Real Money Video Poker

When stepping through the doors of a land-based casino or visiting one on the Internet, the vast majority of players tend to go straight to the slot games. But experienced gamblers know that there are other games which offer almost the same simplicity and entertainment while providing much better payouts at the same time. The games in question are the different variations of video poker and they combine in a wonderful way the best aspects of slots and traditional poker.

Video poker is known to be a much simpler version of its table counterpart. It is not as stressful and does not require reading the faces and signals of your opponents around the table. This is a game played solo against a computer and yet, it involves decision making and understanding the rules of the game. It is, in fact, the opportunity to decide which cards to hold and which to replace that makes the game so appealing to casino players. They no longer rely on luck alone to win but they can employ a strategy in order to succeed and beat the house.

Video poker machines can be found in most brick-and-mortar casinos around the world. But they are equally widespread in online casinos, as well, where you can play for fun and even better, for real money. Real money video poker is a fantastic alternative to classic casino games such as blackjack or craps – it is fun and challenging, it is simplified compared to poker, and it comes with the promise of solid payouts. Additionally, the game is an ideal option for novice poker players as it will guide them through the basics without the risk of losing large amounts of money.

Basic Rules

video poker royal imageVideo poker is one of the very few casino games, along with blackjack and poker, where players have the opportunity to improve significantly their winning chances and actually gain an edge over the casino. For this to happen, however, they need to have a good understanding of how the game is played. Knowing the basic rules is essential although, in this game, it is possible to collect winnings if relying solely on luck. But for a long-term success, players should make themselves familiar with all the ins and outs of video poker.

This is an automated, RNG-based game which derives from 5-card draw poker, considered to be one of the simplest versions of table poker. In its most basic form, video poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and it follows the rules of traditional draw poker. The RNG, or Random Number Generator, is a complex piece of software, which guarantees the random results of every round or draw in video poker. For this reason, it is often called “the brain” of games such as video poker, slots, and basically, all virtual casino games. Before betting any real money, players should know that exactly 2,598,960 hands can be dealt in a single draw. While this may sound too much to grasp, a huge portion of these hands is actually duplicate, so learning how to play them all is not as difficult as it may appear.

In order to start a game, the player needs to place a bet and click on the Deal/Draw button. The computer draws 5 cards and the player has a choice to either hold them (by clicking on the card) or discard them. After selecting the Deal/Draw button once more, the player receives the new cards that take the place of the discarded ones. The computer then determines whether a winning combination is formed and if so, it rewards the player with a payout corresponding to the strength of the hand.

Choosing Where to Play Real Money Video Poker

There are hundreds of online casinos which offer different variations of video poker. Most casino game developers create their own versions and as a result, players today have a really great choice of video poker games. Before you pick a casino and a particular game, there are several things you should consider carefully. The first thing is, of course, to find a safe, reliable and fair online casino which is legitimate and fully certified. Since you are planning to play real money games, you will also want a casino that allows payments in your preferred currency and payment method. The withdrawal times and the fast responding customer support are also very important. Note that most online casinos have a 24-72 hour pending period in which players are able to cancel their withdrawals.

There are many other factors that will help you decide where to play video poker for real money. Certainly, the visual appeal and the design of the casino site will also shape your opinion, but it would be better to focus on the payouts and the different bonuses offered by the gambling operator.


blackjack casino payout image

Players who are trying video poker for the first time should avoid playing just any game they see and stick to the video poker versions with the highest payouts. They are easy to find because all the information you need is in the pay table of a game.


blackjack payout image

Another aspect of online casinos all players should take into consideration is the bonuses. Almost all web-based gambling providers offer newly registered players bonuses, designed to boost their play budget and help them explore more games.

Video Poker Strategy

video poker strategy imageVideo poker gives players the opportunity to change the odds of the game. But in order to win in the long term, they need to employ certain strategies, depending on the specific variation of the game they choose to play. For instance, in Tens or Better, you can win with a hand as low as a pair of Tens, while in Joker’s Wild, thanks to the wild Joker, you can get a Five of a Kind – for example, 4 Kings and a Joker. Not only the payouts for the different hands will be different, but also the strategy behind every decision you make while playing. Still, there are several basic principles that are valid for any version of video poker.

Among the first lessons every player learns about video poker is to hold on to the automatic wins from the initial draw. While this may sound too obvious to ignore, many novices would make the mistake to discard a pair of Jacks, hoping they could get a Royal Flush or any other winning combination. Well, the likelihood of getting a Royal Flush is much smaller than getting a Jacks or Better, which, in case, is a guaranteed win.

