Vomiting Unicorns Slot Review

Vomiting Unicorns Slot Review

Most of us will agree that vomit is never pleasant to see. Though this may not apply when it takes the form of rainbows which lead to massive wins. That is the whole premise of Vomiting Unicorns, a video slot from G Games. The game is based around unicorns consuming unhealthy foods and giving rewards in return. With a bright and colorful color palette, Vomiting Unicorns is visually impressive. As far as the gameplay is concerned, the developer incorporates interesting and compelling features to strengthen the experience and leave you with a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. There are five reels in this game and 30 paylines spread out across them. The basics of a video slot are all in place but this title goes much deeper and in this review, we will explore what makes Vomiting Unicorns so appealing.

Vomiting Unicorns Slot Summary
Software Provider G Games
Payline Number 30
RTP 95.70%
Minimum Bet $0.30
Maximum Bet $15.00
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol No
Bonus Features Wild Reels, Multipliers
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Vomiting Unicorns Slot

Winning CombinationsThe symbols in Vomiting Unicorns take the form of different types of food, usually healthy and unhealthy. The healthy foods are the low-paying group, in this case, offering smaller rewards but appearing more often. This is the first symbol type that will discuss.

On the low end of the spectrum, we find the Carrot symbol. It will pay even money when you line up five on a payline. After that, there are the Lemon and Strawberry symbols, which offer x1.3 and x1.5 respectively. The best-paying from this category are the Grape and Apple symbols, paying x1.6 and x2, respectively. These payouts are based on forming five-symbol combinations with the respective symbols.

Of course, we also have to take into account the high-paying symbols represented by the unhealthy foods. First comes the Corn Dog symbol, offering x2.5 the total bet for a combination of five. The Taco increases the reward up to x3 for a full sequence, while the Chicken and French Fries symbol goes even higher up to x5. The Pizza is next in line, with a payout of x10 for five on a payline. The Hamburger is the best-paying symbol in the game and you will see this for yourself when you line up five. This will bring in x33.3 the bet value.

As for special symbols, Vomiting Unicorns has just the one. The Wild is represented by the Spaghetti and it will substitute for other symbols on the reels. It is worth pointing out that it does not have a payout of its own.

Bonus Features of Vomiting Unicorns Slot

Bonus imageVomiting Unicorn also includes two interesting bonus features, which will affect your experience and have an impact on your gameplay. Unlike many other video slots, the features of this game are implemented within the gameplay itself, rather than as separate segments.

The more notable of the two is the Wish Feature which is available on every spin. When you first start the game you will notice the unicorns above the reels. On every spin, the unicorns will wish for some type of unhealthy food, shown in a speech balloon. If that type of food symbol is found on the reel below when the spin concludes, the unicorn will eat it and vomit, turning the whole reel into a Wild. This can happen on any number of reels at any time.

Next comes the Jackpot Spin feature, which is brought to life by the Wish Feature. Specifically, when you trigger the Wish Feature on all five reels, you will also initiate the Jackpot Spin. This will grant you one high-level spin, with one of six possible multipliers. The multipliers are x250, x500, 1,000, x2,500, x5,000, and x10,000. As you can imagine, the profit potential of this sequence is incredible and you will no doubt be pleased with the outcome.

Our Verdict

Overall, Vomiting Unicorns is surprisingly entertaining to play and pretty to look at. The graphics style is cartoonish and lighthearted, while the game does not take itself too seriously. The bonus features are certainly interesting and you can take advantage of them on a regular basis. With this in mind, it is hard not to like this title and it has earned our recommendation.