At SuperCasinoSites, we believe in teamwork, professionalism, and cooperation, which is why we know we are nothing without our authors. Our team includes people from all walks of life, with different interests and education – what they all have in common is their passion for casino gaming and their commitment to their readers.

Dan Howard

SuperCasinoSites is created by casino enthusiasts with a passion for discovering the best games online and delivering that knowledge to our readers. Our small, yet creative and driven team has one goal – to provide truthful, relevant information about the online casino industry. With years of experience in different areas of business, our authors are dedicated to bringing professional and reliable advice, as well as unbiased, honest opinions about the gambling operators and websites they review.

Daniele Stefano

Daniele Stefano studied Marketing but decided to try different careers and opportunities after that. Traveling all over Europe and North America, he has visited a great number of casinos, as well. An avid gambler for years, Daniele has the expertise and experience to provide casino players with invaluable insight into different types of games. He is a strong proponent of player safety and responsible gaming and believes gambling should be seen as entertainment and nothing more.

Hristo Petrov

Hristo Petrov has been part of the SuperCasinoSites’ team since its beginning. He is a prolific author of gambling guides, game and website reviews, and many others. Hristo is probably among the very few people interested in gaming theory and numbers but this passion of his is the reason for his success.

Jake Walsh

Jake Walsh is one of the authors at SuperCasinoSites and although she is not the typical casino player, she loves playing cards and taking part in local poker tournaments. Her professional career has been quite different for some time, however, having started as a blogger, a freelance writer, and an artist. She also loves music and traveling, making her contribution to our team even more interesting and colorful.