Online Roulette Strategies

Currently, the online gambling industry is experiencing immense growth and the popularity of online casinos is constantly increasing. As a result, we have a never before seen access to fun, exciting and high-quality casino games. One of your best options is, of course, an all-time classic – roulette. All of the major software providers have created some form of roulette games, that you can play at your leisure. These come in varying betting limits and styles.

Naturally, when you load of these games you will want to come prepared. Roulette can be somewhat tough to get your mind wrapped around it, so we have compiled the best betting strategies and tips to use while playing roulette.

What is the actual benefit of a strategy

roulette strategy imageThe main idea of a strategy is to play in such a way to maximize your winnings and reduce your losses to a minimum. These strategies are not supposed to influence your game or give you any knowledge that you do not already have. These systems are meant to help you manage your bankroll and bet according to the circumstances of the game. When you use a system you are more likely than not to leave the table with some extra chips on your tray, which is after all the gambler’s dream.

Gambling strategies have received a bad reputation as of late, due to the fact that many players cannot utilize them properly. To apply a system one needs to be patient and methodical in their actions. This may take the fun out of gambling for some people and may even ruin the experience for other. But using a system properly can cause you to leave the table with a lot more chips than you came in with.

Betting Progressions

A betting progression is a system where you adjust your bets based on what the result of the previous spin was. There are basically three types of betting systems – flat bets, negative and positive betting strategies. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, some will suit your style of play more than others. Additionally, some are geared towards budget-oriented players, whereas others are meant for high rollers. Keep in mind, that these strategies do not guarantee a win and to see any success with them, you have to improvise from time to time.

Flat Betting

roulette flat betting image

Flat betting in the world of gambling refers to a series of bets that are the same in value each time. This is probably the most common way to place bets and is done unintentionally by most new players.

Negative Betting Progressions

roulette negative betting

There are several betting systems out there and the negative progressions are some of the most popular ones. In this context, progression means the way your bets change during play.

Positive Betting Progressions

roulette positive betting

A positive betting progression is the exact opposite of a negative betting progression. A positive progression will have you raising your bets after each win, and reverting back to a smaller bet after every loss.

Popular Roulette Systems

There are many popular roulette systems currently used by gamblers worldwide. The idea of each one is to approach the game in a methodical and systematic manner, rather rely on pure luck to win anything. These systems will provide you with the chance to make the most out of your money and get as much in return as possible. What you have to keep in mind is that none of them are perfect. Each has its own pitfalls and shortcomings and it is up to you to fit it into your play style and adjust accordingly. Another factor to take into account is that roulette is, after all, a game of pure chance, there are no skill elements in this game that can help you win. These systems are meant to help you manage your bankroll and your bets. They will not help you turn the odds in your favor, nor will they give any other advantage when it comes to the ball and the wheel. The strategies will help you capitalize on a winning streak and minimize the damage from a losing one.


The Martingale system is one of the classic betting strategies that have been utilized by countless gamblers over the years. It is a progressive system where you change the size of your bets depending on the outcome of the previous spin. The way that it works is that you increase the size of your bet by two times after every loss, and revert to its original size after each win. For instance, you start with 1 unit and you win, your next bet will also be 1 unit. You lose that spin, so you double your bet and wager 2 units. That bet is lost, so your next bet is 4 units. That one is won, so you revert back to betting 1 unit, and so on. Essentially, this system allows you to reclaim any of your previous losses, that is if you have enough money to pull it off.

Roulette Martingale Betting System Example
Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
1 Loss -1
2 Loss -3
4 Loss -7
8 Loss -15
16 Win +1

This system has its own pitfalls to watch out for. A bad string of losses will require you to double your bets after each spin. You may even reach the point where you have hit the table limits and cannot raise your bets further. Furthermore, betting a large sum of money to win one of the same value that you have just lost may not appear very worthwhile to some players. Some casinos have tried to prevent the use of betting systems such as this one by placing lower table limits so that players cannot double their bets indefinitely. The Martingale system has been praised by players who have won big and damned by those who have lost everything. It is designed to be used on even money bets and can be applied, not just to roulette, but also any other game that has a 1:1 payout ratio.

There is also a different variation of the Martingale, called The Grand Martingale. This strategy also requires you to double your bet after a loss and also add 1 unit to it. For instance, you bet 5 units and lose. On the next spin, you place 10 units plus 1 more. Essentially, the progression looks something like this: 5 > 11 > 23 > 47 > 95. This system works somewhat better in the player’s favor since every win guarantees a bigger profit. In the classic version you bet and lose 5 unit, so on the next spin, you bet 10 to make up for the loss. If you win that spin you have a net gain of 5, which was your original bet. The Grand Martingale increases your potential net profit as you increase the size of your bet, so the further along the progression you go, the more you stand to win.

