Qiwi VISA Virtual Casinos

Qiwi is a popular Russian online payment provider that offers its services in over 20 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Great Britain, Georgia, and Estonia. The company has been in operation since April 2008, providing its customers with secure, quick, and simple ways to pay for online products and content.

Qiwi Visa Virtual Summary
Available in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Great Britain, Georgia, Estonia, and more
Website www.qiwi.com
Connecting bank card/account to Qiwi VISA Virtual N/A
Withdrawal balance from Qiwi VISA Virtual to your bank card/account 2%
Pay to online merchants Free
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Instant
Live chat No
Telephone support 8 495 783-59-59, 8 800 200-00-59
E-mail support bankinfo@qiwi.ru

The Qiwi Group supports a huge variety of services and products, including payment terminals and cards. Above all, Qiwi is an e-wallet service with more than 20 million active users across the world. The Qiwi wallet is accepted by over 13,000 online merchants but is also widely used as a payment option across various online casinos.

It enables gamblers to deposit and withdraw without compromising their sensitive information. Players are also provided with the option to link their Qiwi e-wallets to virtual VISA cards they can create in a few clicks only. If you are a Russian casino player interested in using this method, we suggest you go through the following article to see if Qiwi and its virtual VISA cards are the right payment solution for you.

Using Qiwi Virtual VISA for Gambling Transactions

Using Qiwi Virtual VISA for GamblingAs stated in the overview, Qiwi is an e-wallet that enables you to deposit and withdraw to and from your preferred online casino without the necessity of having a credit card or a bank account. This e-wallet can be linked to a virtual VISA card but before you get there, you need to sign up with a Qiwi account and top up the wallet’s balance.

You can create an account in less than a minute. The only information you need to provide is your mobile phone number. It is of essential importance for you to enter a valid, active mobile number since the Qiwi system will send you a one-time code as a text message to activate your account with.

You can register an account via the payment method’s website, its mobile application or at a Qiwi terminal. Note that you need to enter your own number – you cannot use someone else’s. After you enter the one-off code in the specified field, you can create a 7-character password you yourself have come up with. You use this along with your mobile number to initiate Qiwi payments. We recommend you choose a combination of lower and uppercase letters and numbers to better protect your Qiwi account.

When you first sign up, your account is assigned a “Minimum” status and you need to successfully verify your identity to lift the restrictions on your payments. If you skip on this step, you will not be able to transfer money to foreign-based casinos (or any offshore sites for that matter) and transfer funds to other e-wallets.

The verification procedure is a bit of a hassle, especially for Qiwi users who are based outside Russia. They need to provide a passport with a notarized translation if they wish to attain what Qiwi dubs a “Basic” status. Foreigners looking to upgrade to a “Professional” status must also present a residence permit or a migration card along with their passports.

After you have set up your Qiwi wallet, you need to fund it. You have a choice from a variety of methods, including bank transfers and credit/debit cards. You can also transfer funds from another e-wallet or make a cash deposit directly at one of the Qiwi terminals. Note that it is impossible to use foreign-issued cards to fund your Qiwi balance. Also, the funds you add to your e-wallet will appear in the local currency, RUB.

Registering for the e-wallet makes you eligible for a virtual VISA card. These cards are provided at no cost and are accepted at all online casinos that work with the VISA brand. You can apply for your virtual card by logging in your Qiwi account and clicking the “Release” button under the Bank Cards tab.

Your card details will be instantly available, including its number, expiration date, and CVV code. You use it the same way you would use a regular plastic card. However, the virtual Qiwi cards have no cardholder name. When you deposit at a casino, you can enter your own name in the respective field in the cashier.

Since the card is practically linked to your Qiwi e-wallet, its balance is the same as that available in the wallet. Each virtual Qiwi VISA card remains valid for a period of two years. You can apply for a new one for free.

Qiwi VISA Virtual Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and Withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Up to 48 hours
Additional security ccv

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals with Qiwi’s Virtual VISA Card

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals with Qiwi's Virtual VISA CardAfter you have set up your Qiwi wallet and virtual card, you need to sign into your casino account and navigate to its cashier page where you select the method from the available banking options. If you choose the e-wallet, you log into your Qiwi account with your mobile phone number and password, enter the preferred deposit amount, and confirm the payment. You will see the deposit instantly transferred from the card’s balance to your casino account.

The process is roughly the same when you deposit with the virtual card, only this time you need to fill in its details – the CVV code, the card’s number, your name, and its date of expiry. The great thing here is that you can deposit with the virtual card at all online casinos where Qiwi is unaccepted as long as they allow for payments conducted with VISA.

