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PayNearMe is a cutting-edge payment platform that makes transacting funds easy for online merchants and consumers alike. The platform launched in 2009 and was initially intended for the processing of cash payments to major retail store chains like 7-Eleven. Today, it has grown to process payments amounting to billions of dollars each year, including via debit and credit cards, cash, bank accounts, and mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

PayNearMe stands out with utmost flexibility and security thanks to its partnerships with accredited independent organizations and auditors like A-LIGN, AICPA, and ANSI National Accreditation Board. Users can transact 24/7 cash payments at over 27,000 retail locations. The innovative method has become the preferred banking solution to many players from the United States market.

PayNearMe Summary
Available In The United States
Connecting Bank Card/Account to PayNearMe N/A
Withdraw Balance from PayNearMe to Your Bank Card/Account N/A
Pay to Online Merchants Free
Available for Deposits Yes
Available for Withdrawals N/A
Usual Deposit Time in Online Casinos Up to 10 minutes
Usual Withdrawal Time in Online Casinos N/A
Live Chat N/A
Telephone Support +1 888 633 9912, +1 650 930 1020, +1 650 930 1030
Email Support,,

Many prefer to use it because it combines the flexibility of cash payments with the benefits of electronic transfers. It enables players to deposit cash to their favorite online casinos in person at a local retailer. All this makes PayNearMe the perfect banking solution for gambling mavens from regulated US markets like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nevada.

Using PayNearMe for Gambling Transactions

Using PayNearMe for Gambling TransactionsPayNearMe facilitates convenient, secure, and highly flexible transactions to your online casino balance. The payment service is available nationwide in the USA. It operates in full compliance with the regulations of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

PayNearMe allows cash transactions only to betting sites that operate in states where remote gambling is legal and regulated. The licensed betting site provides you with a barcode to complete your cash deposit, ensuring high success rates for your gambling payments.

Another great thing about PayNearMe is that it does not require you to set up an account. You can start using it right away on any device of your choice, desktop or mobile. To get started with this method, you must register a real-money account at one of the US casinos that support PayNearMe as a deposit solution. Most of the gambling operators that service regulated markets like Pennsylvania and New Jersey work with the method.

After you finish registering at the website, you will want to navigate to its banking page and find PayNearMe among the accepted deposit methods. Designate what amount of money you want to top up your balance with. The gambling operator will send you a barcode, or PayCode.

PayNearMe Gambling Transactions
Supported Transactions Deposits
Deposit Pending Time Up to 10 minutes
Withdrawal Pending Time N/A if you have made a cash deposit at a retail location
Additional Security Payment validations in real time, tools for fraud analysis, real-time notifications

Advantages & Disadvantages of PayNearMe

Advantages & Disadvantages of PayNearMeThe most obvious benefit of using PayNearMe is that it serves as a workaround for players who cannot or do not want to implement more conventional payment forms. Some people prefer to keep their online gambling spendings private and are reluctant to link their bank accounts or credit cards to betting sites.

Bad credit rating prevents others from using their credit cards, while a third group of people have no bank accounts or cards, to begin with. PayNearMe is a great solution for such players, posing as a simple, reliable, and convenient deposit method at regulated US casinos. It gives you all the flexibility you might need, with reusable barcodes that ensure high levels of security and anonymity.

PayNearMe is a great option for people who are wary about disclosing their personal and banking information over the internet. The payment solution enables its users to avoid sharing their sensitive information altogether. This is especially true if one handles their transactions in person using cash.

PayNearMe Pros PayNearMe Cons
Facilitates anonymous deposits Some PayNearMe features and services come with additional fees
Cost-efficient method due to its low fees Does not support withdrawals if you have made a cash deposit
Can be used by players from the United States Intended mainly for players from US regulated markets
Does not require registration Cash transactions cannot be completed at the click of a mouse button
Offers more control over players’ spending Low deposit limits render it unfit for the needs of high-rollers

Fees for Gambling Transactions with PayNearMe

Fees for Gambling Transactions with PayNearMeMost online gambling sites that work with PayNearMe do not charge additional fees on players’ deposits with the method. PayNearMe deposits come at no extra cost on the side of gambling operators but you may still have to pay some nominal fees at the point of purchase. The method’s official website contains no specific information related to fees.

However, it says there are no hidden costs and users will be notified before they make payments if any fees apply. Said charges depend on how much money billers spend on their cash payments. According to the payment platform itself, over 70% of the service providers charge no more than $1.99 per deposit with this method. The standard fees usually range from $0 to $5.99 per payment.

With that said, it is up to the payee, or in this case the online casino, to decide whether or not to pass these fees onto its customers. It would be best to ask your gambling site’s support for their fee policies. Since PayNearMe services the US market, players would use their local USD currency – this would prevent them from paying extra for currency conversion when playing at regulated US casinos.

As for the transaction limits, these are low with PayNearMe, rendering the method inapt for large-scale play. The method accepts a maximum of $2,500 within 24 hours, with a $1,000 ceiling on single transactions. The monthly limit is also quite low at $10,000.

PayNearMe Fees
Gambling Deposit Fee Free deposits at most US online casinos; the maximum possible purchase fee is estimated at $5.99
Gambling Withdrawal Fee N/A
Bank Account Deposit Fee N/A
Bank Account Withdrawal Fee N/A
Credit/Debit Card Deposit Fee N/A
Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal Fee N/A
Maintenance Fee N/A

Processing Times with PayNearMe

Processing Times with PayNearMeAnother great thing about PayNearMe is that it facilitates quick deposits to your casino account. The operator will credit the money to your balance immediately after you make the cash payment, allowing you to start betting as soon as you sign into your gambling account.

