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One of the numerous payment solutions available to Indian consumers is PhonePe. This digital payment platform allows you to handle all-things payment at any place and time. Thanks to its hassle-free payments, the service has recently enjoyed more popularity, with PhonePe reaching a record-high of 100 million transactions in a single day in April 2022.

As more consumers turn to the payment solutions of PhonePe, more businesses are adding PhonePe to their lists of supported payment options. Online casinos that cater to Indian players are no exception, with more gaming websites accepting payments through the PhonePe service.

The solution enables its users to handle all of their transactions with a single mobile app. Having one’s PhonePe account available at any time and place enables casino players to fund their accounts in no time, no matter whether they play at home or on the go. The payment solution of PhonePe offers quite a few advantages when used for casino transactions and we will make sure to cover all of them.

PhonePe Summary
Available in India
Connecting bank card/account to PhonePe Free
Withdrawal balance from PhonePe to your bank card/account Varies according to bank
Pay to online merchants Free
Available for deposit Yes
Available for withdrawal Yes
Usual deposit time in online casino Instant
Usual withdrawal time from online casino Up to 24 hours
Live chat Yes (in-app live chat)
Telephone support 080-68727374 or 022-68727374
E-mail support

Using PhonePe for Gambling Transactions

PhonePe Gambling TransactionsIf you have found a virtual casino that accepts payments via PhonePe, you can easily top up your gaming account in just a few steps. Before you proceed with making a deposit via PhonePe, however, you will need to install the app on your phone and open a PhonePe account.

Once you create your account, you will have to link your bank account to your PhonePe profile. To do that, you will need to provide your mobile number and your bank account number. You will then receive a one-time password via an SMS that must be used to verify your account. The next step will require you to provide some additional details to create your account and you will receive your VPA (Virtual Payment Address), which will be used for your PhonePe payments.

Typically, virtual casinos will allow you to make PhonePe payments through the UPI payment system and pay directly from your bank account. To make use of UPI payments, you will need to set up a UPI PIN that you will use to verify your payments via PhonePe. The casino may also allow its patrons to use PhonePe as an e-wallet and deposit using the funds available in their PhonePe balances.

Once you have set up your account, you can head to the virtual casino of your choice. Open the cashier page and select the deposit option. The next step is to enter the amount you would like to deposit and choose PhonePe from the options available at the online casino. If the virtual casino supports PhonePe payments via the system of UPI, you might have to choose UPI from the available options.

For e-wallet PhonePe deposits, you will be asked to log into your account and confirm the transaction via your VPA. If you want to make your deposit via UPI, you will be asked to choose your bank and enter your UPI PIN to confirm the payment. Deposits via PhonePe are processed instantly, allowing you to top up your gaming account in no time.

The great thing about the service of PhonePe is that it can often be used for casino withdrawals as well. The entire payment process is similar to the deposit one, with the only difference being that you will need to choose the withdrawal option at the casino cashier section. Keep in mind that the withdrawal process is slower than the deposit one as the virtual casino will first need to approve your cashout request. However, once your withdrawal is authorized by the casino, the money is transferred almost instantly to your PhonePe e-wallet or bank account.

PhonePe Gambling Transactions
Supported transactions Deposits and withdrawals
Deposit pending time Instant
Withdrawal pending time Up to 48 hours
Additional security encryption, OTP, two-factor authentication

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using PhonePe as a Payment Method

PhonePe Advantages and DisadvantagesYou might need to assess the strong and weak points of PhonePe before you make the decision whether to use the service for your casino payments. This payment solution offers Indian players a few ways to handle their casino payments in a fast, secure, and easy way. However, there are a few things we think they should keep in mind before using PhonePe for their casino deposits and withdrawals.

As PhonePe is getting more popular, the number of virtual casinos that support the payment service is increasing. This allows Indian players to choose from quite a few trustworthy casinos that accept payments via PhonePe. There is usually the option to make PhonePe payments either through the payment system of UPI or via the PhonePe e-wallet.