Deposits with Qiwi’s virtual VISA cards are immediate and rarely involve fees on behalf of casino operators, but we will tackle this subject in more depth later on. Provided that Lady Luck smiles upon you and helps you earn a tasty payout playing your favorite casino games online, you can request a withdrawal to your e-wallet or virtual card.

Withdrawing is almost the same as depositing, only this time you will need to wait for a while until the casino evaluates your withdrawal request. The money will appear in your e-wallet balance as soon as the operator clears the transaction from your casino account. This process rarely takes more than 48 hours, but it all depends on the policies of the casino operator you are gambling with.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages and DisadvantagesThere are lots of advantages that result from choosing Qiwi’s wallet or virtual card as a casino payment method. First and foremost, Qiwi deposits are instantaneous so the money is available in your online casino balance within a couple of seconds after you confirm the transfer. Withdrawals are also rather time-efficient, with most casino operators transferring the funds to your wallet’s balance within the same day after approving the payment request.

Transactions conducted with the method are largely free of extra charges although some online casinos may charge you a nominal service fee for Qiwi withdrawals. You need to check with the casino’s support staff on what their withdrawal policies are.

Topping up the balance of your Qiwi wallet or virtual VISA card could not be any simpler (or safer for that matter). There is a variety of methods you can use. Those who do not have bank accounts or plastic debit/credit cards can fund their wallets in person, at the nearest Qiwi terminal or kiosk.

The wide availability of the method is yet another plus. Even if your casino of choice does not work with the Qiwi wallet itself, you can still top up your balance as long as it supports payments with VISA.

You can use your card for deposits and withdrawals. The method also allows for paying on mobile, which is great for players who spend lots of time on the go.

Qiwi Virtual VISA Pros Qiwi Virtual VISA Cons
Fast deposits and withdrawals The service is not widely available
The method allows secure payments To use the virtual card service, you will need to open a Qiwi account
One could choose from different methods to fund their Qiwi account The verification process of Qiwi users based outside Russia can be quite burdensome
Depositing in currencies different than RUB imposes conversion fees

Qiwi Virtual VISA Fees for Gambling Transactions

Qiwi Virtual VISA Fees for Gambling TransactionsQiwi and its associated virtual cards pose as relatively affordable casino payment solutions. Registering for the e-wallet service is free of any charges and the same goes for creating virtual VISA cards.

There are no fees for funding the balance of your e-wallet via plastic cards provided that the sum does not exceed the amount of ₽2,000. However, an exception is made when you replenish your e-wallet with an amount over ₽2,000, in which case you have to pay a 1% fee.

Those who use mobile billing and replenish their e-wallets or virtual cards from the balance of their phones are charged a commission that ranges between 7.5% and 12%.

Players are not charged extra for depositing via their virtual VISA cards when the transfer is conducted in RUB. When you process deposits in currencies other than the local ruble, there is a 2.5% commission for currency conversion. Other than that, the majority of the online casinos do not charge additionally for payments processed with Qiwi and its associated virtual card.

Qiwi VISA Virtual Fees
Gambling deposit fee Free
Gambling withdrawal fee Varies
Bank account deposit fee N/A
Bank account withdrawal fee Varies
Credit/debit card deposit fee Free under ₽2,000 and 1% when depositing more than ₽2,000
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee 2%
Maintenancce fee Free

Processing Times with Qiwi Virtual VISA

Processing Times with Qiwi Virtual VISACasino mavens who choose to deposit and withdraw via the Qiwi virtual VISA card will benefit from great efficiency and speedy money transfers. As a general rule, deposits with this method take place instantaneously, with no waiting times to spoil your gaming experience. The funds hit your casino account a few seconds after you authorize your Qiwi deposit.

Most casinos would automatically return your winnings back to your e-wallet or virtual card if you have used this when depositing. There are pending times for withdrawals, however, so do not expect the reverse process to be as quick as depositing.

Many gambling sites give you the chance to reverse your withdrawal requests while they are still processed, which normally takes between 24 and 48 hours although some operators may keep your withdrawals in a pending state for a period of up to three days. Once the request is approved, the money will be with you within a day tops.

Qiwi VISA Virtual Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time instant
Bank account deposit time N/A
Bank account withdrawal time Up to 5 days
Credit/debit card deposit time Up to 24 hours
Credit/debit card withdrawal time Up to 5 days

Mobile Payments with Qiwi Virtual VISA

obile Payments with Qiwi Virtual VISAQiwi works seamlessly on the majority of iOS and Android mobile devices. You can log into your Qiwi account directly in your browser but there is also the option to install the native iOS and Android applications of the payment platform. These are available for a free download at the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The two apps offer the same functionalities as Qiwi’s desktop version. You can sign into your Qiwi account with your mobile number and password, replenish your virtual card from your phone’s balance, and conveniently process your casino payments as you go.

