Wizards Want War Slot Review

Wizards Want War Slot

Wizards Want War is a video slot, which is cut to fit the preferences of reel spinners who fancy fantasy-themed games. Thanks to this creation of Habanero, players will immerse themselves in the world of wizards who are embracing themselves for a battle in which the strongest will win.

The battle can only begin once players adjust their wagers between $0,25 and $5,000 and press the spin button. The clash between the wizards can take place on one of the 25 fixed win lines, 5 reels, and 3 rows the reel engine of this slot is made of.

The high-end visuals are a trait all Habanero-released slots share, and this is also true about Wizards Want War. The duels are among the special functionalities players might be looking forward to triggering because of the handsome wins they will have the chance to collect. The free spins feature is another extra players might be eager to discover.

Wizards Want War Slot Summary
Provider Habanero
Paylines 25 paylines
RTP Between 95.18% and 96.59%
Minimum Bet $0,25
Maximum Bet $5,000.00
Wild Symbol The wild symbol cannot replace the bird amulet and the amulet with the precious stone
Scatter Symbol The bird amulet and the one with the precious stone trigger ten rounds of free spins
Bonus Features Duels with x2 and x3 win multipliers and rounds of free spins
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Wizards Want War

Winning CombinationsDetailed and superb graphics are what most reel spinners might expect to get if they are about to explore Wizards Want War, and this is exactly what this slot offers. The game tells the story of the battle between evil and good, and the murky setting is a perfect match for it.

The game engine serves as a dividing line between the worlds of good and evil. The turrets and the pointed roofs of the castles can be seen on both sides of the reels. On the right-hand side of the reels, the hues that prevail are red, while the world of evil is portrayed using black and dark blue nuances.

The reel engine is see-through and lacks boxing, while its rim is golden and features detailed ornaments. The regular icons players should anticipate seeing are nine in total, and as for the prizes being paid, the smallest ones are awarded for five-of-a-kind formed by card initials J through A. The rate at which these symbols pay varies, and ranges between x2 and x4 the bet value.

The high-win symbols are cut for this fantasy and magic story and are represented by a skull, a dragon, and a book, which contains numerous spells. The skull brings forth prizes of 4.8x the bet amount, while the dragon and the book pay at the rate of 7.2x and 9.6x the staked amount.

The two wizards rank the highest in the payscale of this slot, with the white-bearded one being the symbol, which pays the most. Unlike the evil wizard that pays at the rate of 12x the staked amount, the good wizard generates wins of 14x the bet value.

The bird amulet and the other with the precious stone are the game scatter symbols, which means that the wild icon cannot act instead of them.

Bonus Features of Wizards Want War

Bonus imageThere are a number of bonus features players will get to explore while spinning the reels of Wizards Want War, and the duels are unquestionably the most enthralling part about this slot.

A duel will begin each time an evil and white-bearded wizard pops up on the leftmost and the rightmost reels during the same round. When this occurs, a special wheel will be introduced in order to determine which one out of the five possible wild combinations will be chosen.

If the duel is triggered in the base game, the wizard that will become a winner will be the one to strike three times. In the event that players have entered a duel during the rounds of free spins, they need to know that one hit will be enough for the wizards to come out victorious from the duel.

As soon as the outcome of the duel is determined, the wild combination, which was chosen will be pinned on a randomly-picked position on the screen. Besides, if the good wizard is the one who has won the battle, players’ winnings will be boosted through an x3 multiplier. If the evil wizard wins, however, the wins of reel spinners will soar, thanks to an x2 win multiplier.

The blue and the yellow precious stones that are placed on both sides of the reel matrix are unlikely to go unnoticed by players as well. The yellow one is the precious stone of the good wizard, while the blue one is the precious stone of the fearsome-looking evil wizard.

After the outcome of the duel is determined, the meter of the wizard who has won it will be boosted. If one of them wins 15 duels, a wild combination will be awarded for the next game round, and the respective multiplier of the winnings will be added.

Players do not need to work their fingers to the bone in order to enter the rounds of free spins because all this takes is getting an amulet with a precious stone on the second reel and a bird amulet on the fourth reels at the same time.

Getting these two scatter symbols at the same time will bring about the activation of 10 rounds of free spins, and before they enter the set of cost-free games, players will be prompted to decide which of the scatter symbols the wizards will work with.

On top of this, players are guaranteed to see a duel between the wizards while the free spins functionality lasts.


Wizards Want War might be a go-to video slot for reel spinners who would like to try a game, which is out of the ordinary in terms of bonus functionalities. The game tells the story of the battle between good and evil, which is adroitly represented through the duels between the two wizards. The win multipliers, rounds of free spins, and impeccable visuals are what further spices up the gameplay.