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Being the easiest gambling option for millions of players around the world, slots have gradually become the bread and butter of every land-based casino. Slot machines are the fastest and most entertaining way to boost your bankroll without investing too much into casino play. They have been around for several decades but today, their online counterparts are just as popular and their appeal can be easily explained – they are simple to play, they are packed with lots of exciting features and they have the potential to easily turn the average player into a multimillionaire with just a spin of the reels.

In order to play slots for real money, casino enthusiasts no longer need to travel to Las Vegas or visit a crowded, noisy local casino. There are thousands of online gambling sites, most of which rely heavily on slot games to keep a steady revenue and a loyal customer base. Modern real money online slots are beautifully crafted, state-of-the-art digital games that may have three, five, or even seven reels and up to a hundred pay lines. They can be movie-themed or inspired by fairy tales, they can feature authentic music and three-dimensional graphics, while sometimes they attract us with their impressive, 7-figure jackpots. And one of the most wonderful things about them is that you can bet anything from $0.01 to more than $500 a spin.

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Finding a good online slot can be challenging, especially for less experienced players who are making their first steps into online gambling. One of the most common considerations is the limited budget, which, however, may not be such great an obstacle as it tends to be in brick-and-mortar casinos. Playing over the web is much cheaper and often, casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses, so players can win real money without spending a dime.

Improving Your Chances to Win

In order to win real money when playing online slots, you need to make some deposit even if it is as low as $10 – most casinos require some investment to be made prior to paying out any winnings. This is why players should always try to find a legitimate, reliable casino, as well as a game that suits their budget and experience level. Of course, there are numerous websites offering free-play versions of the games, so that you can understand all the ins and outs of online slots without risking your own money.

Once you learn all the basics, you will want to play for real money and make a deposit as this is the only way you can try your luck at the big jackpots. Experienced players know well that even if slots are a game of pure chance, there are still ways to improve your winning chances.

Bonus Cash

slots bonus cash

One of the best methods to optimize your play is taking advantage of the bonus cash offered by many online casinos. Usually, the bonuses are not huge, but they can significantly extend the time you spend on slots and the number of rounds you play.

Finding High Payout Slots

high payout slots

The number of slot variations and themes may seem overwhelming at first, but generally, all slot games function the same way. There is one thing, however, novice players should consider when choosing a game to play at – the payout percentage.

Types of Slot Machines

slot machine jackpot imageThere are numerous types of digital slot machines you can play for real money online – classic slots, video slots, bonus slot games or progressive jackpot slots, just to name a few. There are games resembling the first physical slot machines that appeared roughly a century ago – most of them feature traditional symbols like sevens, liberty bells, or cherries. They also have three reels and a single pay line. There are more advanced games, however, which have better graphics, sounds and multiple pay lines that significantly increase your chances of winning.

Known as video slots, these games are much more complex and exciting to play. They feature animated themes and intricate story lines, often inspired by famous books, TV shows or Hollywood blockbusters. The number of reels here is typically five, but there are also games with 6 or 7 reels, while the types of symbols can be well over 25. More importantly, they have multiple pay lines and sometimes, over 3,000 ways to win. Unlike classic slots, video slots can have winning combinations from left to right and from right to left, as well as pay lines in all shapes – Vs, zigzags, etc. Players can choose the number of active pay lines they wish to play at.

Many games, usually video slots, incorporate bonus rounds, which can be triggered by hitting certain symbols or combinations. These rounds act as mini games within the game and are often interactive, resembling regular computer or arcade games. Triggering such a bonus round makes playing online slots much more intriguing and rewarding, so these games have become incredibly popular. Gaming software developers also add progressive jackpots to their slots that are even more attractive because they give players the opportunity to earn huge sums while, at the same time, making relatively small bets.

How Slots Actually Work

slot arm imageIt is a common misconception that a slot game that has not hit the jackpot for a while is due to hit a big winning. In fact, the winning combinations that land on the reels are completely random – slots, as well as video poker and all other automated virtual games like online roulette or blackjack, are based on the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG). Thanks to a sophisticated piece of technology the results of every spin are random and the player (or the casino) cannot predict or manipulate them in any way.

