Treasure Heroes Slot Review

Treasure Heroes Slot Review

This absolute gem of a video slots game by Microgaming анд Rabcat throws us into an exciting quest. The objective? Obtain as much treasure as possible. The artwork is, to put it simply, lovely. It is reminiscent of both older role-playing games and newer titles as well due to the bright and colorful 2D graphics and the top-down perspective. It is obvious the developers sought out to charm punters who also happen to be fans of this genre. The ambient sounds and heroic soundtrack serve to further immerse the player into the adventure, which makes the actual gameplay all the more exciting.

Speaking of which, this title manages to impress with unique mechanics such as the Moving Wall and the Treasure Chamber. They are not only an interesting novelty but a solid addition to the game that serve to make looting the dungeon all the more thrilling

Treasure Heroes Slot Summary
Provider Microgaming
Paylines Wins pay in clusters
RTP 96.12%
Min Bet 0.2
Max Bet 40
Wild Symbol Wild symbols can replace all symbols but scatter symbols. Fixed Wilds remain on the layout during spins.
Scatter symbol Two halves of a key unlock the Treasure Chamber feature.
Bonus Features Moving Wall, Treasure Chamber free spins
Jackpot 1925х your stake

Symbols and winning combination of Treasure Heroes

Winning Combinations Upon starting the game, you are presented with a top-down perspective of the dungeon room, with the 5×5 reels making up the “floor”. This is quite fitting considering they pave the way into a special room on occasion. As previously mentioned, the game pays tribute to role-playing games in basically every way. This is reflected in the artistic UI, the sound design and inspiring music, and even the way it plays in and of itself.

Treasure Heroes does not offer your typical run-of-the-mill slots gameplay. Instead, the game does away with paylines altogether and instead opts for clusters that form the winning combinations, of which there are 114. They can be formed by clusters of 6 or above of the same symbols and said symbols must be horizontally or vertically adjacent to one another or to wilds.

All of the symbols fit the atmosphere perfectly, and the classic Warrior and Magician characters, for example, represent their respective RPG classes very well. Furthermore, the treasure chest and lantern as well as the staff and the shield all pay tribute to the core theme both conceptually and in terms of their artwork. Furthermore, wIld symbols look like actual magic spells, which is fitting considering their role in replacing all other symbols.

The treasure chest symbols and the powerful Magician offer the most generous rewards, and a 25-cluster of these symbols nets 40,000 credits provided you make a 40 credit stake. On the opposite end, we have got the equipment symbols and the lantern which all comprise the lowest amount of credits per win.

The Warrior strikes a balance between the two extremes. A 25 cluster of warriors will win you 1250 credits if you made the highest wager, and this all equals the weaker symbols. Clusters of 24 symbols and below, though, give a bit less than the warrior’s teammate or the treasure chest but beat the staff, shield, and lantern.

Wilds can replace all other symbols, excluding scatter symbols, and make otherwise losing clusters into a winning bunch. Scatter symbols, which are represented by the two halves of a key, are what unlocks the game’s Treasure Chamber mechanic.

Lastly, we have fixed wilds. They can replace both the Warrior and the Magician when you are in the Treasure Chamber mode, and, as their name suggests, they do not move upon spins.

Bonus features of Treasure Heroes

Bonus image Treasure Heroes has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that turn it into a fresh experience even if you are a slots veteran.

The Moving Walls feature is seemingly simple at first glance, but incredibly exciting in practice. For every winning cluster lady luck grants you with, the reels begin to move. The vertical reels 1 and 5 move up or down by 2 fields, while reel 3 moves in the opposite direction. With horizontal reels, on the other hand, reels 1 and 5 move left or right, while reel 3, again, moves in the opposite direction.

If after the movement you net another win, then the reels will begin turning anew. The cycle will continue as such until you reach a layout that has no winning combinations. As you might expect, this feature makes for very exciting gambling sessions.

Next, we will move on to the Treasure Chamber. As the name suggests, this gameplay mechanic involves you making your way towards a treasure chamber for even more lucrative rewards.

Although the moving wall mechanic is unavailable here, this room certainly makes up for it. To enter, however, you will need a key. Acquiring one involves lucking out on two scatter symbols, each comprising of its respective half of the key in question. Once in, you will be treated to 10 free Treasure Chamber spins.

Inside, you will be joined by a pesky skeleton who will use a lever to, on occasion, randomly change the Magician and the Warrior into fixed Wild symbols. As you might have guessed, this actually works in your favor. These symbols are very similar to typical wilds, but unlike their more common counterpart, fixed wild symbols do not move and instead remain stationary throughout the remainder of your treasure chamber spins. It is not hard to see that you can net lots of winning clusters this way.

Our Verdict

All in all, Treasure Heroes delivers in every possible way. It is visually stunning and the actual gameplay is very fun and innovative which is this title’s main appeal. The game’s RTP at 96.12% makes it a tempting pick, and recreational players will definitely enjoy the adventurous atmosphere Treasure Heroes has to offer.