Kavouras Strategy for Roulette

There are dozens of roulette betting strategies, including famous ones such as the Martingale or the D’Alembert systems which focus on the even-money outside bets. But there is one quite interesting betting system that differs from all the classic methods and it is called the Kavouras system. It is unique, aggressive and very chaotic at least at first sight but it is often described as the best, guaranteed way to win in roulette.

All this sounds very promising and would appeal to most gamblers, especially if they are new to roulette, one of the most exciting and elegant casino games ever created. So, what is the Kavouras strategy and is it really as successful as it claims to be? Unlike most casino betting systems that have been around for more than a century, it is quite a recent invention. It is named after its creator, a gambler known simply as Kavouras, who published the system in 2010. Interestingly, no detailed information is available about the roulette player and over the years, the betting system has been shrouded in mystery.

Today, it is fairly popular among the gambling community although few players admit to using it in land-based or online casinos. This could be attributed to the fact it is often described as quite expensive, chaotic, and absolutely outrageous compared to the rest of the betting systems, which are well-organized, methodical, and conservative. The reason why the Kavouras is considered to be an unorthodox betting system is that it requires the player to bet on 20 numbers that are positioned in no particular order on the wheel.

In fact, the strategy contains inside bets that have a low probability of winning and great payouts at the same time. For most players, such a system of bets would look counterintuitive because generally, the safest options when wagering on roulette are the outside bets and the vast majority of betting strategies focus on them. Still, the Kavouras gained a lot of popularity and is currently among the hottest and most discussed roulette systems. In the sections below, gamblers can find a complete description of it so they can decide for themselves whether it is worth applying and whether its claims hold merit.

Kavouras Roulette Strategy Gameplay


The Concept of the Kavouras Strategy

roulette betting systemsThe Kavouras strategy is a system of bets specifically designed for roulette. In contrast, the majority of betting systems can be applied to a wide variety of games where there are two, equally likely outcomes such as in flipping coins. This method, however, ditches the traditional wagering on even-money bets such as red/black, high/low, and even/odd, and instead, allows players to make inside bets. The idea is that these bets pay out much more than the typical 1:1 payout for red or black, for instance.

According to the professional roulette player Kavouras, roulette is random and based on pure chance, which means it is chaotic. Therefore, in order to be successful, the bets should also be chaotic. And they are – the system includes 20 numbers that are scattered around the roulette wheel in no particular order. This approach, according to the creator of the strategy, prevents any action on the dealer’s or the casino’s part that aims at leading the ball away from the sector chosen by the player.

How to Apply the Kavouras Strategy on Roulette?

How to Apply the Kavouras StrategyWhen speaking of the strategy devised by Kavouras, we can describe it as a strategy, a system, or just as the Kavouras bet. Gamblers who decide to play roulette with this bet should know that it always remains the same – at least in terms of the numbers it covers. As mentioned above, a total of 8 chips are placed but the chip size could vary, depending on the table limits and the player’s individual bankroll. It could be worth $1, $5, $10 or more, so let’s refer to the preferred basic bet amount as a unit. The Kavouras pattern includes the following bets:

  • 1 unit on 0-1-2-3 – the corner or basket bet pays 8:1, 1 unit profit
  • 2 units on 31-32-33-34-35-36 – the six line bet pays 5:1, 4 units profit
  • 5 units on 8-11, 13-14, 15-18, 17-20, 27-30 – the split bets pay 17:1, 10 units profit

Flat Kavouras Betting

roulette flat bettingPlayers are advised to start with the table minimum when determining the exact amount of the betting unit. They can opt for flat betting, i.e. keeping the amount of the bet the same, or choose a betting progression. The type of progression could be of any kind as long as it suits players’ individual bankrolls. Doubling the number of units every time is an option but it is too aggressive and risky. Besides, the three types of bets that are included in the pattern have different probabilities and payouts, so most players prefer to increase their value accordingly.

Below, we have demonstrated a random gaming session using flat bets. We have started with the minimum betting limit of $1, so each wager would cost $8.

Spin Bet Outcome Payout Profit/Loss
1 $8 Lose $0 -$8
2 $8 Win, split 17:1 $18 $2
3 $8 Win, split 17:1 $18 $12
4 $8 Lose $0 $4
5 $8 Win, split 17:1 $18 $14
6 $8 Lose $0 $6
7 $8 Win, split 17:1 $18 $16
8 $8 Lose $0 $8
9 $8 Win, corner 8:1 $9 $9
10 $8 Lose $0 $1
11 $8 Win, corner 8:1 $9 $2
12 $8 Win, split 17:1 $18 $12
Total Bet Amount: $96 Total Payout: $108 Net Profit: $12

Bet Progression with the Kavouras Strategy

roulette positive bettingAs demonstrated in the example above, the Kavouras system could be very successful, yet just a few losses throughout our gaming session can easily cut down the profits. Players with a higher tolerance for risk and larger bankrolls have the option to address this problem by staking more on each following spin and make the most of their winning streaks. As the Kavouras bet covers most of the roulette table, it is already expensive and any further increase of the wagered amount should be done with caution.

