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Possibly one of the greatest aspects of playing live dealer games from the comfort of your surroundings has to do with the numerous promotional incentives you can boost your real-money balance with. Live casino players are greeted with appealing bonuses from the very moment they sign up for real-money accounts.

And indeed, bonuses can significantly enhance once gaming experience and extend their play time. But what most new customers fail to realize is that all promotions available at live casinos are associated with additional terms and conditions that should be met before you submit a withdrawal request.

Many players end up being unpleasantly surprised when a casino declines to process their bonus-associated winnings due to violations of the promotional terms. Said bonus conditions are often decidedly complicated, especially for online gambling novices.

The aim of this article by SuperCasinoSites is to break down all important bonus conditions players are expected to fulfill and provide in-depth explanations about the most widespread types of bonuses you can claim at live dealer casinos.

Live Casino Bonuses in a Nutshell


Live casino bonuses are often percentage-based and are granted to both new and returning players upon depositing into their real-money accounts. The casino then matches the deposit by a specific percentage and rewards the player with the corresponding amount in free credits.

Bonuses aim at attracting the action of new customers and maintaining the interest of existing ones. Live casino players will benefit from two major groups of bonuses, depending on whether the bonus amount itself is withdrawable or not.

2Sticky Bonuses

The first group consists of the so-called sticky bonuses which are intended solely for play purposes. The idea here is to give customers an additional motivation to play against the live dealers. Upon depositing, the player receives the sticky bonus and can use it to place risk-free bets. The bonus amount itself is not cashable and cannot be converted into withdrawable money even after the customer fulfills all terms attached.

Once the wagering requirements are fulfilled, the player can cash out their bonus-associated winnings along with the deposit that rendered them eligible for participation in the first place. The bonus amount itself is then removed from your bonus balance. Sticky bonuses are often larger in terms of size, amounting to a 200% or 400% match of the qualifying deposit.

3Non-Sticky Bonuses

The term “non-sticky bonuses” refers to a group of bonuses whose value players can withdraw upon covering the promotional terms and conditions. Also percentage-based, non-sticky bonuses commonly amount to 50% or 100% of the sum players have initially deposited to qualify.

Non-sticky bonuses are first credited to eligible players’ bonus balance. Once the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus funds and their associated winnings are released from the bonus balance and converted into withdrawable cash in the player’s real-money balance.

Sometimes turning a non-sticky bonus into cashable money is no picnic, especially when the attached wagering is high. The only way to tell whether a given live casino bonus is worth it or not is by carefully reading its associated terms and conditions.

What You Need to Know before You Redeem a Live Casino Bonus

Some players tend to be surprised whenever they realize live casinos are not ATMs, awarding free money right and left. All gambling operators attach specific terms and conditions to their promotional incentives to prevent customers from abusing the offers. Otherwise, everyone would just register, redeem the bonus, and immediately cash it out along with the deposit, without spending a dime of their own money at the live casino.

With that in mind, bonuses should not be viewed as a means of earning extra money on the side. Their primary purpose is to enhance your playing experience and extend the duration of your betting sessions.

Players who violate the bonus terms have their free credits confiscated or are altogether banned from further participation in the most severe cases. In the paragraphs to follow, SuperCasinoSites has tried its best to cover all important conditions you should keep in mind prior to redeeming any live casino bonus.

Match Percentages
Minimum Deposit
Wagering Requirements
Live Dealer Games’ Contribution
Minimum-Risk Wagers
Max Cashout
Country Eligibility
Maximum Bet
Deposit-method Restrictions
Expiration timeframes

Commonly Available Bonuses for Live Casino Players

Live casino players have a decent choice of promotional incentives although it is worth mentioning many operators prohibit having more than one active offer in your account at a time. Of course, registering several accounts at the same live casino so you can redeem the same bonus multiple times is also in violation of the terms.

Refrain from such practices since this is the surest path to earning yourself a ban from a given live casino. With that out of the way, we showcase four of the most common promotional incentives you can boost your live casino balance with. Some of them target new registrants at the casino while others are intended for existing account holders.

Sign-Up Bonuses and Welcome Packages
Reload Bonuses
Cashback Bonuses
Loyalty Schemes

Do Live Casino Bonuses Deserve Your Attention?

support imageWe regret to say there is no clear-cut answer to this question. Whether or not a given live casino bonus is worthy of your attention depends on the precise conditions attached to the offer. A bonus gives you value if its overall terms are favorable.

The house edge of the live games you play and the size of the bonus also bear consideration. It all comes down to math and expected value. Do not worry – by math, we mean no complex calculations. You simply need to multiply the rollover amount by the built-in casino advantage and then subtract the result from the bonus amount.

Let’s assume you play live single-zero roulette where the house edge is 2.70% and you opt in for a 100% welcome bonus of up to $100 with wagering requirements of 40x. This is to say you need to stake at least $4,000 (40 x $100) to clear the playthrough. It follows that the expected value of this bonus is equal to $100 – ($4,000 x 0.027) = $100 – $108, or -$8. The bonus obviously yields a negative expectation since you are $8 down.

We recommend you not to be hasty when choosing a live casino bonus. Some of these offers are a good bargain but you need to do your homework to find them. Check the bonuses across several live casinos you are interested in and compare their terms and conditions. Use the formula to calculate what expectation they yield and pick the bonus that gives you the most value for your action.

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Dan Richard

Do all online casinos offer Live Casino bonuses?

Asked by: Richard | Asked on: 2023-06-03
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-05

Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. While most online casinos offer Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and other types of casino incentives, unless the casino has specifically clarified that a bonus applies to Live Casino games, these types of offers apply only to RNG games. That said, since many online casinos strive to please all types of players, some brands allow their newly registered players to choose between a Casino Welcome Bonus and a Live Casino Welcome Bonus. Nevertheless, make sure to always read the Terms and Conditions of every promotion before you redeem it as some casino bonuses even exclude Live Casino games from bonus wagering contributions. If you have any questions about a casino offer, it is best to contact any of the customer support representatives and make sure there are no such restrictions applied to the offer you plan on redeeming.

Dan Billy

Can I meet bonus wagering requirements by betting on Live Casino games?

Asked by: Billy | Asked on: 2023-06-09
Answered by: Dan | Answered on: 2023-06-09

It depends on the Terms and Conditions of the offer you are about to redeem. Most regular casino bonuses can be wagered the fastest by playing slots, with other games having lower bonus wagering contributions. In these cases, Live Casino games are often excluded from bonus wagering as they have no contribution. That said, if you come across a casino bonus that is exclusively available on Live Casino games, you will most definitely be able to use the bonus and complete its wagering conditions by playing live-dealer games. In any case, make sure to read the full Terms and Conditions of an offer before you go ahead and redeem it.