gigadat’s platforms are instant at most casinos that accept action from Canada.

As for withdrawals, they usually require more time but this is because the casinos’ financial departments must manually process and approve players’ cashout requests, especially when they exceed certain amounts. Once released, the funds will arrive in your bank account almost instantly. The Gigadat payment platform will send you a confirmation to notify you that your money transfer has been successfully sent or received.

Gigadat Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time Instant after approval
Bank account deposit time N/A
Bank account withdrawal time N/A
Credit/debit card deposit time N/A
Credit/debit card withdrawal time N/A

Mobile Payments with Gigadat

Mobile PaymentsGigadat enables online casino players to initiate deposits or request withdrawals on any device they choose. Gambling mavens who have applied for Interac Debit cards have the option to process debit payments on supported iOS devices via the Apple Pay service. You apply for one such card at a participating bank and then add it to Apple Pay. This is possible on many different iOS-based smart devices, including Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone.

For this purpose, players have to link their Interac Debit cards to their Apple Pay wallets in advance. Furthermore, they have the option to add up to eight cards per single iOS device. Connecting Interac Debit to a Google Pay wallet is an option for users who own Android-based devices.

If your smartphone does not have a preloaded Google Pay app, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store. You can deposit this way to online casinos that have integrated the Gigadat services and Google Pay in their apps or websites. Connecting multiple cards on your smart device is again an option.

A special device account number is created when you add your Interac Debit to a Google Pay wallet. It adds an extra layer of security to your on-the-go payments and is unique for each Android device. When you deposit to online casinos or make purchases with online merchants, you use this number rather than your Interac Debit number so that you never expose your financial details to third parties.

Gigadat provides an alternative for players who use Samsung Pay as they, too, can link their Interac Debit to their wallets. The mobile wallet service works on the majority of Samsung smartphones that support Near Field Communication (NFC). It becomes apparent Gigadat’s services allow you to transact securely, efficiently, and swiftly however and whenever you want. Other than that, the mobile payment process via Gigadat’s platforms is not much different than initiating deposits and withdrawals on your desktop computer.

Gigadat Mobile Payments
Apple pay Yes
Google pay Yes

Security at Gigadat Online Casinos

Security at Online CasinosSecurity is one less thing to worry about if you rely on Gigadat for your online casino payments. The payment services provider implements best-in-class encryption technologies to ensure fraudsters and cybercriminals cannot intercept your transactions or steal your sensitive data.

Your financial details remain safe and private since the system redirects you to your bank’s gateway where you can securely log in with your online banking credentials. When you process mobile payments via Gigadat’s platforms, you can rely on biometrics and passcodes for authentication. This guarantees you are the only person that can initiate transactions via your portable device.

The same goes for players who deposit with Interac Debit via the Google Pay and Apple Pay wallets. Additionally, we should not forget that Gigadat services the Canadian market in full compliance with the local laws and the requirements of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC). On its official site, Gigadat states it has 99% fraud prevention rates.

Gigadat Security
Passcode Yes
Fingerprint Yes
FaceID Yes
Two-factor authentication N/A
Trusted devices N/A
IP Restrictions N/A

Gigadat Casinos FAQ

You want to learn more about Gigadat and its products? If so, here are the answers to some common questions you might ask yourself.

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