Roulette The Grand Martingale Betting System Example
Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
5 Loss -5
11 Loss -16
23 Loss -39
47 Loss -86
95 Win +9


The Fibonacci sequence is a progressive system where each number comprises of the total sum of the previous two. The sequence begins with 0 and 1 and progresses like this: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-12-20-32-52-84… This system has some inherent advantages and disadvantages, much like any other. For starters, when using this system you never play for profit, since you are always wagering a sum equal to the amount that you have lost. At best you can hope to make back what any bets that you have previously lost and any wins will not be due to the system. Furthermore, with the ever increasing size of the bets, there is always the chance of reaching the point where you are betting your entire bankroll. It goes without saying, that this is less than ideal. The Fibonacci style of betting works only in the short term and the further you progress through the sequence the more money that you stand to lose.

Roulette Fibonacci Betting System Example
Sequence Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
0-1-1 2 Loss -2
0-1-1-2 3 Loss -5
0-1-1-2-3 5 Loss -10
0-1-1-2-3-5 8 Win -2
0-1-1-2 3 Win +1
0-1 1 Win +2


D’Alembert is another classic system, sometimes referred to as a pyramid system. This is better suited towards budget-oriented players, as it is not as aggressive as the Martingale system, even though both are quite similar. D’Alembert involves slightly adjusting your bets depending on the outcome. This strategy is geared towards even money bets. The basic idea of the D’Alembert is to increase the size of your bet by 1 unit after each loss and to decrease it by 1 following each win. Reaching the table limits using this system is nigh impossible since the change in bets is nothing drastic, but starting with a small bet might cause you to reach the table minimum. Overall, this system is very simplistic and straightforward. New and veteran players alike can benefit from it. D’Alembert will provide you with the best results when used in the short term.

Roulette D’Alembert Betting System Example
Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
1 Loss -1
2 Loss -3
3 Win 0
2 Loss -2
3 Win +1


Paroli is one of the positive betting systems on this list. This strategy is best applied when placing even money bets. The main goal of Paroli is to place flat bets until you hit a winning streak, where you double the size of your wagers after each consecutive win. For instance, you wager 1 unit on red, and if you win the next bet you place will be of 2 units, and so on until you lose or hit three wins in a row. The possible outcome is that you will either have a net loss of 1 unit or net profit of 7 units. An advantage this system has is that it does not require for you to risk much of your starting funds. The majority of your bets will be placed with money that you will have won from previous spins and so your bankroll is relatively safe. Since you are only doubling your bet up to three times you are at no risk of reaching the table limits, as you would when using a system like the Martingale. When using the Paroli strategy you can expect a series of huge wins or one of negligible losses. Since this system is relatively low risk in nature you can freely apply it to see if it suits your style of play.

Roulette Paroli Betting System Example
Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
1 Loss -1
1 Loss -2
1 Win -1
2 Win +1
3 Win +4


The Labouchere system is one of the more complex betting strategies listed here. It is a progressive system used on even money bets much like the Martingale but is more in tone with D’Alembert since you are unlikely to reach the table maximum. You will probably need a pen and paper to do this properly. The basic idea of this system is that you begin with an arbitrary line, for instance, 1-1-2-3, and the combined amount of the first and last number are what your bet size should be. In this case 1+3=4, so 4 will be the size of our bet. If you win you remove those two numbers from the line, and move on the next two. Since we won the previous bet and removed 1 and 3 the line should look like this 1-2, meaning that our next bet is 3 units. If instead, you lose the bet, then you add the size of your bet to the rightmost end of the line, and it should look like this – 1-1-2-3-4. As such our next bet should be 5, since 1+4=5. Rinse and repeat until you clear the line. Whenever you completely clear a line, your net gains will be the total sum of the original line. The line can be as long as you would like it to be. There is no difference between a long and a short one, a long line simply takes more time to play through. The numbers can also be of any value. In the event that the line becomes too long, it may be prudent to just abandon it and start over.

Roulette Fibonacci Betting System Example
Sequence Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
1-1-2-3 4 Loss -4
1-1-2-3-4 5 Win +1
1-2-3 4 Win +5
2 2 Loss +3
2-2 4 Win +7

There is also a Reverse version of this system, where you add a number to the line when you win and remove the first and last ones when you lose. The logic behind this system is that any losses that you may suffer will be negligible compared to the winnings you will have when, or rather if you hit a winning streak. When you clear a line using Reverse Labouchere you get a net loss, instead of a net win. The Reverse system is very controversial and overall it is not recommended by most professional gamblers.


