Lucky Streak Live Review

LuckyStreak is a software provider, which makes waves with the live games it introduces. The foundations of the company were laid back in 2014, and the releases of LuckyStreak are now available in increasingly more virtual casinos. The company is set to establish itself as one of the preeminent creators of live gaming solutions, and to this end, it keeps on expanding its portfolio.

General information
Supplier Name LuckyStreak
Year Founded 2014
Licenses Maltese Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of the UK, Government of Curacao, Customs and Monopolies Agency of Italy, Government of Gibraltar, and Danish Gambling Authority
Desktop Yes
Mobile Yes
Social Games No
Number of Games
Slots N/A
Table Games N/A
Jackpot Games N/A
Live Games 43

Led by its entertainment-first approach, the provider has presented several roulette, baccarat, and blackjack variants that all have what it takes to hold the attention of gambling enthusiasts. Their games stand out as a good alternative to playing table and card classics at land-based casinos because of the premium quality of the streaming and the expertly trained dealers. The overall look and feel of the games LuckyStreak rolls out are in no way impaired when players access them on their tablet or smartphone, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology it uses.

In spite of the fact that the presence of the software provider does not measure against the experience of most other creators of live-dealer games, LuckyStreak already has the approval of several gambling regulatory bodies, including the Gambling Commission of the UK, Maltese Gaming Authority, Government of Curacao, and the Danish Gambling Authority, among others.

Live Table Games

Table Games In spite of its short-term presence on the online gambling scene, it can safely be said that LuckyStreak is a promising creator of live casino content. It is celebrated for the gamification elements and customization options it incorporates into its games. They are preferred by casino operators as well because of their selection of highly customizable promotional tools. The company is set not to stand still, and does not cease seeking and pioneering innovation.

The live games that are courtesy of LuckyStreak can measure up to the requirements of the most demanding fan of such casino games as they combine up-to-date web and broadcasting technologies. No matter which game players will pick, they will get to see real-time data, including history, last results, and the number of gambling enthusiasts who have joined the action on the same table.

The software provider is celebrated for its cutting-edge studio facilities that are based in Riga, Latvia, and spread across 1,000 square meters.

LuckyStreak Live Roulette

Roulette Table Games LuckyStreak is a game-making company, which is guided by the entertainment comes first approach while creating all its games, roulette included. The provider has given its best to offer players with classic gameplay, which, at the same time, is modernized, thus guaranteeing that they will enjoy their betting experience. What should be noted, however, is that currently, the provider only offers single-zero roulette variants.

Players will be offered immersive gameplay, thanks to the two cameras that provide a close view of the betting layout, the wheel, and follow every move of the dealer. With most roulette tables, the betting layout will appear at the lower end of players’ screens, while the racetrack will stand on the left-hand side. When they pick a bet type, players will be offered the chance to save it and go for it again right off.

To add substance to the gameplay, the provider has added several features to its roulette games players are bound to enjoy. The statistics table will be available at all times, so is the table, which contains the bet types players can go for, the bet limits, as well as the rate at which each bet pays.

Another thing roulette fans might enjoy about the roulette games of LuckyStreak is that the number of players that can join each of the tables simultaneously is not limited.

  • Multi-Player View – Players are offered an immersive and cinematic experience, thanks to the automatic replay and additional multi-angle views. There are wheel closeups that will allow gambling enthusiasts to keep up with the game with ease
  • Game History – With all roulette games, players will be presented with a live interactive graph, which shows the outcomes of the last 100 rounds. Additionally, players can also drill down the hot and old numbers
  • Call Bets – Players can go for Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, and Voisins Du Zero
Popular Roulette Variations by LuckyStreak
Game RTP Min Bet Max Bet Numbers Wheels Balls

Dual Play Roulette by LuckyStreak Review
97.30% 0.5 125000 N/A 1 1

Live Auto Roulette by LuckyStreak Review
97.3% 0.5 12,500 N/A 1 1

Live European Roulette by LuckyStreak Review
97.30% 0.5 12,500 N/A 1 1

LuckyStreak Live Blackjack

Roulette Table Games LuckyStreak is perfectly aware of how popular blackjack is among players, and because of this, the provider has revamped the many players’ favorite table classics. The number of decks that will be in play will be eight, and players should be aware that, depending on the table they have picked, the dealer will be required to draw to 16 and stand on all 17s or stand on soft 17s.