When we want to apply some type of betting progression to this strategy, we start our gaming session with the basic 8-unit wager. The most common progression for the Kavouras bet continues with placing 18 units as follows – 3 units on the corner, 5 units on the six line, and 10 units on the five splits (2 units per split). The idea is to be able to generate bigger profits each time we win. The progression stops and we return to our initial bet following a loss.

Players with really high bankrolls can also continue with betting 8 units on the corner, 11 units on the six line, and 20 units on the splits. In total, the third bet would cost 39 units. Those who have reached this level are advised to stop the progression and return to their original 8-unit Kavouras bet, as any further increase is considered too risky. In the example below, we can see how the system would like with only a medium level of risk where we increase the bet just once and continue with flat bets until we lose.

Spin Bet Outcome Payout Profit/Loss
1 $8 Lose $0 -$8
2 $8 Win, split 17:1 $18 $2
3 $18 Win, split 17:1 $36 $20
4 $18 Win, split 17:1 $36 $38
5 $18 Win, six line 5:1 $30 $50
6 $18 Lose $0 $32
7 $8 Lose $0 $24
8 $8 Lose $0 $16
9 $8 Lose $0 $8
10 $8 Lose $0 0
11 $8 Win, six line 5:1 $12 $4
12 $18 Win, split 17:1 $36 $22
Total Bet Amount: $146 Total Payout: $168 Net Profit: $22

Can the Kavouras Strategy Beat the Odds?

roulette oddsThe Kavouras strategy is considered by some players to be the best system for roulette right now because by covering most of the numbers on the roulette wheel, it effectively beats the odds. This sounds true – with this bet, gamblers play with 20 numbers, which means they have 20 ways to win and 17 ways to lose on each spin (we will take the single-zero European and French roulette games for this example). In reality, the Kavouras bet covers 54% of the wheel and winning spins are expected to occur more often than losing ones.

Indeed, the system does beat the odds – usually, the best odds in roulette are for the even-money bets which have a probability of winning of 48.65% and odds of 19 to 18 against the player. Here, the odds are in players’ favor, 20:17, while the probability of winning is 20/37 or 54.05%. But no strategy or betting pattern can actually beat the house advantage, which is much more important as it takes into account the payout offered by the casino for each bet.

In reality, in order for the Kavouras bet or any other bet for that matter to be effectively guaranteeing winnings over the long run, it should be advantageous to the player and not the casino. The house edge is the precise indication of this as it compares the true odds of a bet, the payout offered if it wins, and the actual probability of winning. Players can calculate the house edge of the different types of bets that form the Kavouras pattern, using the following formula:

House Edge = (True Odds – Casino Odds) * Probability

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kavouras Strategy

roulette pros consAfter learning how it works and the mathematics behind it, roulette players are now probably wondering whether the Kavouras bet is worth using or not. As with all other strategies for roulette, this system has its strengths and weaknesses that should be considered very carefully. One of its unique aspects is that it is not an even-money bet system but a combination of several inside bets. When winning, these wagers are much more profitable than the black/red, high/low, and even/odd bets that are typically being placed in most roulette strategies.

And with the Kavouras pattern, players certainly hit more winning spins than losing ones, which is probably the biggest advantage of using this particular betting system. As the pattern covers more than half of the numbers on the wheel (20 out of 37), wins will be more than losses. Of course, another great thing about the Kavouras is that it is extremely simple and easy to apply on the roulette table once you learn the pattern. Nothing changes in the system, except for the optional betting progression, so after a few spins, most players should be able to remember it.


roulette tableThe Kavouras strategy is certainly one of the most interesting and entertaining roulette systems in existence and it enjoys great popularity among both casino veterans and complete novices. It is easy to apply online and in land-based casinos and it provides great coverage at the lowest possible price. Of course, there are other strategies that allow you to bet on large sectors of the roulette wheel but the Kavouras differs significantly as the numbers it includes are arranged chaotically on the wheel.

Overall, this is a good and fun strategy that allows players to make their game more diverse, riskier and potentially rewarding. It is suitable for those who are already familiar with the game and are looking for an interesting and smart approach that can actually bring them nice profits. High-rollers may also opt for increasing the total amount of the stake in order to maximize their winnings and make the game a little more thrilling.