To make things even better, the PayNearMe system sends users notifications to inform them their payments have been processed. This way, you will immediately know whether an unexpected issue has occurred before you leave the retail location. The deposits with PayNearMe typically clear in real-time as soon as you have paid. In some rare cases, delays of several minutes may occur.

By contrast, deposits initiated with bank transfers require three to five working days to clear. There is no need to waste valuable time for account registration and verification. Such steps are unnecessary with PayNearMe.

The only hassle we can think of results from having to visit a retail location like 7-Eleven or Family Dollar. You will find a retail locator at the official site of PayNearMe. Just enter your town’s name, along with your state, and the system will display all PayNearMe retailers in your proximity. Inconvenience and delays may arise if there are no retail locations nearby, in which case you will have to drive around until you reach one.

PayNearMe Processing Times
Gambling Deposit Time Instant to 10 minutes
Gambling Withdrawal Time N/A
Bank Account Deposit Time N/A
Bank Account Withdrawal Time N/A
Credit/Debit Card Deposit Time N/A
Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal Time N/A

Mobile Payments with PayNearMe

Mobile Payments with PayNearMeThe convenience of using PayNearMe lies in its mobile-first design. This payment solution was made for use on portable devices. The method performs flawlessly across all smartphones and tablets, sparing you from using awkward pinch-and-zoom gestures or downloading clunky applications on your device.

PayNearMe is incredibly quick and easy to use on the go. The platform boasts a built-in integration with the digital mobile wallets Google Pay and Apple Pay, which further simplifies things for smartphone players. It allows you to transact and store payment information straight into your digital wallet without downloading any third-party applications or additional plugins.

You can set up payment reminders or store receipts and barcodes straight to your Google Pay or Apple Pay. We strongly recommend you take advantage of the last option as it will simplify repeated payments with your reusable PayNearMe barcode. It will enable you to initiate follow-up deposits directly from your mobile wallet. Additionally, you can receive payment updates directly to your Google Pay or Apple Pay.

PayNearMe Mobile Payments
Apple Pay Yes
Google Pay Yes

Security at PayNearMe Online Casinos

Security at PayNearMe Online CasinosSafety is woven into all aspects of PayNearMe’s operations, from the platform’s architecture to payment processing and software design. The company performs regular audits to ensure safety and compliance with the highest standards in the payment industry. It strives to deliver outstanding performance without any disruptions, not even during important software updates.

The specifics of this method adds an extra layer of security. Consumers, or online casino players, in this case, do not reveal any of their financial details when transacting with PayNearMe. There is no need to enter bank account or credit card numbers, or any of your personal information.

If you pay in cash with a barcode, you will never have to worry about fraudsters or thieves stealing your funds since withdrawals are largely impossible with this method. Provided that someone steals or finds the barcode you have lost, they will be unable to use it to cash out money from your online betting balance.

PayNearMe Security
Passcode Yes, if you store your barcodes in the Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets
Fingerprint Yes, if you store your barcodes in the Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets
FaceID Yes, if you store your barcodes in the Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets
Two-Factor Authentication Same as above
Trusted Devices No
IP Restrictions No

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Dan Paul

What should I do if there is no participating retailer near me to pay my PayCode via cash?

Asked by: Paul | Asked on: 2023-06-19
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-20

While PayNearMe codes can be paid via cash at more than 27,000 retailers nationwide, you may not find a participating retail store near you or you might want to pay your PayCode online, without leaving your home. That is why PayNearMe has added a wide range of payment options online casino players can use to quickly make their deposits via PayNearMe. Some of the alternative payment methods include bank cards, ACH, and mobile-first payment options. Additionally, the PayNearMe platform has also added payment solutions like paying online, via a phone call, through IVR, and via text messages. As you can see, you do not need to use cash to make your PayNearMe online casino deposits, with the service allowing you to choose from several convenient payment channels.

Dan Ashley

How do I recharge my PayNearMe barcode if I do not wish to generate a new code for my casino deposits?

Asked by: Ashley | Asked on: 2023-07-27
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-07-28

You must simply keep your PayNearMe barcode saved on your smartphone or printed out on paper. You can recharge this barcode with money at any participating retailer. When you visit the retail location, you should provide the cashier with your PayNearMe barcode. Inform them that you want to recharge your PayNearMe account with a specific amount. Depending on the location, you may be able to pay the amount you are recharging your barcode with via cash, credit/debit card, or other accepted methods.

There is no set limit on how many times you can recharge your PayNearMe barcode, but there is a single-transaction limit of up to $1,000. Meanwhile, the maximum you can charge into your barcode in one day is capped at $2,500, which means you can charge your account several times a day until you have reached the imposed limits.

Dan Richard

I am allowed to deposit only up to $500 with PayNearMe to my online casino account but I thought the method had higher limits. What seems to be the issue?

Asked by: Richard | Asked on: 2023-10-12
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-10-13

While PayNearMe allows users of the service to make payments of up to $1,000 per transaction and up to $2,500 per day, that is not always the limit the casino has imposed on PayNearMe deposits. Since every gaming/betting operator can set up its own deposit limits, players who are going to use this service are to abide by these limits. That is the reason why your online casino will not allow you to fund your account with more than $500 if you use PayNearMe.

You can do your own research and look for online casinos that may allow higher deposit limits via the service. Chances are, however, that most operators will have similar deposit maximums on payments carried out via the PayNearMe platform. If you would like to make bigger deposits to your casino account, you should check alternative payment options, which may allow you to deposit bigger amounts.