AGA Responsible Marketing Code Updates Enhance Protection for College-Aged Audiences

AGA Responsible Marketing Code Updates Enhance Protection for College-Aged AudiencesThe American Gaming Association (AGA) has updated its Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering. One of the main changes in the Code introduced a legal age of wagering. In addition to that update, the AGA imposed a few other important rules, which will introduce guidelines for taking responsibility in advertising and marketing sports betting in the US.

Updated Responsible Marketing Code Introduces Legal Wagering Age

AGA members were involved in the process of updating the Code, which is liable for setting guidelines for responsible marketing and advertising of sports betting in the US. The last update is supposed to implement the biggest changes in the Code since its establishment in 2019.

In his commentary on the Code changes, AGA president and chief executive officer, Bill Miller, said the new changes to the policy are showing the AGA members’ dedication to introducing stricter rules for responsible sports betting advertising. He added that the updated policy further cements the organization’s commitment to protect consumers and improve AGA’s standards as the newly launched sports betting industry continues to grow.

One of the main focuses of AGA was ensuring better protection for college-aged individuals, which is why there were several significant changes to the policy. These included banning promotions of college partnerships, sports betting advertising and marketing as well as sportsbook NIL deals, which include amateur or college athletes. The only exception to the ban on advertising and marketing of sports betting is when the advertising is aiming to raise awareness about problem gambling and strives to introduce responsible gambling tools and measures.

Another very important change in the Code introduced a legal age for participating in sports betting advertising and promotional events. Under the new rules introduced in the policy, individuals who are under the age of 21 will not be allowed to participate in sports betting advertising campaigns. What is more, all references in the Code to “the legal age of wagering” were changed to 21 and above.

Miller added that sports wagering advertising had a major role in directing consumers towards legal and regulated betting markets, ensuring they will have access to responsible gaming resources. Miller further explained the AGA members’ commitment to creating a strong market where vulnerable individuals would feel protected and consumers of legal age will have access to tools that would keep sports betting a fun activity.

AGA Bans “Risk Free” Messages in Gaming Advertising

Another change to the policy banned the use of the phrase “risk free” in advertising messages. In addition to that, the updated Code also introduced an annual review and update process for the responsible sports wagering advertising and marketing standards. The updates to the Code are implemented immediately, with existing and deployed assets having a moratorium until July 1, 2023, to implement said updates.

In parallel with the introduction of the Code updates, the AGA also announced Logan Avenue Consulting LLC founder and principal consultant Dr. Jennifer Shatley as the co-chair of the Code Compliance Board. Dr. Shatley, who is also a consulting partner for the Responsible Gaming Council, boasts more than 25 years of experience in the responsible gaming policy field. That makes her suitable for the position as she will be responsible for offering oversight of the Compliance Board and will review reports of code violations.