Multi Hand Video Poker

If you have already mastered the right strategy for playing video poker, you might be looking for a new way to elevate your casino experience. In order to bring more thrill to your gaming, you can try multi-hand video poker. As the name of the game suggests, players have the chance to bet on more than just one hand. This automatically makes the gambling more exciting and saves you a lot of time.

It is extremely easy to play multi-hand video poker as it utilizes the same rules as its single-hand counterpart. Sometimes this type of video poker games can also be referred to as multiline video poker. They offer players to make bets on 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 or even 100 hands at once. Multi-hand video poker is definitely more suitable for certain types of players. It surely incorporates some attractive features but can also be rather costly for video poker fans with smaller budgets.

If you, however, are interested in this game, you should continue reading in order to learn what are the differences and similarities between single-hand and multi-hand video poker. We will also help you decide whether this is a variation worth playing and how you can optimize your winning chances.

What is Multi-Hand Video Poker

Multi-Hand Video PokerThere is nothing complicated in playing multiline video poker. In fact, the game starts with the typical hand of 5 random cards from a 52-card deck. Depending on the variant you have chosen, you can usually opt for making bets on 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 hands. Let us assume, you have chosen to play with 5 hands. This would mean that the size of your bet will be staked five times and each of the five hands will have its own deck to draw from. The five cards to form your hand will be the same for all 5 hands and whichever card you decide to discard will also be replaced in the other hands.

It can be said that everything about each of the hands you bet on is the same, except for the cards after the second draw. This means that you have the chance to form a winning hand on some of the additional hands even if you have not landed the combination you were hoping for on the initial hand. Since you are playing multiple lines at the same time, you can achieve the same average payout in a shorter time than playing the same game with a single hand.

You should be careful, however, since even if you are playing on a $0.25 video poker game, this bet will actually be applied to all of the hands you decide to play with. This means that you can lose your money a lot faster, especially if you have not prepared a hefty budget beforehand. Although you are betting a large sum on multiline video poker games, this will not decrease the house edge. This is why you should be careful about how many hands you are willing to bet your money on.

Let us take a multiline 9/6 Jacks or Better for an example. If your initial draw has dealt you a pair of Jacks and you decide to keep them and draw three new additional cards. If you have decided to play with 5 hands, then this action will be repeated for all of the hands you make your bet on. Imagine if you are dealt a winning hand on your initial draw. This will bring you a payout for all of the 5 hands you are playing with or you can even opt for forming hands with higher payouts.

Should You Stick to Single-Hand Video Poker?

Single-Hand Video PokerBefore you jump into conclusions, there are several things you should consider about both the single-hand and multi-hand variants of video poker. There is really no specific answer to whether players benefit more from playing with a single hand or multiple hands. The truth is that both of the variations have some advantages and disadvantages and players have different preferences about the number of hands to bet on.

Just like every other type of video poker games, with multiline variants, it is also important to check the paytable. Of course, when choosing the game to play for real money, players are advised to select a full-pay variation. These, however, are difficult to find when playing with multiple hands. It is possible to find full-pay variants if you are betting on 3 or 5 hands, however, as the number increases, the payouts for winning hands tend to drop down. This means that, in most cases, single-hand video poker games offer a better payout than the multi-hand ones.

It is a common misbelief that playing with more hands will improve your winning chances on video poker. If you are playing with the same payouts, there will be no change in the winning odds no matter how many hands you are playing with.

If we are talking about variance, single-line video poker games have higher variance when players are receiving higher payouts for certain winning hands. For example, Jacks or Better with full payouts offers 9 credits for a single one when forming a Full House and a payout of 6 to 1 for a Flush, has a variance of 19.5 since it has only one high-paying hand which is the Royal Flush. On the other hand, a game like Bonus Poker has a higher variance (20.9) since the payouts for four aces or four 2s, 3s or 4s are much higher than the typical ones.

What Strategy Should Be Used on Multi-Hand Video Poker?

Video Poker StrategyYou may be wondering whether the strategy you have used on a single-hand video poker will have to change once you switch to a multi-play variant. It may seem strange, but you will not have to change your strategy of playing even if you are betting on more lines. There are a few reasons why sticking to the same system of playing will bring you the same results whether you are playing with one, 50 or 100 hands.

If you think about the way multi-hand video poker is played, you will quickly realize that you are simply playing the same hand 100 times at once. This is not very different than drawing the same hand 100 times on a single-hand video poker.

When you are playing with multiple lines, you are actually having the same odds as you would when you are betting on the single-hand variant of the same game. You might form Royal Flush more often when playing with multiple lines but that is not because your odds are increased but because you are making a bet on several hands at once. This is why the strategy that you apply to your initial hand will also apply to the other hands and you do not have to change the strategy you are using.