Another important rule players should bear in mind before they join one of the blackjack tables of the provider is that when they use the double down button, they will get only one additional card. When they split Aces, players will be dealt only one extra card, and doubling down is possible with any card total players might have. Currently, LuckyStreak does not offer blackjack variants in which the surrender rule is available.

As for the player interface, players will get to see the statistics bar at all times, and based on their preferences, they can adjust the video quality, turn on and off the win animation, and the sound effects. The provider has chosen to keep the bet limits on the lower end of the spectrum as, most of the time, players will be allowed to bet between $5 and $250. Yet, high-rollers will not be left wanting as there are several tables where bets can start at $50 and go into a maximum of $50,000.

  • Bet Behind – As you might already know, this feature makes it possible to place a bet on a hand, which is dealt to another player who has joined the table. The payout players will be in for if their bet is a winning one will be the same as they will get without using the feature.
  • Hot or Not Stats – The Hot or Not Statistics are one feature players might be eager to use because it will help them pick a player behind which they can bet. It can be used to indicate which of the players is on a hot streak, while the number right next to the name of the player will show how many games in a row he/she has won. These stats are made available using a unique gambling software formula.
  • Side Bets – To add up to the thrill its games bring, the provider has also added side bets as an option. The additional betting opportunities include Perfect Pairs and 21+3, and they are enabled by tapping or clicking on the Sit Here fields from the betting layout.
  • Pre-Decision Buttons – Gambling enthusiasts are offered the chance to play the chosen games at a faster pace using the pre-decision buttons. Thanks to them, gambling enthusiasts will not be required to wait their turn in order to double down, stand, split, or hit, and go for the preferred option on the spot.
Popular Blackjack Variations by LuckyStreak
Game Decks RTP Min Bet Max Bet BJ Payout Exposure Dealer Standing Surrender

Live Blackjack by LuckyStreak
8 99.39% Varies across tables Varies across tables 3:2 1 Exposed Card Stands on 17 N/A

LuckyStreak Live Baccarat

Baccarat Games LuckyStreak scores high also when it comes to its tables where baccarat is played. The company is dedicated to providing a fresh take on the many players’ favorite table classic, and to achieve this, it has equipped its games with several unique features.

Players should be mindful that with all baccarat games, they will need to pay a commission of 5% to the house when their bet on the Banker wins. The minimum and maximum bets permitted at the baccarat tables vary, and most of the time, players will be required to keep their stakes within the range of $1 and $1,250.

As is the case with the other live tables, while playing baccarat, gambling enthusiasts can manually control the video quality straight from the game interface. Of course, to get a premium experience, it is advisable to go for high quality.

  • In-Game Stats – While playing live baccarat, players can take advantage of in-game statistics that provide an in-depth breakdown of the way previous rounds are played.
  • Game History – The history in the baccarat games is displayed through five colorful interactive charts or roadmaps that are utilized to show how previous hands were completed. Players can keep track of the total amount of their winnings and view statistics of their winnings using the playing interface.
  • Multi-Player View – This unique mode allows players to keep track of the bets the other players on the table have made, and thus look out for any trends. The maximum number of bets players can view is seven. Switching between single and multi-player modes is possible with a single click.
  • Pairs Side Bets – To spice up the gameplay more thrilling, the provider has also thrown side bets to the mix. Once players enable them by clicking on the betting layout, they will get to see all five side bets they can pick and choose from, including Big and Small bets, Pairs on the Player and the Banker, Suited and Unsuited Perfect Pairs, and Any Pairs.

Key Features of the Games by LuckyStreak Games

Features To ensure that players will enjoy an enhanced live experience, the provider offers a number of advanced capabilities, the likes of a faster pace of gameplay, bet functionalities, and several camera angles.

It is also worth mentioning that the provider prides itself that its games have 99.9% uptime, which is possible as gambling enthusiasts can access the preferred tables around the clock and even on weekends.

The great number of languages in which the interface of the games released by LuckyStreak can be loaded is indeed worth mentioning as players can select from twelve options. These include English, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. With this in mind, English and Russian are the only languages the dealers speak.