Whichever option you choose to make your casino payments via PhonePe, you can handle your payment in a very secure way. To verify your e-wallet transactions, you will use your VPA, enabling you to verify payments without exposing your banking details. What is more, if you are using UPI to make payments from or to your bank account, transactions will be protected via industry-standard security tools.

The processing speed of PhonePe transactions is yet another advantage that casino fans would appreciate. As it is important to be able to make your real-money wagers as soon as you top up your account, you would enjoy that deposits via PhonePe are complete in a few simple steps and are processed almost instantly. When you request to withdraw your casino winnings via PhonePe, you will also be able to enjoy your money in no time.

PhonePe Pros and Cons

Works for both deposits and withdrawals
Available only to Indian players
Players can pay either via UPI or PhonePe wallet
Not many online casinos support PhonePe
Provides instant casino deposits and fast withdrawals
Banks may apply some fees on UPI payments
No fees applied to online casino payments via PhonePe

Fees for PhonePe Gambling Transactions

Fees for Gambling TransactionsWhenever you are choosing a payment solution for your online casino endeavors it is important to find a method that will allow you budget-friendly payments. The great thing about using PhonePe for your casino deposits and withdrawals is that in most cases, virtual casinos do not charge any fees for payments carried out through the payment solutions of PhonePe.

Whether you use the UPI system or the PhonePe e-wallet, most online casinos will allow you to handle your gaming budget without spending extra money on fees. It is important, however, to always check the fees policy of the interactive casino before you start using PhonPe for your payments.

Opening a PhonePe account will be free of charge and you do not have to pay any maintenance fee for using the service. What is more, linking your bank account to your PhonePe account will also be free. Depositing funds to your account, however, may impose some charges that will depend on the method you will choose to make the deposit. The service, however, is transparent about any free and you will be notified of any surcharges before you confirm the transaction.

While paying online via PhonePe is free of any charges, you should keep in mind that some banks may impose a tax for using the UPI payment system. The rates of these fees, however, depend on the policy of your bank.

PhonePe Fees
Gambling deposit fee Free
Gambling withdrawal fee Free
Bank account deposit fee Varies
Bank account withdrawal fee Varies
Credit/debit card deposit fee Varies
Credit/debit card withdrawal fee N/A
Maintenance fee Free

Processing Time with PhonePe

PhonePe Processing TimesA great advantage that Indian players might appreciate if they choose to handle their casino payments via PhonePe is the speed of transactions. No matter whether you choose to deposit via UPI or the PhonePe e-wallet, this payment solution enables you to instantly top up your gaming balance. The entire depositing process takes just a few simple steps that do not take more than a couple of minutes. Once you confirm the deposit, the money will instantly appear in your gaming account.

The instant deposits via the PhonePe solutions allow players to always bet real money on their favorite casino games instead of waiting to see the money in their casino accounts. In addition to instant deposits, however, PhonePe is also offering very speedy withdrawals that not every payment solution can allow.

Keep in mind that withdrawals cannot be as instant as deposits due to the pending period of this type of transaction. Whenever you request a withdrawal, the virtual casino will first need to approve the payout. The pending period usually takes about 48 hours but it can be shorter or longer, depending on the virtual casino. Once your withdrawal is approved, however, it may take only a few hours to receive your money.

PhonePe Processing times
Gambling deposit time Instant
Gambling withdrawal time Up to 24 hours
Bank account deposit time Instant
Bank account withdrawal time Varies
Credit/debit card deposit time Instant
Credit/debit card withdrawal time N/A

Mobile Payments

Mobile PaymentsConsidering that most PhonePe users choose to handle their payment via the dedicated app for the service, saying that PhonePe enables easy mobile payments is an understatement. The mobile app is available to both Android and iOS users who can download the payment service’s app via the link available on the official website of PhonePe. Alternatively, the app can also be found in the app stores of the two respective operating systems.

As mobile casinos are the current trend among many casino fans, it is a necessity to be able to easily handle your gaming funds on the go. Thankfully, PhonePe users will have no issue handling their casino deposits and withdrawals even if they play on a casino app or browser-based mobile casino.

The entire payment process is the same, despite the type of device you play on. The steps that you need to follow are exactly the same as the ones we have explained earlier. You will need to choose the PhonePe option from the available payment solutions and follow through with the required steps to confirm the payment.

