Classic Slots

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Interested in experiencing the good old days of slots? While you will be hard-pressed to find the classic fruit machines, we have an excellent alternative to offer you. Classic slots are one of the many sub-genres of online slots and there are hundreds of them available in the online gambling industry. While classic slots do not enjoy the same level of popularity as their video slots counterparts, they are certainly worth your time if some 3-reel action is what you are looking for.

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Classic slots are best characterized by the smaller number of reels and paylines. While modern video slots typically include 5 reels and up to 50 or more paylines, classic slots settle for much less. That is not to say that they are not worthwhile or are less profitable, but they do offer a simplified experience with fewer things to keep track of. Moreover, their gameplay is also streamlined and you need not worry about convoluted features or tacked-on mini-games. Overall, classic slots are something that everyone should experience at one point or another, not only to get a better understanding of the slots genre but also to see how far the slots scene has progressed over the last decades. With this in mind, we would like to present you with 10 high-quality classic slots from a variety of software providers.

Treasure Horse

treasure horse slotReleased in early February 2019, Treasure Horse is one of the newest titles to hit the online casino scene. Developed by Pragmatic Play, Treasure Horse includes all of the best aspects of modern slots and packs them up nicely in the form of a classic game. This title features the old-school 3×3 grid format and the symbols are just as appropriate for the style. The aesthetic is distinctly Asian and the visuals are more than beautiful. As far as the presentation is concerned, Treasure Horse passes with flying colors.

In terms of gameplay, Treasure Horse is simple yet satisfying. There are half a dozen symbols in this game, primarily BARs and items from the Chinese culture. There are also Wild and Scatter symbols, which are not commonly featured in classic slots. The Wilds serve their usual function, being able to stand in for any other symbol on the reels while spinning 3 Scatters will trigger a round of 8 free spins. During the free spins, there will be an additional multiplier reel, which will randomly assign a multiplier for each spin. This multiplier can range anywhere between x2 and x6. Moreover, the free spins will also cause the symbols to appear stacked and spinning a Scatter symbol will increase the number of free spins.

Overall, Treasure Horse is one of the best classic slots out there and the high RTP of ~96.50% makes it very worthwhile.

Mega Joker

Mega JokerWhile there are a bunch of games called Mega Joker in the online casino scene, today we will take a look specifically at the one developed by NetEnt. Fire Joker is a classic slot by every metric, but it includes special features that make it much more memorable than the average game. The theme resembles the old fruit machines, with the symbols taking the form of cherries, lemons, watermelons, etc. When you open the game you will have the feeling that you sitting in front of a real slot machine, immersing you in the casino atmosphere.

The gameplay is what separates Mega Joker from the rest of the competition. At first, you are under the impression that this is the average classic slot as you spin the three reels. However, once you score a win, your winnings will be transferred to the second set of reels, directly above the first. This one is referred to as the Supermeter and the rewards for playing it are much better. Of course, the minimum stakes are much higher. However, if you do not wish to play the Supermeter, you have the option of cashing in your winnings and continuing with the standard game.

In terms of fairness, Mega Joker has one of the highest RTP values in the industry of ~99% under certain conditions. More specifically, when you play with 10 coins per spin on the normal game and on the Supermeter.

Break da Bank

break da bank slotOne of Microgaming’s all-time favorites, Break da Bank is one of the major progressive games in the gambling industry and a classic slot to boot. While the game has certainly begun to show its age, it still remains one of the best titles at your disposal. Break da Bank comes with 3 reels and 5 different paylines, in addition to wide betting limits. For each payline that you add, you will bet an additional coin. The size of the coins can vary between $1 and $25, which makes for a maximum wager of $125 per spin. Of course, if you wish to bet the least and still play at all five paylines, you will need to spend $5 per spin.