There are, of course, instances when breaking a winning hand is actually the right move. For example, when you have a Flush or a Straight, you can discard one card for the chance of getting a Royal Flush. If you have a 9, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace of spades, you should discard the 9 for the possibility to get a 10 of spades. You will still have a chance for a Flush (with any other spades) or for a Straight (with any other 10). And there is also the chance for hitting a pair of Jacks or Better if you are dealt any other high card.


video poker machine imageVideo poker was introduced in casino floors in the 1970’s and gained popularity in the following decade. However, the game is much older and the first fruit machines were actually based on the automated poker machines. It all started in 1891 when Sittman and Pitt Company invented the first poker machine which had 5 reels, or drums, as they were called at the time. There were 10 playing cards on each drum and the player started the game by inserting a coin and pulling the lever. Then, in 1898, San Fransisco-based mechanic Charles Fey created a poker machine that would pay out 20 coins for a Royal Flush. It was called the “Card Bell” and was followed by the “Skill Draw” machine in 1901, which had one really important feature – players had the option to hold one or more of the cards in the draw. There was a second spin which gave a better chance at hitting a winning combination. A this was the first 5-card draw poker machine.

Interestingly, the first automated poker games were not played with all 52 cards of a standard deck. Players thought all cards were in the game but the machines had 5 reels of 10 cards each, which meant that only 50 cards could be included. In fact, the Ten of spades and the Jack of hearts were usually missing. As a result, the odds of hitting a Royal Flush were halved but only the manufacturers of the machines were aware of that.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Gameplay


Best Casinos to Play Real Money Video Poker

We have covered what to look for when choosing the website where you would play video poker for real money. Below, we have provided information on some of the best online casino brands you can join if you would like to play video poker for real money. The variations offered by these casinos include popular video poker options, enabling players who use strategies to find the variants they prefer for their strategic play.

In addition to video poker diversity, these brands offer a safe and fair gaming environment, which is also extremely important for successful video poker gaming sessions online. Smooth transition to mobile play on the go and easy payments are also things we have considered when composing the list below, so make sure to check all of the virtual casinos we have evaluated.

  1. Yako Casino

    Play NowVisit Yako Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    €10; €30 for bank transfers
    Max Withdrawal
    €5,000 per day
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank Cards - 3- 4 Working Days
    • E-Wallets - Instant
    • Bank Transfers - 3-4 Working Days
    • Reliable online casino licensed by top gambling regulators
    • Casino lobby powered by popular software providers
    • Casino incentives give different players better winning chances
    • Smooth mobile play allows access on a large gaming library
    • Players can reach to customer support at any time
    • Enables fast, secure, and easy payments

    Yako Casino ensures its members that they will be able to set up a unique gaming experience for themselves, giving them the opportunity to redeem generous offers, explore various games, and enjoy their gaming sessions across different platforms. To prove to players it is a trustworthy brand, Yako Casino has been licensed by major regulators like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

    When you wish to switch to mobile play, all you need is a stable Internet connection and the browser app on your mobile device. As soon as you load Yako Casino, you can log into your account and start playing for real money at any time and place.

    With the solutions of a handful of creative software providers, it comes as no surprise that members of Yako Casino will be able to choose from a myriad of fun casino options. Video poker fans will also be happy with the selection of games they will be provided with. Titles like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Deuces Wild include some of the most popular variations of the game Yako Casino members will be able to play for real money.

  2. VideoSlots

    Play NowVisit VideoSlots Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    $/€10,000 per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank card - 3-5 days
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Bank transfer - up to 5 days
    • One of the online casinos with the largest gaming libraries
    • Licensed by strict bodies like UKGC and MGA
    • Games include wide selection of video poker options
    • Promotional deals available to all casino members
    • Gaming on the go is possible on almost any mobile device
    • Payments are processed in a fast and cost-effective way

    One of the biggest advantages VideoSlots is offering to its patrons is gaming diversity. With more than 180 software providers working on the games offered at this online casino, players can enjoy nothing but a huge selection of different casino genres. Whether you enjoy slots, table games, or video poker, at VideoSlots you will find what you are looking for.

    Not only will you be able to handpick your favorite titles from a glut of options but you will also have the chance to redeem generous promotions. What is more, you can switch to mobile play at any time and place, with VideoSlots being adapted to run on mobile platforms. This applies to any mobile device that supports the latest version of HTML.

