Should Players Use the Gamble Feature in Online Slots

The gamble feature has been around for decades but is now more prevalent than ever thanks to the advent of online slots. Many software providers incorporate this functionality into their games, giving slot mavens the opportunity to boost their profits on winning spins.

While spinners relish the added excitement that comes with it, the gamble feature is not without its downsides. Double or nothing is the main premise here and players can easily end up losing their winnings on successful rounds.

Various factors bear consideration when it comes to using the gamble option and we examine them all in the following article. But before we get to that, let’s have a closer look at how the gamble feature works and what its most common variations are.

Introduction to the Gamble Feature in Online Slots

IntroductionThe gamble option becomes available after winning spins only but plays differently when taken depending on the specific game. Some online slots automatically prompt the player to gamble their profits after a win occurs. In others, a ‘gamble’ or ‘2x’ button gets highlighted after the winning round and the player must click or tap it to trigger the feature.

The player then exits the main screen for a side game that typically involves guessing the color or suit of a playing card. However, there are many variations of the gamble function as you shall see later. One of several things can happen after the feature activates:


The player makes a correct prediction and doubles the winnings from the last spin. If this is the case, they have the option to collect the win and exit the gamble feature or have another go to try and further boost their winnings.


In the event of an incorrect guess, the player loses the profits from the last successful spin and returns to the main game.


Most gamble features limit players to seven or ten rounds in succession but it all depends on the software provider and the specific slot release.


Some slots give players the option to only gamble half of their profits generated on the last round. Spinners can gamble in halves in some releases by SYNOT Games like Easter Fortune and Lord of Fortune by CT Gaming, for example.

Gamble feature outcomes are determined in the same way as the results of winning spins, that is by a Random Number Generator (RNG). In other words, they are as random and fair as possible.

Gamble Feature Variations

Gamble Feature VariationsSoftware developers are constantly coming up with new ways to diversify reel spinners’ experience, so it makes sense there are numerous variations of the gamble feature as well.

The classic version of the feature involves cards but newer releases often boast theme-related gamble games like guessing the color of a dyed egg in Easter-themed slots, for example. Without further ado, here are some of the most common gamble feature variations you will come across in online slots.

The Most Common Gamble Feature Variations

1Guessing The Color of a Playing Card’s Suit

Guessing the color of a playing card’s suit is the prototype of the gamble feature and as such, is the most common variation. Players face two choices in this instance, red or black, and have their winnings doubled in the event of a correct guess.

2Guessing the Exact Suit of a Playing Card

Guessing the exact suit of a playing card is another widespread option for spinners looking to boost their winnings. It gives you the opportunity to quadruple your profits since there are four suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs) for a 25% probability of a correct guess.

3Playing a Hi-Lo Mini Card Game

Playing a hi-lo mini card game is also a rather common way to double your wins in slots. The software draws five random cards, but only the first one is exposed. The player must pick a card of a higher denomination than the house’s card to increase their winnings. Some gamble features that deploy this model incorporate additional jokers that beat all other cards.

4Guessing the Result of a Coin Flip

Guessing the result of a coin flip is a variation of the card color gamble game, giving you a 50% chance of doubling your winnings on the last spin. The feature is prevalent in popular Betsoft releases like At the Copa and Good Girl Bad Girl.

5Dice Rolls

Dice rolls are also implemented in the slot releases of some software studios, requiring players to predict whether the next toss will result in an even or odd number. Some games use a variation where you have to pick the exact number that hits after the dice roll.

6Interactive Gamble Features

Interactive gamble features are the latest trend among software suppliers, increasing players’ engagement during the gameplay. These are available in some of the newest slot releases by Microgaming and typically involve a globe divided into red and green sections.

Red stands for losing, while green represents winning. The player spins a compass needle and wins or loses based on the section the needle stops on. Prior to hitting the spin button, the player can enlarge or reduce the size of the red and green sections.

Expanding the green section offers better winning chances but results in lower returns. Enlarging the red losing section is significantly riskier but can earn you a handsome payout, increasing your wins on successful spins by twenty or more times in such cases.

7Gamble Features With Symbol Picking

Gamble features with symbol picking are available in some online slots released by the software provider Play’n GO. The player’s objective is to select one of several symbols that contain hidden multipliers.

A correct selection boosts your win with the corresponding multiplier. It is worth mentioning that some symbols have no mystery multipliers, so losing your winnings is again a possibility.

So Should You Use the Gamble Feature?

The answer to this question largely depends on your personal goals and preferences as a slot player. Using the feature is a good idea provided that you are looking to add extra excitement to your slot play and potentially increase your profits. A 100-credit win can turn into a 200-credit, 400-credit, or even 800-credit win on a good day.

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Drawbacks of Using the Gamble Feature

DrawbacksAs exciting as it is, the gamble feature is not entirely without downsides. The biggest drawback associated with this functionality has to do with the fact it can dramatically increase the slots’ variance. For rookie spinners unfamiliar with this term, variance reflects the level of risk inherent to different slot games.

On the positive side of things, taking advantage of the gamble feature from time to time will slow down your speed of play. As a result, you will go through fewer spins at a disadvantage and the house edge will not wipe out your slot bankroll as quickly.

Increased variance would lead to the opposite. With the gamble feature, you will earn money more swiftly but you will also lose it more quickly since you will gamble your profits successfully only half of the time at best.

No reasonable person will advocate using the gamble feature after every single winning spin. Our recommendation is to use it in moderation and preferably on smaller wins to protect your bankroll and extend the longevity of your gaming sessions. Last but not least, you should know when to call it quits. Do not be too greedy and collect your profits after several consecutive doubles or else you risk losing everything you have earned on the last spin.