Although the strategy for single-line and multi-line video poker is the same, you should make sure that the payouts are the same. Otherwise, you may end up using the ultimate strategy for a full-pay game on a variant that offers lower payouts and this will affect the end result.

Since each hand in multi-line video poker has its own deck, there is no need to utilize a different strategy for such game. This is why you are good to go if you have mastered a certain strategy and you simply want to play with multiple hands at once.

Positive and Negative Sides of Playing Multi-Hand Video Poker

Video Poker Pros and ConsThere are various perks and disadvantages to playing video poker with multiple hands. The end decision is entirely based on the player’s preferences and it cannot be said for certain whether this version is better than the singleline one.

One of the good qualities of playing with multiple hands is that the game is more interesting and has a more thrilling dynamic, compared to the single play versions of video poker. The other great thing is that you will be able to cut down the time you spend playing video poker. Since you are playing multiple lines at once, on a multi-hand variation of video poker, you are able to reach the number of hands you are determined to play faster

The downfall of playing at a fast pace is that you might make more mistakes when playing with multiple hands. In addition to that, you risk losing your money much faster which is not fun. It is obvious that if players get a high-paying hand on the initial draw, they will receive a generous payout, especially when playing with 100 lines. This being said, they will first have to make bet on all of the 100 lines which can be quite devastating for those who have not prepared a massive bankroll.

Obviously, a good starting hands is a great winning opportunity for those who play with multiple lines. However, if your initial 5 cards do not form a strong hand or promise no payout at all, you are risking losing a huge amount of money.


Video Poker HandsMiltih-hand video poker is a great source of entertainment for those who are ready to take higher risks. If you are wondering whether you should stick to the single-play version or try to bet on multiple lines, there are some things you should take into consideration.

Simply placing bets on more hands will not improve your betting chances and there is even the possibility for the payouts to be lower on variations with more than 5 lines. Multi-hand video poker is great for enjoying smaller wins on lower-paying hands. However, it will be a much better reward sweeping the Royal Flush payout on a single-hand game.

As you can see, multi-hand variations of video poker are great for a certain type of casino players. While it is worth trying such options, you should always be careful with the budget limit you are willing to gamble away. In addition to that, you should always check the paytables and use the correct video poker strategy when betting on multiple hands.

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Dan Clarence

Should I try to obtain a different combination of cards on each hand I play in multi-hand video poker games?

Asked by: Clarence | Asked on: 2023-06-11
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-13

You should not change your strategy when you play multi-hand video poker games. If you have mastered the correct strategy and you have obtained strong cards, you should keep the same values on every hand you bet on. What is more, even though you will be dealt four, ten, or more hands, they will be identical and the decision you make on your initial hand will automatically be applied to the rest of the hands you bet on. That way, you will play for the highest possible payout on each of the hands that have been dealt to you. Keep in mind that whether you will play ten hands at once or simply make ten consecutive single-hand bets, you should always play with the same strategy and make the optimal move.

Dan Sharon

Does the strategy change when I play a video poker game with multiple hands at once?

Asked by: Sharon | Asked on: 2023-08-13
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-08-14

Yes, the way you play a video poker game may change slightly if you are choosing to play multiple hands at once instead of sticking to a single hand. Let us take for example a multi-hand version of Jacks or Better. The main difference in strategy when playing this variation of Jacks or Better is related to the number of initial hands and the potential for drawing the same cards across multiple hands.

The main changes concern factors like prioritization of consistency across all hands, holding high-value cards, discarding unnecessary high cards, and avoiding holding low pairs. You want to aim for hands with higher chances of winning, such as one pair, two pair, three of a kind, etc. When you have high-value cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces) in your initial hand, it’s generally a good idea to hold on to them. If you have duplicate high-value cards, you can consider discarding the extras to increase your chance of drawing new valuable cards in the second draw. In single-hand Jacks or Better, holding a low pair is a common strategy. However, in multi-hand versions, low pairs may not be as advantageous since they may not lead to winning hands across all the hands played.

Dan Richard

Should I play multi-hand video poker games if I have a bigger budget or should I stick to single-hand variants?

Asked by: Richard | Asked on: 2023-11-29
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-11-30

Playing multi-hand or single-hand video poker is entirely up to you and your preferences for your gaming sessions. Unlike other factors that make one video poker game a better choice than another variant of the game, the presence of multiple hands in the same video poker variation simply affects the time you will spend on the game. As mentioned in the review above, playing multi-hand video poker games is more suitable for high-rollers as they can enjoy longer sessions when they bet on multiple hands at once.

However, just because you have prepared a generous budget for your video poker sessions, that does not mean that you should definitely bet on multiple hands. If you enjoy the game and want to play longer, you can still stick to playing single-hand variants and make your decisions on just one hand at a time.