Parlay is a rather simplistic progressive betting system, reminiscent of the Martingale model. When using this system you double your bet after every win and reduce it to its initial value after you lose. It is recommended that you set a maximum amount so that you can reset your bets after you reach it. The system functions as follows: you place $10 on an even money bet if you win you increase your bet to $20. If that bet also wins you go up to $40, and then up to $80 and so on. Generally, there is no upper limit as to what your maximum should be and you decide that for yourself, though we recommended that you reset your bets after four or five wins. This system is designed to work in the short term and prolonged play may cause you to lose your winnings. The good thing about Parlay is that it requires a relatively low investment of your personal money and it generally relies on winnings to progress.

Roulette Parlay Betting System Example
Bet Size Spin Outcome Net Winnings
10 Win +10
20 Win +30
40 Win +70
80 Win +150
160 Win +310

Money Management

bankroll management imageAn aspect of roulette gambling that is often overlooked is money management. It does not matter if you come to the table with $100 or $100,000 if you cannot effectively manage your bankroll you will leave with just the shirt on your back. As fun as reckless betting sounds it will often leave you broke and that is specifically what you are trying to avoid. The first order of business before even stepping a foot inside a casino is to decide upon a budget and stick to it. Start with a sum that you are comfortable losing, as one of the most sacred rules of gambling is to never bet more money than you are willing to lose. The second thing to do is to pick a system that compliments your play style and works with the funds that you have available. If you are on a tight budget, it is recommended that you avoid the Martingale and its variations. While this particular strategy does have its uses, it often relies on you betting large amounts of money. There are several other betting systems listed above that are much more budget-friendly and will serve you just as well.

Additionally, be sure that you understand the game before playing it. Knowing the odds and probabilities will help you much more than any system or strategy. As with any casino game, roulette always plays in favor of the house, something that you should always keep in mind. Finally, you should absolutely know when to stop. Gambling can be fun and exciting, but everything must be in moderation. If you have scored a big win, the wise course of action would be to leave the table and cash in your chips. But if you have just lost a large amount of money you must certainly play more to win it back, correct? Absolutely not. Gambling, even more, money to win back what you have lost almost never works. If you have reached such a state, it is better to call it a day and leave. It is better to cut your losses than to bring about more.

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Dan Kevin

Should I stick with obsolete roulette strategies or go for newer trendy strategies online?

Asked by: Kevin | Asked on: 2023-05-30
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-05-30

We cannot say for certain that obsolete roulette strategies are better than new ones or the other way around. With the rise of AI, newer strategies have started gaining more popularity, with many gambling content creators often proving that such betting patterns can turn out to be very successful.

As many believe that AI can be used to discover strategies that have not been developed before, some players do prefer a more modern approach to roulette play. That being said, some roulette players swear by the efficiency of classic roulette strategies like the Martingale or Fibonacci betting patterns. At the end of the day, you must keep in mind that roulette is a game of chance and there is no way to predict the outcome. That is why, we suggest you try both classic and modern roulette strategies and use those you find most suitable to your bankroll and gaming style.

Dan Grace

Do I need to use different strategies when playing roulette at brick-and-mortar casinos and when I bet on roulette online?

Asked by: Grace | Asked on: 2023-06-05
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-06

Generally speaking, if you have found a strategy that works for you, it does not matter if you are playing at an online or brick-and-mortar casino. As long as you find the same roulette version, with identical payouts and house edge, the betting strategy that you prefer the best can be used both online and at land-based casinos. That said, when you are choosing an online roulette variation, make sure that you are sitting on a virtual table with player-beneficial rules and the lowest possible house edge. If you believe a certain strategy works for you, you can even use it when playing Live Roulette games online. That said, we recommend trying a few strategies before you are sure which one works the best for your online roulette experience. Having more options online, especially ones that allow free-mode play, will help you choose the rights strategy easier.

Dan Sarah

Do I win more often in roulette when I use some of the strategies covered in this review?

Asked by: Sarah | Asked on: 2023-11-28
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-11-29

Not necessarily. Using a strategy while you play roulette does not guarantee you more regular wins as the results in roulette cannot be predicted or forced in any type of way. By using a strategy, you simply focus on the way you place your bets so you can increase the potential wins you can land or minimize your losses in the long run. Simply said, using any of the strategies described in this review cannot help you to guess the winning numbers more often but can increase your winnings or help you keep your budget longer.

Keep in mind that roulette is a game of luck and if the casino is using an RNG system, there is no way to affect the results of the game. Choosing the correct betting system should be done after you have assessed the risk levels you are willing to play with and the budget you have prepared for your roulette betting session.