    If you enjoy playing video poker and master the proper strategy to maximize your wins, you will be happy to know that you can use your skills on titles like Jacks or Better, All Aces, Deuces Wild, and plenty of other variations of the card game.

  3. PlayAmo Casino

    Play NowVisit PlayAmo Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    $/€500 - $/€10,000 per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank cards - 1-3 days
    • E-wallets - instant
    • Crypto - instant
    • Bank transfer - 1-5 days
    • Interac - 1-3 days
    • Extensive gaming library thanks to 100 providers
    • Casino offers a wide variety of video poker
    • Funding one’s gaming account is possible thanks to a number of methods
    • Casino supports crypto payments
    • Promotional incentives available to new and existing members
    • Optimizes for mobile play on Android, iOS, and other smart devices

    A huge selection of games is always something that attracts players to a virtual casino as it allows them to explore numerous options and pick titles they find most entertaining. That is why PlayAmo has prepared a variety of options for its members, allowing them to choose from popular and fun slots, table games, live-dealer shows and classic casino games as well as plenty of video poker variations.

    The gaming library of PlayAmo is powered by 100 of the most innovative and well-experienced software providers in the industry. You can choose to play instantly on your desktop device by simply loading the casino’s official website. You may also enjoy your favorite games on the go by loading PlayAmo via the browser app on your handheld device. PlayAmo will also provide a link to install a shortcut to the casino’s website as an app on your Android or iOS device.

    No matter the type of game you would like to play, PlayAmo will make sure that you will have plenty of options to choose from. If you enjoy video poker, you can pick from titles like Jacks or Better, All Aces, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, and many more.

  4. LeoVegas

    Play NowVisit LeoVegas Review
    Software providers
    Over 50
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    $20,000 per month
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank cards - 3-5 days
    • E-wallets (including MuchBetter) - up to 24 hours
    • Bank transfer - up to 7 days
    • Offers diverse gaming options, including video poker variations
    • Gaming lobby powered by popular software providers
    • Players can redeem generous casino incentives
    • Dedicated mobile app allows play on the go
    • Ensures safe and fair gaming experience
    • Customer support can be reached at any time of the day

    Online gambling should be fun, fair, and safe to attract as many players as possible. That is why LeoVegas makes sure its members will fully enjoy their time at the brand’s casino lobby. Thanks to the software solutions of creative and worldly-wise providers, BLANK offers its patrons a myriad of casino games, including top slots, table games, jackpot titles as well as video poker variants.

    Whether you are about to join the casino as a newcomer or you have been regularly playing at LeoVegas, you will be able to redeem constantly updated bonuses and casino promotions. That way, you can make your gaming adventures extra thrilling and fruitful. The best part about your time at LeoVegas is that it is available across different platforms, including mobile devices running on different operating systems. You can also install the dedicated LeoVegas app on your Android or iOS device and enjoy even quicker access to your favorite games.

    As already mentioned, LeoVegas provides a myriad of gaming options, including popular variations of video poker. If you enjoy this card game, you will be able to place real money wagers on Joker Poker, which is easily one of the most fun variations of the game.

  5. bet365 Casino

    Play NowVisit bet365 Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    • $50,000 for wire transfer
    • $40,000 for card payments
    • $10,000 for Interac Online
    • $20,000 for Instadebit
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank cards and wire transfers - 1 to 5 business days
    • iDebit, Instadebit, and Interac Online - up to 24 hours
    • E-wallets - up to 24 hours
    • Renowned gaming brand licensed to operate across numerous markets
    • Gaming library powered by top software companies
    • Casino lobby features popular video poker variations
    • Casino incentives take care of both new players and regular casino members
    • Deposits and withdrawals are possible through a variety of payment options
    • Dedicated app allows smooth gaming on the go

    When it comes to real-money casino play, you should be sure that you are wagering your money at a reliable casino site. Luckily, if you have come across bet365, you will have the chance to join one of the most prominent names in the iGaming industry. This gaming and betting company has been licensed to operate in numerous jurisdictions, proving the trustworthiness of bet365.

    With the help of several innovative, well-experienced, and reliable software companies, bet365 has prepared an extensive gaming library for all of its members. The great thing about the casino is that bet365’s games can easily be enjoyed across different platforms. Whether you decide to load the casino via the browser app on your device or you install the casino app on your Android or iOS device, you will enjoy a smooth gaming experience no matter where you go.

    To please every type of player, bet365 offers a variety of games, including video poker titles. If you enjoy this card game and you are ready to test your skills, you can try variations like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, All Aces, and more. Some of the options will allow players to bet on multiple hands at once, enabling faster gaming sessions.

