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Sic Bo is a fun game of chance, played with dice where players are presented with numerous betting options in order to predict the outcome of every roll. While, at first glance, this game might look very complicated, it is actually pretty easy to learn. Sic Bo literally means “pair of dice” which is misleading as the game is actually played with three dice.

The game is of a Chinese origin and it can often be seen at land-based casinos in Macau. If you are a fan of virtual casinos, chances are, you will also find Sic Bo variations online. This game of chance is extremely fun which is one of the reasons why it can also be found at numerous live casinos.

Software providers like Playtech and Microgaming have made sure that players will be able to enjoy a gripping live-dealer experience and play Sic Bo in a very authentic casino environment. While the game might look intimidating, it is actually very easy to understand the betting options and enjoy your time while betting on Sic Bo.

Basic Rules of Sic Bo

live blackjack imageIn order to understand the rules of Sic Bo, you must first understand the objective of the game. The goal of players is to predict the outcome of the rolling of the three dice and make a winning bet. If you are seeing a Sic Bo table for the first time, the betting options might look a bit different to understand but in reality, there is nothing complicated about that game.

You can make several bets on an upcoming dice roll and if you play online, it is extremely easy to place your bets as you will only need to place your chip on your preferred betting section of the table.

The three dice are usually thrown in a small glass cage and players have to predict the total of the dice. Just like roulette, gaming enthusiasts are allowed to make as many bets as they wish on the upcoming roll. Each outcome of the dice-throw pays out a different amount as the probabilities of dice combinations also vary.

The betting options on the Sic Bo table include Total, Small and Big, Combination, Single, Double, Triple. The first bet is the easiest one as it means that you are simply betting on the total of the three dice which may range from 4 to 17. There is also the options to bet on either a small total (4 to 10) or on a big total (11 to 17). Both Small and Big pay even money and both are lost when the three dice roll the same number. The Combination bet allows players to make a wager on any two numbers rolling together on two of the three dice and pays out 6 to 1.

As the name of the Single bet suggests, players are betting on a number appearing on any of the three dice. If the number is rolled on one dice, you win even money, while if it appears on two dice, the bet pays 2 to 1. If you are lucky enough and the number rolls on all three dice, you will enjoy a payout of 12 to 1. Making a Double bet means you are wagering money on a number rolling on two of the three dice. The payout for this bet is 10 to 1. Lastly, the Triple bet allows you to make a stake on the same number rolling on all three dice. You can choose to bet on any triple or on a specific number. While the first option pays out 30 to 1, if you have placed your money on a particular triple, then your win will bring you an enormous payout of 180 to 1.

Live Dealer Sic Bo Gameplay


Live Dealer vs RNG Sic Bo

roulette dealerAt online casinos, you can come across both RNG and live-dealer versions of Sic Bo. While the objective of both variations is the same, there are some differences between the two options.

One of the biggest contrasts between the two versions is the way the outcome of the roll is determined. When you are playing an animated Sic Bo game, you will have software known as Random Number Generator (RNG) determining the result of rolling the dice. The RNG is commonly-used technology which contributes to the random and fair outcome of every gaming session.

On the other hand, if you opt for playing in a Live Casino lobby, you will play Sic Bo with a real dealer. The dice, however, are not thrown by the dealer but they are placed in a special glass dice shaker. When players are done with their bets, the dealer presses a button which activates the dice shaker and the three dice are being shaken for about 10 seconds. Once the dice shaker stops, players can see the outcome of the roll. While the two methods of rolling the dice differ, you can be sure that both of them are arbitrary and fair. While it is true that the animated variant of Sic Bo relies on RNG technology, this technology is regularly tested by independent companies. This way it is made sure that virtual casinos offer fair gambling and use a properly functioning RNG.

The most obvious difference between the two Sic Bo versions is that the Live Casino one has real dealers. Thanks to the innovative chat options that software companies include in their games, players can converse with dealers and enjoy a very realistic casino experience. There are also multiplayer Sic Bo live tables which allow interactions between players. This is definitely a feature you will enjoy only with live-dealer Sic Bo.

Live Sic Bo Variations

variations imageIf you are excited to play Live Sic Bo, you will find that there are several variations, powered by different software providers. While there are not that many changes in the look of the game or its objective, some variants offer additional features which can lead to a more lucrative outcome.

While you may find several Live Sic Bo variations at online casinos, you will notice that there is no change in the betting options you can make or the rules of the game. Usually, the table grit is in a digital form, which is typically on the bottom of the screen. This being said, there are also versions of the game which have the grit printed on the table felt and the chips are placed on the table in accordance with your bets. One thing that players must keep in mind is that Live Sic Bo is a very fast-paced game. Since bets can be placed only before the dice are rolled, players will have only a few seconds to make a choice and place their bets. This is something which is common for all Live Sic Bo variations. The glass dice shaker is also present in all variants of the live-dealer game and they are usually triggered by a button, pressed by the dealer.

One of the leaders in the Live Casino sector is Evolution Gaming and it offers a state-of-art live-dealer version of Sic Bo. What is interesting about this variation is that it offers random multipliers. Once you have placed your bets, the dice will start rolling. Meanwhile, several spots on the table grit will be chosen and there will be multipliers applied on some betting options. If your bet matches with any multiplier, your possible win will be increased accordingly to the multiplier. It should be noted, however, that not every round includes multipliers as they are randomly assigned.

