Zero Day Slot Review

Zero Day Slot Review

Zero Day was launched in early November 2021 and it takes place in a cyberpunk world where, with the help of the game’s heroes, you will traverse the city underground and get the chance to win money. This title is absolutely stunning in terms of how it looks. Its color palette dominated by neon purples and blues fits the setting perfectly, as do the environment and character designs. Mancala Gaming has an excellent track record when it comes to artwork quality, so none of this will come as a surprise to those who have experience with the developer’s other slot products.

Zero Day features 1024 ways to win and a fast-paced gaming experience that will appeal to a broad range of gambling enthusiasts.

Zero Day Slot Summary
Provider Mancala Gaming
Paylines 1024 ways to win
RTP 95%
Min Bet 10 credits
Max Bet 900 credits
Wild Symbol Horned Skull
Scatter symbol Winged bonus symbol which unlocks Pick a Box
Bonus Features Pick a Box, 2x multiplier
Jackpot 270 x Bet

Symbols and winning combinations of Zero Day

Winning Combinations Winning in Zero Day involves landing the same symbol across the reels from left to right. You will need a minimum of 3 copies of a symbol in adjacent reels, and only the longest wins per way will be paid out. If you land wins on multiple ways, those winnings will be added together.

As for the symbols themselves, every single design passes with flying colors both in terms of its art quality and how well it fits the game’s aesthetic. When it comes to their payout, at the bottom of the hierarchy we have got the diamonds and the squares, both of which result in you getting your stake x0.4 if you manage to land a 5 combination. Next are the circles and triangles, which will return half your stake + the stake itself. Additionally, 5 copies of either the robot or the graffiti girl, Dee, will each grant you 0.7x your wager, while the samurai Tokameda and the monk sporting a long beard, Bonan, will net your stake x0.8. Bones, the shooter, offers the best rewards. Landing 5 of her symbols will result in you getting your stake times 60.

Apart from the shape and character symbols, there are symbols that offer something special and their artwork reflects that. The wild symbol in particular is quite peculiar. When you spot a skull with two sets of glowing horns, you will know that you have gotten a wild. Skulls’ role is to substitute for all other symbols excluding scatter symbols and can heavily contribute towards you getting winning combinations. Furthermore, wilds appear on all reels but the first one.

Another special symbol is the multiplier, which will multiply all your winnings times 2. In addition, there is the bonus symbol which is characterized by its gorgeous magenta wings. Three copies of this symbol will escort you to Zero Day’s Bonus game.

Bonus features of Zero Day

Bonus image All in all, Zero Day does not offer all that much when it comes to bonus mechanics. What it does provide the players with is, nonetheless, two simple but perfectly sufficient bonus features.

The title’s main bonus mechanic is its Pick a Box game. To enter this mode, you will first need to match at least 3 copies of the winged bonus symbol. Once inside the bunker, you will be presented with 5 boxes to choose from, each of which contains different types of rewards. You can obtain up to 30 free spins from this bonus, or receive between 10 and 45 credits. If you luck out on some freerolls, you will be brought back to the main game and it will automatically proceed to use the free spins. The bonus is inactive during these spins, thus you will be able to trigger another bonus game only after you have run out of free spins.

An even more straightforward, but still interesting, bonus feature is the x2 multiplier. If an x2 multiplier appears on reel 5, then you might be in for a treat. As the name implies, this type of symbol will multiply any winnings you manage to win times 2.

Apart from the wilds you will occasionally encounter, this is pretty much it as far as bonus features go. As previously stated, there are not many bonus modes to focus on, but we are overall pleased with what the game does provide to its punters.


The combination of Zero Day’s streamlined gameplay and its cyberpunk atmosphere make for a pleasant slot that offers lots of entertainment to any punter willing to give it a try. Furthermore, the title’s bonus features provide a nice change of pace, while the overall gameplay is well-polished and fun as well.