Everything You Need to Know about Hot Drop Jackpots in Online Slots

Millions of reel spinners dream of hitting a progressive jackpot but until recently it was impossible to tell when exactly the pot was about to drop. The good news is this is no longer the case thanks to the arrival of a new breed of online slots that offer Hot Drop Jackpots.

Recently launched, these innovative games feature progressive prizes guaranteed to trigger every hour, every day, or before the jackpot reaches a predetermined amount. Does this pique your interest? We thought so! SuperCasinoSites gives you a complete walkthrough of Hot Drop Jackpots, including how they work, what the winning criteria are, and where you can find them.

Hot Drop Jackpot Types

Hot Drop Jackpot TypesIf you are generally familiar with how progressive slots work, you will experience no issues getting to grips with the mechanics behind this new breed of games. As players spin the reels, a nominal percentage of each wager placed on Hot Drop slots at the online casinos that offer them goes toward the jackpot prize pool.

The more players bet, the more the progressive prize increases until eventually, a lucky spinner triggers it. Once won, the jackpot resets and the entire process repeats itself. Unlike traditional progressives, however, Hot Drop slots award their jackpots at specific intervals or when they reach a given amount. The following three types of Hot Drop Jackpots are yours for the taking.

Types of Hot Drop Jackpots

1Hourly Jackpots

Hourly Jackpots are smaller in size but compensate with higher hit frequencies as they land every hour. The size of the average hourly prize is approximately $1,000, with players having the opportunity to land several hourly pots within the same day.

The countdown timer on the screen informs you when the jackpot is nearing its trigger point so that you can play more and improve your chances of pocketing the hourly prize.

2Daily Jackpots

Daily Jackpots work similarly to hourly jackpots, the only difference being they trigger once every 24 hours. While this makes them harder to win, they are still worth chasing because the daily prizes reach two-digit amounts.

Daily Hot Drop jackpots can reward players with $25,000 on average but the sum may be higher, depending on how many spinners play concurrently and when the prize hits precisely.

3Super Jackpots

Super Jackpots are the most rewarding and offer the juiciest prizes. The triggering criteria here are different since the pots must drop before they reach a specific amount of cash. They resemble boiling-point jackpots in this respect.

Super Jackpots usually trigger before their value escalates to $250,000, which happens approximately four and a half days on average. However, the pot could land sooner provided that the prize pool has reached the drop amount faster.

Other than that, the Hot Drop Jackpots play the same way as conventional online slots. The gameplay is rather straightforward as all you have to do is size your bets and match identical symbols on the paylines to receive the corresponding payouts.

Jackpot Values Are Updated in Real-Time
Winning Chances Increase when Pots Approach their Drop Thresholds
Padlock Icons Denote ‘Locked’ Jackpots

Winning Criteria in Hot Drop Jackpot Slots

Winning CriteriaAt this point, you are probably itching to know what the winning criteria for the Hot Drop jackpots are. All you need is a stroke of luck and consistent play as the jackpot prizes are determined by random number generators. No minimum bet requirements are in place, so winning a handsome prize is possible at any bet level, even with a nominal wager.

Each Hot Drop slot release features special jackpot icons in addition to the regular set of paying symbols. Your goal is to land three jackpot symbols on the same spin and you are good to go. You will then exit the main game and a jackpot wheel will appear on your screen. The wheel contains segments in different colors that represent the three progressive prizes.

  • Purple sectors represent the Super Jackpot
  • Green sectors stand for the Daily Jackpot
  • Blue sectors award the Hourly Jackpot

You spin the wheel and wait for the pointer to stop on a sector and indicate which of the three jackpots you have won. The participating casino will then automatically credit the prize money to your account.

hot drop jackpot wheel

Winning Criteria Tips

1Tip #1 - Try Your Luck When All Three Jackpots Are Available for Grabs

‘Locked’ jackpots are not immediately available for winning. For instance, when a lucky player bags the hourly prize after twenty minutes only, fellow spinners will have to wait for forty minutes until the next hourly jackpot gets unlocked. Our recommendation is to wait until all three pots become available to improve your chances of winning one of them.

2Tip #2 - Play When the Jackpots Are Close to Their Win Threshold

As we explained earlier, these jackpots are either value-based or time-based. You stand better chances of pocketing a progressive prize if you wait for the pots to move closer to their triggering limit. The closer they are to these thresholds, the more likely they are to hit.

Withdrawing Your Hot Drop Jackpot Wins

Withdrawing your winningsWhat happens when you win is entirely up to you. Feel free to cash out your loot or keep the winnings in your balance to continue playing guaranteed jackpot games. If you decide in favor of withdrawing, there is no shortage of payment methods to choose from at participating casinos.

The most common options include credit and debit cards, bank transfers, checks, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets. After you select your desired payment method, enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your cash balance, confirm the transfer, and wait for the casino to process your withdrawal request.

Our advice is to opt for one of the supported cryptocurrencies as they ensure the fastest and most cost-effective online casino withdrawals. The most common options include Bitcoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Slot Releases with Hot Drop Jackpots

Hot Drop Jackpots are the latest craze in the reel spinning community but this hardly surprises us, considering how frequently the tasty prizes hit. At the time of publication, some of the most popular slot releases with guaranteed progressive jackpots include A Night with Cleo, Golden Buffalo, and 777 Deluxe.

Hot drop jackpots

A Night with Cleo
777 Deluxe
Golden Buffalo
Red Tiger Must Drop Jackpots

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