Using the PhonePe app will be not only convenient but also extremely secure. App users will be allowed to activate some additional security options that allow only the phone user to access their PhonePe account. This ensures that no one else will have control over your casino spendings as well.

The app will enable players to keep track of their transactions and also manage different types of payments through the app. PhonePe allows mobile users to make both BHIM UPI payments or use the e-wallet tool to pay online. In addition to being extremely convenient for your casino transactions, the app will also allow a myriad of other useful features that you can explore once you install the app on your mobile phone.

PhonePe Mobile Payments
Apple Pay No
Google Pay No

Security at PhonePe Online Casinos

Security at Online CasinosWhenever you are paying online, you should be certain that your money and personal information are always safe, this is especially true when it comes to handling online casino funds. Fortunately, those who use PhonePe can be sure that their funds are always handled with the utmost care. The fact that PhonePe is constantly expanding the number of its customers proves that the service can be trusted.

As already mentioned, PhonePe payments are carried out via the UPI (Unified Payment Interface) payment system. It has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), ensuring that your instant payments will be processed following the government’s requirements for secure transactions.

UPI payments allow users to transfer money between two bank accounts without actually providing any bank details. Instead, customers use their mobile numbers of VPAs to confirm transactions. This makes PhonePe payments even more secure than any regular bank transfer, adding another layer of security to your online payments.

Thanks to the additional security tools that customers can switch on via the PhonePe app, payments become even more secure. Using passcodes, Face ID, or fingerprints ensures that no one else can access the PhonePe app, hence, no one but you can verify your payments. Of course, payments are also protected via industry-standard technology like encryption, ensuring that unauthorized third parties will not have access to the information you might share during payments.

PhonePe Security
Passcode Yes
Fingerprint Yes
FaceID Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes
Trusted devices No
IP Restrictions No

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Dan Sherrill

What are the technical requirements for the PhonePe App?

Asked by: Sherrill | Asked on: 2023-06-29
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-30

The PhonePe app is optimized to run smoothly on most mobile devices Indians may use. For Android users, the requirements for the operating system of the device are Android 6.0 and up. As for iPhone users, their device must run on iOS 14.0 or newer to be able to install the PhonePe app. Those who have installed the app will be able to easily handle their online casino payments with a few taps on the screen. App users can also activate some additional authentication tools such as FaceID, fingerprints, or passcodes. That way, your online casino payments via the PhonePE app can become extra secure.

Dan Cynthia

In addition to the UPI payment system, what other solutions does the PhonePe platform offer to its customers?

Asked by: Cynthia | Asked on: 2023-08-28
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-08-29

As explained in the review above, in most cases, online casinos will allow players to handle their casino payments via the UPI system of PhonePe. That allows fast online transactions from players’ bank accounts, with payments being extra secure thanks to the security tools PhonePe implements in its operations. However, PhonePe also offers other payment methods that may be available to use whenever you initiate your next online casino deposits and withdrawals.

With the PhonePe platform, you can enable payments via methods like Netbanking, credit cards, and debit cards. Netbanking enables secure and fast payments via online banking, giving PhonePe users an even more convenient way to handle their online casino deposits and withdrawals. In addition, since credit and debit cards are widely popular and accessible, the integration of these methods allows even more users to resort to the service of PhonePe.

Dan Queen

I tried to register with PhonePe but I did not receive a one-time password (OTP) and I wasn’t able to confirm the registration. What may be the issue?

Asked by: Queen | Asked on: 2023-11-14
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-11-15

The most common reason to not receive an OTP when trying to create your PhonePe account is to have the PhonePe SMS send and view options restricted. To allow text messages from the PhonePe app, you should go to the Settings of your handheld device and select the App Management option. When you select to view the app’s permissions, make sure to enable SMS receiving. Once you do that, go back to the registration page of the PhonePe app and you should be able to receive your OTP and complete the process.

If the issue you have with the registration on the app is not related to your app’s permissions, then you should contact the PhonePe support team. You can send them an email at and the payment solution’s agents will make sure to help you resolve the issue in a timely manner.