Live Sic Bo Comparison
Provider Evolution Gaming Playtech Pragmatic Play
Stakes $0.25 – $100 $0.20 – $500 $0.50 – $1,000
Maximum Payout 1,000x 1,000x 1,000x
Roadmaps Yes Yes Yes
Odd/Even Bet Yes No Yes
RTP 97.22% 97.22% 97.22%

Choosing Where to Play Live Sic Bo

casino experience imageIt can be tricky to choose a proper virtual casino where you can play Live Sic Bo. There are, however, several key factors to look for when you are picking the website where you wish to play. If you find an interactive casino which incorporates all of these elements, you can be sure that you will enjoy a fair, fun and rewarding gaming experience.

One of the most important things to check before you open an account at an online casino is the licenses of the operator. If you see that the gaming site is licensed to operate by jurisdictions such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, you can be sure that you are about to play at a properly regulated website.

The other important thing to check is the software provider that has powered the Live Casino lobby on the website. Sometimes there are two or more providers that have provided their live-dealer option to the virtual casino but there are a few names that stand out from the crowd. Some of the leading names that provide high-quality live-dealer games include Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming. Their Live Sic Bo variations are also very fun to play as they include great graphics, generous payouts and some bountiful betting features.

Since you can play only with real money at Live Casinos, you should also make sure that you will have enough convenient, fast and secure options to boost your gaming balance and withdraw your winnings. This will help you to manage your funds with ease and enjoy your Live Sic Bo experience.

Popular Live Sic Bo Casinos

Finding a trustworthy casino where you can play Live Sic Bo can be hard to find. Compared to other live-dealer games, Sic Bo is not that popular but there are several great casinos that offer their members to bet on the results of the three rolling dice. The following casinos ensure a safe and fair gaming environment and work with the best software providers in order to guarantee an excellent experience for their patrons.


bet365 imageAn overall amazing gaming experience awaits the members of bet365. This website is suitable for sports betting fans, as well as, casino enthusiasts. Those who wish to revel in a more realistic experience, there is also a Live Casino section which gives bet365 patrons the chance to play casino classics with real dealers.

The live-dealer games at bet365 include various roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker versions. These are suitable for both high-rollers and players who prefer making less risky bets. In addition to the classic table games, the Live Casino of bet365 has also included Live Sic Bo which allows fans of the game to enjoy a very thrilling gaming experience.


leo vegas imageLeoVegas is a wonderful place for casino devotees as it offers a myriad of fun games and gives players the opportunity to stack up great payouts. The Live Casino of the website is definitely one of the best places for fans of classic table games. Thanks to the innovative software solutions of companies like Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming, players have the chance to enjoy numerous roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker live-dealer variations.

Royal Panda

royal panda imageIt is definitely a fun experience to play at Royal Panda as the casino recognizes the needs of players and knows how to satisfy them. Since the virtual casino has joined forces with leading software providers, the games at Royal Panda are suitable for every type of player. And while there are plenty of casino titles that are very entertaining and rewarding, many also enjoy the Live Casino section of the website.


888casino imageAt 888casino, players always have plenty of diverse gaming options to choose from. Whether they enjoy playing slots, video poker or table games, they can always find the options to match their taste. What is more, players who are on the search for a more realistic and thrilling game, can head to the Live Casino of the website.


betway casino imageWhenever you are looking for a proper casino where you can enjoy a fruitful and fun gaming experience, Betway is the right place for you. You can pick from a myriad of games that fall under various categories, Live Casino ones included. The reason why Betway is capable of providing so many diverse gaming options is the fact that different software providers have joined forces with the casino.

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Dan Kevin

Can you recommend a Live Sic Bo strategy I can use while playing the game at online casinos?

Asked by: Kevin | Asked on: 2023-06-14
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-14

Sic Bo is an ancient Asian-style dice game, which is like many other casino variations, meaning the results always depend on luck. That is why, we cannot give you a strategy that would help you predict the results of the dice roll but we can recommend a few betting systems that may help players enjoy more gaming rounds while playing Sic Bo online. Low-risk betting patterns are the best for players who are mainly looking for a way to play the game longer and hopefully enjoy several decent returns.

The betting sections that offer smaller returns but lower risk levels include Small and Big, with the two bets having a house edge of 2.78% and an even-money payout. Another low-risk bet is the so-called Combinations option that requires players to choose any two numbers that may roll out. Each two-number combination bet has a house edge of 2.77% and pays out 6 to 1 when your guess is correct. Once you feel more confident and you can afford it, you may explore other bets on the Sic Bo grid but be warned that they offer much higher payout but also have a much more increased house edge, bringing the risk to a very high level.

Dan Gary

I’ve seen a game called Ultimate Sic Bo being offered at some Live Casino lobbies across some online casinos. Is there anything specific about this live-dealer version of Sic Bo?

Asked by: Gary | Asked on: 2023-11-22
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-11-23

Ultimate Sic Bo is a game provided by Ezugi and it offers fans of the classic game a brand-new experience. This live-dealer Sic Bo variant features multipliers that can boost lucky players’ payouts up to 1,000x. If you are well-accustomed to the rules of Sic Bo, you will have no issue playing this game, with the layout of the game resembling the betting patterns used in any Sic Bo game. You can place your bets on various combinations that may apply to the next result of the three dice being rolled, with random multipliers being awarded on some betting options on each betting round.

While some betting options can land a multiplier of up to 1,000x, the maximum multiplier is not the same across the different betting sections on Ultimate Sic Bo’s layout. What is more, to be able to offer multipliers, the game has reduced the standard payouts on all bets in the game, lowering the potential return during non-multiplier wins. That being said, many players would appreciate the chance of playing for significantly higher payouts, making Ultimate Sic Bo a great live-dealer variation of the classic game.