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When online casinos first emerged, playing for large progressive jackpots was a prerogative exclusively reserved for slot mavens. Technology continued to move forward, leading to the introduction of progressive table games whose outcome was, nevertheless, governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

The gameplay in such progressives often grew monotonous, which was understandable in the absence of social interaction and human dealers. And then came live casino games, bringing the authenticity of lavish landbased casinos to the homes of millions of gambling mavens worldwide.

Fans of live casino games need not feel neglected any longer where progressive jackpots are concerned. Thanks to the efforts of leading software studios like Playtech and Evolution Gaming, gambling purists can now engage in live dealer games linked to progressive jackpot networks.

Continue reading if willing to learn more about progressive live casino games as SuperCasinoSites gives you all the details about the jackpot pools, the qualifying side bets, and the winning criteria. Also brought to your attention are four must-try live dealer tables that give you the chance to play for life-changing amounts.

How Progressive Jackpots in Live Casino Games Are Pooled

Progressive live casino games are those that offer uncapped prizes. The live tables are linked to progressive jackpot networks linked across multiple online casinos that share a common software platform, typically by Evolution Gaming or Playtech, since few live dealer studios have launched such tables at the moment of writing.

The jackpots are referred to as “progressive” because they literally increase each time a bet is placed but the escalating prize is not won. The value of the pot continues to escalate until it eventually hits but more on triggering criteria later.

Once a player pockets the immense prize, the jackpot starts accumulating afresh and this process goes on and on until the pot hits again. Below are several peculiarities live progressive games commonly share.

Side Bets
Uncapped Prizes
Multi-level Jackpot Games
Jackpot Meters

Optional Progressive Bets and Winning Criteria

Unlike progressive slots where the massive prize gets triggered either randomly or by certain symbol combinations, the pots in live casino games require, first and foremost, posting an optional side wager. This is not enough to win, though. You need a specific hand or roulette number to hit while you have the side bet at the table. We examine the winning criteria closely in the paragraphs below.

Optional Jackpot Bets
Winning Criteria in Progressive Card Games
Winning Criteria in Progressive Live Roulette

Player Return and House Edge in Progressive Live Games

house edgeWe understand that your mouth is probably already watering at the thought of winning a life-changing prize while playing against your favorite live dealer. Nevertheless, we advise you to exercise caution with live progressive games since they generally offer lower theoretical return percentages and yield considerably higher house edges.

This is to compensate for the mind-blowing prizes that drop in such games. Of course, the increased house edges result solely from playing the progressive side bets. If you refrain from posting them, the casino advantage in the main game coincides with that in conventional table games.

Side bets and their associated casino edges can easily drain your entire live casino budget, especially in progressive card games where you need the Royal Flush to win. If you are, perchance, wondering what the odds of obtaining this rare hand are, you better brace yourself.

According to gambling expert and mathematician Michael Shackleford, a Royal Flush occurs once per every 649,740 hands on average. Also important is the fact the casino-banked version of Caribbean Stud is a game of independent trials. Cards are reshuffled after every single round and outcomes are inevitably random. Thus, the elusive Royal Flush is never overdue since the cards have no memory. In other words, your chances of obtaining this hand do not increase with each played hand.

Because of this, it is generally recommended to go for the progressive prizes whenever the jackpots exceed their break-even value. The break-even point of live progressive games like Caribbean Stud is closely related to their paytables and seed values.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to this poker variant is that it carries a higher house edge (around 5%) to begin with, even without posting the optional side bet. Once the jackpot meter goes beyond its break-even point, your side bets will turn into positive EV wagers. The table below showcases the house edges in several commonly available live progressive games.

House Edges in Popular Live Progressive Games
Name of Live Casino Game House Edges
Progressive Caribbean Stud
  • 1.81% on ante and call wagers
  • 8.56% on bonus side bets
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
  • 2.04% on ante bets in the main game (0.53% on total bets)
  • 8.54% on bonus bets
  • 18.16% on First 5 jackpot bets
Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 Jackpot
  • 2.16% on ante bets
  • 6.26% on bonus side bets
  • 18.36% on Jumbo 7 Jackpot bets

Must-Try Live Casino Games with Progressive Jackpots

We regret to inform readers there are but few live dealer games where one can play for the chance to win a progressive jackpot. These are mostly varieties of roulette and house-banked poker. Such games easily yield themselves to the progressive format because they support an unlimited number of players.

Below, we dish out some information about four commonly available live games linked to progressive jackpot networks. Feel free to try them at some of SuperCasinoSites’ recommended live casinos.

Casino Hold’em Jumbo 7 Jackpot
First 5 Jackpot Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
Age of the Gods Live Roulette
Caribbean Stud Poker

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Dan Theresa

Does playing progressive jackpot Live Casino games pose a higher risk than playing RNG progressive jackpot games?

Asked by: Theresa | Asked on: 2023-06-09
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-09

Not necessarily. The risk that you take when placing your money on a progressive jackpot game does not depend on whether it is an RNG or live-dealer type of game. Instead, there are other factors to consider whenever you are assessing the risk levels. Any type of casino title that offers the chance of winning a progressive jackpot prize will also increase the house edge. For example, if you are wondering whether to play Age of the Gods Roulette or its Live Casino counterpart, the only difference will be in the experience itself as the Live Casino option offers you the chance to play with a real professional dealer in a standard casino environment. Both games have identical RTPs and give you the same chance of landing the progressive jackpot, which is always won randomly.