In terms of gameplay, you will find that Break da Bank is neither too complex nor cluttered with useless features. The symbols are mostly basic, with the usual BAR symbols, a dollar symbol and the game’s logo. The logo is the Wild in the game and it can substitute for any symbol on the reels. Moreover, a single Wild present in a winning combination will increase the winnings your receive by twofold, whereas two Wilds will quadruple them. Forming 3x Wild combinations will earn you the most worthwhile rewards. However, they are not equal and the payline you form them on will also play a role. If you score a 3x Wild on the fifth payline, you will receive the largest regular payout of 2,400 coins.

Fire Joker

fire joker slotWhen it comes to Play’n GO offerings, Fire Joker is one of the best titles from this software provider. It has already been on the market for a few years and it has proven its value. As for features, Fire Joker includes the standard 3 reels and 5 paylines to help you form more winning combinations. The betting limits are certainly loose, allowing for bets of up to $100 per spin if you are willing to risk so much.

The symbols of Fire Joker are the good old fruits that we have seen for decades, in addition to BARs, stars and Sevens. There are nine different symbol types in total, each with a different payout. Combinations are formed by lining up 3 symbols of the same type along one of the five paylines, but if you manage to do so on multiple lines than all will pay. The Wild comes in the form of the game’s namesake – the Fire Joker – and can stand in for any other symbol on the reels.

Fire Joker comes with two distinct features that will make your gameplay more enjoyable and memorable. First is the Respin of Fire. Whenever you spin two symbols of the same type on two of the reels, the third one will respin, give you the opportunity to score a winning combination. Additionally, there is also the Wheel of Multipliers to consider. This feature is triggered whenever you fill all 9 positions on the reels with the same symbol. It will initiate a bonus round and bring up a wheel. You get to spin it and the position it stops on will show your multiplier, which can be up to x10.

Martian Money

martian money slotMartian Money is a Microgaming classic slot with a fun and lighthearted space aliens theme. The background and the symbols are designed with the theme in mind and greatly contribute to the overall aesthetic. There are three reels in this game and five paylines to complement them. You can wager up to 5 coins on individual paylines, each with a value of up to $5.00.

The symbols come in the form of planets, spaceships and aliens. A combination of planets can have a payout ratio of x4, x10, x40, or x60 the line bet, depending on the color of the symbols involved. The spaceship, on the other hand, can payout x80 the line bet. The aliens is where it gets interesting. The alien symbol serves as the Wild in this game and can substitute for other missing symbols. Moreover, it can form its own combinations and is the highest paying symbol in the game. There are five different Wild combinations, each with a different payout and each on a different payline. The most basic starts at x1,000 the line bet on the first payline, while the highest goes up to x5,000 the line bet on the fifth line.

Perfect Planet

perfect planet slotPerfect Planet is another excellent classic slot, this time brought to us by Playtech. This company has a stellar reputation in the online gambling community and games like Perfect Planet are part of the reason for it. One of the few classic slots with a science fiction theme, Perfect Planet certainly stands out from the bunch. Naturally, it comes with the standard 3 reels, though you will find 8 paylines, each allowing you to form separate winning combinations. Betting limits are also great, being capped at $120 per spin and thus, allowing even the high rollers to have a great time with this game.

The symbols come in the form of scenery from different planets and there are 10 of them in total. This is significantly higher than most classic slots will include and you need to take that into consideration. The Scatter symbol is the only special one and it serves a particular function, primarily allowing you to form combinations with more than 3 symbols. In fact, you can spin up to 9 Scatters at once for a payout of 1,000 coins. Outside of that, there are no convoluted features to take your attention away from the base game.

Overall, Perfect Planet s a bit on the older side, though it still holds value in today’s market. Moreover, the 96.5% RTP value will certainly turn some heads and make it worth your while.

Jackpot 6000

jackpot 6000 slotYet another NetEnt title, Jackpot 6000 does not disappoint and it closely resembles Mega Joker. It includes the Supermeter feature, where after every successful spin you are granted the opportunity to wager your winnings for the chance at larger payouts. In this game, it is much more streamlined and somewhat more easily understood. To continue playing the game on the Supermeter you have to press the Spin button again, but if you want to take your winnings, simply press the Collect button. It is a simple process and there is nothing complex to it.