To ensure an optimal experience, the most recent audio and video equipment is used in the Latvia-based studio from which the games are streamed. Once players have powered up their game of choice, they will be given the opportunity to pick low, medium, or high video quality. But if they prefer, they can simply select the default mode and go ahead with their bets. Depending on their preferences, players can turn on and off the sounds, as well as the animation, which appears whenever they win.

With all games that are courtesy of the provider, players will have the opportunity to rate the dealer as soon as they hover the cursor of their mouse over the croupier. To tip the dealer, players simply need to move the cursor of the mouse to the chip on the left-hand side of the table and pick the preferred denomination. Chatting with the dealer is also an option some gambling enthusiasts might appreciate.

Mobile Games

Mobile Games The live content LuckyStreak is behind is accessible on desktop and handheld devices, thus providing players with seamless access to their games anytime and anywhere they feel like betting. The provider offers gaming solutions for web and mobile as all its games are created using HTML5 technology.

Thus, no matter which live game they will power up on their tablet or smartphone, players will get to benefit from the same options in terms of streaming quality. Additionally, the player interface will be untouched, and mobile users will see all controls they are already familiar with.

Accessing the preferred table game while being out and about is made a breeze, and, in order for players to make the transition from desktop to mobile play, all they need to do is load the game straight into the browser of their device. The browser players are using makes no difference in terms of the smoothness of the gameplay or the load times as they will always be on par, no matter if they use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, among others.

All features we mentioned already will be within reach when players go for betting on the move, and using the multi-player view, statistics, or reviewing the game history are all available. If they are more into mobile play, gambling enthusiasts will not be prevented from using the bet-behind feature or placing side bets.

LuckyStreak Jackpots

Jackpot Games In spite of the fact that none of the games LuckyStreak offers goes tied with a jackpot prize, this is not to say that players cannot walk away with a whopping prize while playing their favorite roulette or blackjack variant.

It is just the other way around, as while playing the table classic they prefer, gambling enthusiasts will stand the stance to snatch the Lucky Jackpot. This is a constantly-growing prize, which gets bigger based on specific events in the games or the actions of players. These include the regular and side bets they place, tipping the dealer, winning, or losing. The game events players should look for include side bet wins, the appearance of zero as a winning number, and the dealer dealing blackjack.

Presently, there are two types of jackpot prizes gambling enthusiasts can come by, and while the first one is awarded at random, the other is leaderboard based. In order for players to check the currently available jackpot prize, they should head over to the official website of the software provider.

Mobile Platform

Mobile platform Players who prefer the convenience of their tablet or smartphone over the computer do not need to interrupt their betting experience as all LuckyStreak-powered games are available for mobile play. The ensure that all roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games the provider has presented will run without a glitch on iOS and Android-based devices, the provider has built its entire portfolio using HTML5 technology.

As we said already, playing the live games that are courtesy of LuckyStreak is possible off the cuff as players are not required to download and install any software in order to access them. These games will suit the preferences of players who want to get the feeling that they are in a luxurious brick-and-mortar casino, and the chatty dealers will have a great contribution to this.

For better convenience, gambling enthusiasts can hide the statistics and history. Before they go ahead with their betting session on the go. Finally, they should know that the games are only accessible in portrait mode.

Security and Licensing

Security and Licensing LuckyStreak puts a heavy focus on the fairness and integrity of its games, and because of this, live streams are recorded and then reviewed to ensure that there are no discrepancies or issues. Additionally, all games are monitored in real-time in order to evaluate the performance of the dealers, and thus to ensure that players will have a whale of a time.

LuckyStreak is operated by GSMS Holding LTD, which is a company registered in Cyprus. As for the authorization the provider has in order to offer its games, LuckyStreak claims that it has the approval of several regulatory bodies. The provider claims that the seals of approval it operates under are issued by the Maltese Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of the UK, and the Governments of Curacao and Gibraltar. Additionally, LuckyStreak insists that the company has licenses issued by the Danish Gambling Authority and the Customs and Monopolies Agency of Italy.


LuckyStreak is an emerging software provider, which quickly started to earn the trust of casino operators and players alike. For now, the company has only limited itself to the creation of classics like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack that offer plenty of features, engaging gameplay, and high-quality video streams.

The interface of the games loads in a dozen of languages, and one of the best things about the portfolio of the provider is that it is accessible on touchscreen and desktop devices.