RNG Roulette

Random Number Generators have been widely used in the development of virtual casino games and are preferred in many live dealer games, as well. But are they capable of actually making a game fair, could they be rigged by casinos and is there a way to beat RNG roulette? This article focuses on the importance of RNG and explains why it is applied in practically all virtual casino games.

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What Is a Random Number Generator?

As its name suggests, the Random Number Generator or RNG is a complex algorithm that generates random numbers. It is added to virtually all video games that require randomness in one form or another. There are various hardware and software RNGs, and such devices are used in cryptography, computer simulations, statistical sampling, etc.

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How and Why Do Casinos Apply RNG to Online Roulette?

1Mechanism of RNG Roulette

In virtual roulette, the wheel and the table are simply computer generated images designed to create a realistic casino look. The RNG algorithm, however, determines which number will win and the spinning of the wheel is simply a nice animation that has anything to do with the number that comes up.

In fact, the RNG constantly produces numbers while the player is placing bets, adjusting the bet size, etc. The algorithm works even if no one is playing. Once the Spin button is pressed, the RNG instantly generates the winning number and the wheel simulation is triggered. The number is displayed on the screen after the wheel stops moving. This creates an authentic look to the game.

Many live dealer roulette games also use RNG systems for determining the winning numbers. Instead of relying on mechanical wheels, which are prone to wear and tear, providers of live casino software switch to automated, RNG-based wheels. Of course, the game may still be hosted by a croupier who rather than spinning the wheel and tossing the ball is only responsible for announcing the winning numbers and acknowledging the winning bets.

2The Concept of Randomness

There are various misconceptions regarding the results produced by RNG roulette. Some players have difficulty understanding the concept of randomness in these games since they use software-based pseudo RNG. It is sometimes believed that the computer repeats the winning numbers over a certain period of time – for instance, the 7 will be hit at least once in 50 or 100 spins or that the 7 is “due” to win after a given number of spins.

Another example is that the gaming software repeats a sequence of numbers, so if we have 5, 13, 7, 28, 6, and 31, after a while, we may notice the same numbers being hit in the same order. The concept of hot and cold numbers is even more popular among players – hot numbers are those numbers that come up often, while cold numbers are numbers that have not been hit in a while.

In reality, RNG-based games do not produce predictable patterns or repeating sequences of numbers. If players do notice that certain numbers come out in any order, this is pure coincidence. Every one of the 37 numbers in a single-zero roulette is equally likely to be hit in each spin and has a probability of exactly 1/37 or 0.02702702702. This means that the 7 may be hit 10 times in a row. It also means that the 7 may not be hit even after 100 spins of the wheel.

Benefits of Playing RNG Roulette

Nowadays, online casinos offer a wide selection of games and most of them, including some live dealer games, rely on RNG. Random number generators are crucial for creating a gaming experience that is as close to the real one as possible. Although these pieces of software do not produce “true” randomness, they guarantee that the game is fair and the results are not rigged or manipulated in any way.

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Can You Beat RNG Roulette?

RNG Roulette

Many people have tried to prove that random number generators are flawed and open to manipulation. There are multiple websites, roulette guides, and books that promise to give you a method to beat the RNG. Furthermore, there are computer programs and bots that collect huge amounts of data from thousands of played rounds. The data is then analyzed to find patterns, flaws or certain sequences of numbers that can be used to make predictions.

All this may sound quite appealing to players who wish to find a way to beat casinos in their own game but, of course, it is unrealistic. Since RNG uses an algorithm and a seed value, it is impossible to identify any model. The results from it are, indeed, almost random and practically unpredictable.

The best way to play RNG roulette is simply to know the rules of the game and to apply a good, effective strategy such as making only even bets, avoiding bets that are highly unlikely to win, etc. Money management is just as important – players should always adjust the size of their bets based on their bankroll and risk tolerance. Overall, they should just enjoy virtual, RNG-based roulette games just like they would enjoy a real-life game in a land-based casino environment.