Earlier slots and video poker machines also used RNGs even though they were mechanical. Today, modern slot games use a computer, a microprocessor, that generates long sequences of random numbers. These numbers are associated with certain symbols and positions on the reels and they determine the outcome of each spin. The RNG constantly generates numbers and the moment the player places a bet, the computer stops that process and selects a number. So, instead of being based on some mythical cycles, the results in slot games are truly random and jackpots simply cannot be due.

Choosing a Slot Casino

slots casino imageAlthough slots are a game of chance, players can still make decisions to improve their chances of winning. It is important to carefully choose a good, high payout slot, but it is also essential to pick the right online casino. Understandably, the first things to look for are legitimacy and reliability – you need a casino which guarantees online safety, fair play and fast payouts. The gambling operator should be properly licensed and the games regularly audited by reputable testing agencies. All this information should be clearly displayed at the casino site.

Many online casinos also post the payout percentages of the slots they offer. Experienced players know that choosing a casino with higher average payout percentages is the right move. Of course, you cannot expect a game with theoretical RTP of 96% to return exactly $96 of your $100 wager, but in the long run, it is a better bet than playing a game with a return rate of 88%, for instance. Most of the respected online casinos offer an average payout of around 96%-97%.

Progressive Jackpots

progressive slots imageBrick-and-mortar casinos have been luring players with huge progressive jackpots for many years and their online counterparts quickly adopted this technique. The idea of hitting a life-changing win attract millions to the casinos and the games that offer such jackpots. And the more popular a progressive slot is, the larger its jackpot becomes. The idea behind is quite simple – all games of a particular type are linked in a network and a small percentage of every bet placed at them goes to the jackpot.

The odds of hitting that specific combination of symbols that activate the progressive jackpot is extremely small, but eventually, one lucky player wins. The payout is usually given not in instalments, but in one big chunk. However, this varies across game suppliers, so before starting to chase a particular jackpot, players should look closely at the payout policy of the firm. Still, even if you are receiving your winning in portions, it is quite an enticing offering.

Winning at Slots

Before diving into the world of online slots, players need to understand how these games work because although some may play only for entertainment, it is always better to have fun and win at the same time. Casinos do have edge over the players, but a well-prepared, knowledgeable punter is likely to lose less than a novice player who does not know what to do.

Learn the Rules

slots rules image

Successful players know well that the first step to winning is to learn the rules of the game. The basics are quite simple and in many aspects, online slots are even easier to play than slot machines in land-based facilities.

Bet Size

slots bet size image

Before playing a real money online slot, players should see if it suits their preset budget. There are numerous games, where you can bet as little as $0.01 per spin – these are referred to as “penny slots” and are a good option for novices.

Adjusting Bets

slots adjusting bet image

Experienced slot players recommend starting with the lowest bets possible. Novices should stick to this strategy so that they can minimize their losses even if they are not familiar with the game, its rules, special features and bonuses.

Bonus Features

slots bonus image

For many players, the most entertaining and thrilling slots are those that come packed with various special or bonus features. Such features are designed for more than just the adrenaline rush – they increase the winning opportunities, giving you free spins, bonus games, or higher payouts.

Slots Pay Table Explanation

Slots can seem extremely simple games but players who do not understand the pay table of the particular game they play at are much more likely to lose all their money – and much faster. Pay tables are the charts that display all rules, winning combinations and pay lines of any given game. There, players can also check the respective payouts for the different combos and how they can qualify for the big jackpot. Depending on the particular theme of the game, the scatter and wild symbols will be shown in the pay table. The scheme also displays any bonus symbol you can hit during play.

Generally, the pay tables of slots are simple and easy to understand. They can be accessed by clicking the Info or any similar button in the game. Although some players assume pay charts are irrelevant as all slot games are the same, this is far from the truth and may just lead to bigger losses. In fact, the information found in pay tables is very important and every player should review it before starting to play for real money. It contains all the details about how bonus rounds work, how jackpots can be won, and what limitations jackpots have.

For instance, you may want to play for the progressive jackpot but bet only 2 coins per pay line during your session. If you looked at the pay table, however, you would know that only max bets can give you the chance to hit it big.

starburst paytable

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