Jackpot 6000 also includes the Gamble feature, giving you the opportunity to double your winnings. Whenever you spin a winning combination, you will have the option of gambling the winnings at 50-50 odds to double their value. To do this, simply select the Head or Leaf button to point out your choice. Of course, this is a high-risk, high-reward proposition, so do not overdo it.

Much like other games in this style, Jackpot 6000 offers a high RTP value, more specifically, ~99%. This means that the house edge is almost non-existent and it will hardly become a factor in your gaming sessions.

Alchemist’s Lab

alchemist lab slotAlchemist’s Lab is one of Playtech’s more intriguing classic slots and it is as classic as you can go on the Internet. There is only a single payline that runs directly in the middle of the reels and you can only bet up to 3 coins per spin. Granted, this is somewhat limiting in what you can do with this game but there are other factors that you have to consider.

There are several symbols in the game, which take the form of various items associated with alchemy. The Gold Coin is the highest paying symbol in the game, rewarding an amazing 10,000 coins for 3 of them. Other symbols, pay 600, 300 or 225 coins for a x3 combination. Unlike many other classic slots, Alchemist’s Lab also offers a bonus round. To initiate it, you have to spin 3 Book symbols. A new menu will be brought up and you select substances to add to a potion brew. Each choice will reward you with cash prizes and after choosing 3 times, the round is done.

Overall, this game is quite simplistic and it may not appeal to everyone. However, the sheer value that it offers cannot easily be matched by other games in the same sub-genre. Not only that, but you also gain the opportunity to enter a bonus round, which is quite rare in the classic slots category.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth

spectacular wheel of wealth slotSpectacular Wheel of Wealth is one of Microgaming’s earlier classic slot entries into the genre. Having been on the market for so long, you may have heard of this title. Yet despite its age, it is still a worthwhile game to play. Three reels are featured and you will only find a single payline upon them. The game does allow you to bet up to 2 coins per spin and the value of each is set to $1.00. You cannot reduce, nor increase the value of the coins. This makes the title more suitable for casual players than any high rollers out there.

The symbols are all easily recognizable, with the basic ones taking the form of tickets and BARs. In terms of payout, the 3x Tripple BAR combination pays x50, while the 3x Seven rewards you with x100. The Wild symbol is the game’s logo and it pays x2,000 when playing with 1 coin and x5,000 when playing with 2. Moreover, one Wild in a winning combination will double your winnings, while two Wilds will quadruple them.

When you play with 2 coins, you can also trigger the bonus round. This is done by spinning the SPIN symbol on the third reel on the payline. It will bring up the Wheel of Wealth and after it spins, you can win up to 1,000 coins.

Overall, Spectacular Wheel of Wealth is a simple game, yet one with the incredibly high potential. The 5,000 coin payout is certainly a nice proposition and the reason why you should always play with 2 coins.

Mystery Joker

mystery joker slotMystery Joker comes to us courtesy of Play’n GO and it is a fine example of a game done right. As per the norm, you will see three reels accompanied by five fixed paylines. You can easily adjust the bet value, which can range between $0.50 and $100 per spin.

The symbols in Mystery Joker are presented as fruits, bells, stars and the Joker’s hat. The lower paying symbols reward x10 and x30 the line bet, while the higher paying offer x40 and x50 the line bet. The Joker’s hat is the Scatter symbol and when you spin 3 of this symbol on a payline, you also activate 10 free spins. During the free spins, you can trigger it again up to a maximum of 50 free spins.

Additionally, the Scatter will also multiply combinations during the free spins. When you spin x2 any symbol and the Scatter, you can gain a multiplier of up to 100 times. The value of the multiplier seems to be designated on a random basis.

Overall, Mystery Joker is a simple and attractive game that fully represents the joy of playing classic slots. The added features will also improve your experience and make it much more worthwhile.