  6. 888casino

    Play NowVisit 888casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    €100,000 per transaction
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • E-wallets - 2-3 days
    • Bank cards - 4-6 days
    • Bank transfer - 5-8 days
    • Reputable casino brand licensed by strict regulators
    • Gaming library powered by popular software providers
    • Games include popular video poker variations and 888-exclusive titles
    • Promotions cater to new and existing casino members
    • Dedicated mobile app allows smooth gaming on the go
    • Supports various methods for fast and secure payments

    Another gaming brand we believe ensures one of the safest and most fair casino experiences online is 888casino. This is a worldly-wise company, which has been licensed by the authorities in the UK, Sweden, Malta, Gibraltar, and Italy, to name a few. Not only can 888casino provide fair and safe gambling online but it will make sure that its members will be presented with enough options to choose from.

    Thanks to the software solution of top providers, 888casino offers a plethora of classic and video slots, table games, live dealer options as well as video poker variations. The casino also provides quite a few exclusive 888-branded games. Most of the games have been adapted to run on mobile platforms, enabling easy in-browser play on the go. Alternatively, Android and iOS users can install the 888casino dedicated app on their devices and enjoy their favorite games at any time and place.

    As mentioned above, the casino library of the brand includes quite a few video poker options. Titles like Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker are just a few of the games you will discover under the video poker category. Many of the options will allow you to play multiple hands per round, enabling faster video poker play.

  7. PlayFrank Casino

    Play NowVisit PlayFrank Casino Review
    Software providers
    Min Deposit
    Max Withdrawal
    Deposit Methods
    Withdrawal Methods
    Withdrawal Time
    • Bank cards - up to 6 days
    • E-wallets - up to 2 days
    • ecoPayz - up to 4 days
    • Over 1,000 casino titles thanks to top software providers
    • Games include popular video poker variations
    • Promotional incentives offered to new and regular players
    • Supports different payment methods
    • Casino adapted to run on different mobile devices
    • Customer support available round the clock

    Play Frank is definitely a casino brand, which can ensure a fair and safe gaming experience for its members. With a plethora of fun titles, the gaming site can please fans of slots, table games, and video poker. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the gaming options this online casino is offering as it will help you revel in a fun and fruitful gaming experience no matter where you go.

    To make one’s gaming experience extra rewarding, the virtual casino offers a variety of casino incentives, which can be redeemed by both newcomers and returning players. As a member of Play Frank, you will be able to enjoy your favorite games no matter where you go. Thanks to a fully-optimized browser version, this online casino can be easily loaded on any mobile device that supports HTML5.

    As for the video poker variations you will be able to play for real money, the casino will provide titles like Jacks or Better, All Aces, Joker Poker, and more. Some of the video poker variants will be powered by several providers, allowing you to choose the option that promises the best possible return.


What Is a Full-Pay Video Poker Game?

How Are the Hands in Video Poker Dealt?

How Can I Play Video Poker for Real Money?

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Dan Byron

Which video poker variation is best to play for real money and is it available at online casinos?

Asked by: Byron | Asked on: 2023-06-04
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-05

The simple way to answer this question is whichever variation offers the best RTP. However, we cannot leave you with such a vague solution to your problem. With so many different video poker variations available online, it can be difficult to find which one has the best potential return. If you have mastered the correct strategy and you find a full-pay version of Deuces Wild, you can expect to play with an RTP of 100.76%. However, such a version is pretty much impossible to find online as software providers tend to adjust the payouts in their favor. That is why we suggest looking for the full-pay Jacks or Better variant, which pays 9 to 1 for Full House and 6 to 1 for Flush. In that case, you will play with 99.54%, provided you are using the correct strategy. It is possible to find variations of Double Double Bonus, which offer higher RTPs but we do recommend checking the potential return of different video poker games online before you choose which one to play for real money.

Dan Ila

Do I need to use optimal strategy every time I play a video poker game for real money?

Asked by: Ila | Asked on: 2023-06-07
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-08

Of course, you are free to play your favorite video poker games the way you enjoy the most. If you do not feel like learning the correct strategy for each variation of the card game, you can simply play each video poker variant the way you find most suitable. That said, we recommend you use a suitable strategy on each video poker variant if you wish to gain an advantage over the house. While every casino game has a house edge, some variations of video poker allow players to make the house edge a negative value, meaning the player will have a bigger advantage over the casino. This, however, is achievable only if players use optimal strategy when they are playing video poker.