It is also possible to save and use ready-made templates for your money transfers. The only downside of using the mobile apps is that these support Russian only, which may be a major detriment for players who are not fluent in the language. However, Qiwi is constantly updating and improving its apps and might introduce English as a language option sometime in the near future. The iOS app, in particular, is compatible with iPads and iPhones running on iOS 9.0 and above.

Qiwi VISA Virtual Mobile Payments
Apple pay Yes
Google pay Yes

Security at Qiwi Virtual VISA Casinos

Security at Qiwi Virtual VISA CasinosQiwi has established itself as a reliable online payment method that takes all the necessary precautions to protect its customers from frauds. Qiwi transactions are closely monitored at all times which helps detect fraudulent activities in a timely manner and safeguard payees from all emerging threats.

There is, of course, an SSL encryption that makes security breaches next to impossible. Qiwi provides its customers with the option to confirm payments via text messages with special one-time codes, which further enhances the security of their funds.

If the worst comes to the worst and you establish your Qiwi virtual card had been subject to a cyber crime, you can request them to block your account either permanently or temporarily by filling out the form on the method’s official website.

Of course, if you wish to benefit from optimal security, you need to register at a legit online casino supporting Qiwi payments. There are several ways to tell whether a given Qiwi casino is trustworthy or not, starting with its use of a 128-bit or a 256-bit SSL encryption.

This encrypting technology gives you the exact same level of protection your bank does as it transforms your information into an undecipherable code. You can easily tell whether a Qiwi casino is SSL-encrypted by checking your browser’s address bar. If there is a padlock or “https” in front of the casino’s address, it is SSL-certified.

Qiwi VISA Virtual Security
Passcode Yes
Fingerprint Yes
FaceID Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes
Trusted devices No
IP Restrictions Yes

Qiwi Virtual VISA FAQ

Can I use Qiwi's virtual VISA card for deposits and withdrawals?

What methods can I use to fund my virtual card?

Is the Qiwi Virtual VISA card available to players based outside Russia?

Can I change the mobile number of my Qiwi account?

How can I withdraw from the balance of my Qiwi account?

Ask a Question. Get an Answer.

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Find the answers of questions people asked so far:

Dan Norma

Do I need to install the Qiwi app on my smartphone if I want to make payments via the e-wallet at mobile casinos?

Asked by: Norma | Asked on: 2023-06-18
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-20

It is true that the Qiwi dedicated app allows players to make fast and easy payments on the go, enabling hassle-free deposits and withdrawals at various mobile casinos. That said, mobile players who have decided to handle their casino payments via Qiwi will be able to do that even if they have not installed the dedicated app on their smartphones. Whenever you initiate a payment on the go via Qiwi, you will be asked to log into your Qiwi account. While you can do that via the dedicated app of the e-wallet service, you can also simply use your browser app to access your Qiwi account and authorize the payment. Both options for mobile payments are easy to use and extremely safe as Qiwi always utilizes industry-standard security tools to protect its users and their funds.

Dan Corey

Can I use Qiwi for my casino deposits before I have verified my account with the service?

Asked by: Corey | Asked on: 2023-07-30
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-07-31

Yes, when you create your Qiwi wallet, you will be able to use it for your casino deposits even before you have verified your account. However, newly registered users automatically get the Minimum status, which has imposed limits on deposits, payments, and available balance. To lift these restrictions, you will need to verify your account.

To confirm your identity, you will be asked to provide several documents that will help you go through the KYC process. Only after the company approves your accounts will you be able to charge your wallet with more funds and be able to use the service for your casino payments. Once confirmed, your account can be upgraded to Basic or Professional.

Dan Cynthia

I was able to deposit to my online casino account via my Qiwi Visa virtual card but I cannot seem to be able to withdraw my winnings via the same method. What am I supposed to do?

Asked by: Cynthia | Asked on: 2023-09-28
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-09-29

While the Visa virtual card issued to Qiwi users is typically available for both deposits and withdrawals, some online casinos do choose to accept certain methods only for deposits. The first thing to do is to make sure that this method is indeed not available for withdrawals. In most cases, the casino may list the supported withdrawal method as simply a debit/credit card or Visa card. In both cases, you should be able to withdraw your winnings to your virtual Qiwi Visa card as it operated as regular Visa-branded cards accepted at casinos.

It is possible that the casino accepts withdrawals to Qiwi e-wallets. If you have obtained a Qiwi Visa virtual card, then you own a Qiwi account that you can use for your casino withdrawals. Of course, you can also try any of the alternative methods covered in the review if the casino of your choice supports them.