Victoria Wild West Slot Review

Victoria Wild West Slot Review

The Old West can be a dangerous place, and it is far from uncommon for honest folk to fall victim to bandits. Especially if the said gunslingers are looking to take advantage of the Gold Rush the easy way. This time, however, it seems that a group of outlaws have stolen from the wrong people, and bounty hunter Victoria Wild is now on a mission to recover what belongs to her and her family.

You can join her on the hunt by playing Victoria Wild West, an innovative slot that was launched in September 2022 by TrueLab Games. The graphics of this slot are stunning, and together with the characters and thematic soundtrack, it is easy to immerse oneself into the American Frontier setting. This slot is packed with extra features which make for lots of thrilling and rewarding moments during gameplay.

Victoria Wild West Slot Summary
Provider TrueLab Games
Paylines 10
RTP 96.31%
Min Bet 0.1
Max Bet 100
Wild Symbol Sheriff Badge
Scatter Symbol Victoria Wild, Beiley, Wanted Posters
Bonus Features Bounty Hunter, Most Wanted Free Spins, Buy Bonus
Jackpot x4000

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Victoria Wild West Slot

Winning CombinationsVictoria Wild West features several types of symbols, the first of which are designated as the low-paying icons. These are the spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts, or, in other words, the suits you can typically find in a deck of playing cards. Although these types of symbols are far from rare when it comes to slots, here they have a rustic yet luxurious look thanks to the combination of worn wood and silver details in the artwork. They look right at home among the guns, wanted posters, and the rest of the cowboy-themed symbols. Each suit pays out your bet times 8 whenever there are 5 of the same symbol on the payline.

The next icons in the payline hierarchy are a whip and a horseshoe, with the former having a payout of 35x, while the latter grants players their bet times 75 for 5 copies. The second-most generous symbol is a gun that pays out 125x, while the highest-paying symbols are Victoria’s loyal steed and the sheriff badge, which is also this slot’s wild. Both grant the player their bet times 250 if 5 of the same symbol land on a payline.

Victoria Wild West has several scatter symbols, the first of which is Victoria herself, who can trigger the Bounty Hunter feature. In order to achieve this, wanted posters must appear whenever Victoria is on the first reel. Victoria is also the symbol that activates the Most Wanted Free Spins mode whenever Bailey, the gang leader and Victoria Wild West’s second scatter, lands on the reels for the bounty hunter to capture him. Finally, we must also mention that the wanted posters play a special role during the free spins feature, and they can grant you even more free spins as well as a multiplier.

Bonus Features of Victoria Wild West Slot

Bonus imageAs established, Victoria Wild West is a slot that has two unique and innovative mechanics, the first of which is the Bounty Hunter feature. As you spin the reels, you will often see wanted posters that have random payouts attached. These icons will pay out between 1 and 50 per symbol, and for you to win, Victoria must appear on the first reel. When she does so, she will shoot the outlaw posters, gather their payouts, and add them together.

Next, we have the Most Wanted Free Spins extra mode. To trigger this, you once again want Victoria to land on the first reel. This time, however, what we also need is for Bailey to show up on the last reel. If he, indeed, makes himself known, Victoria will shoot his hat off, and you will be granted 10 free spins. You will start out with a 1x multiplier, which will multiply your payout whenever you win during the free spins mode.

Here, the Bounty Hunter feature is similar to the one in the base game, except now, Victoria will also start collecting the posters. Once she has gathered 6 posters, the bonus mode level will increase, as will the multiplier. You will also receive 5 extra spins each time you win a new level, and there are a total of 4 levels. The final level, however, will have an x5 multiplier.

Bailey will be gone for the first two levels, but when you reach levels 3 and 4, he can appear again, but only once. When this happens, you will win a payout of 250 times your bet, and the payout will be multiplied according to your level. Furthermore, if he happens to land on the reels while the level is 3, he will automatically increase the level to 4.

Finally, players also have the option to buy their way into the Most Wanted Free Spins mode. To take advantage of this feature, they can simply click the Buy Bonus button.


If you love the Wild West theme and are craving a game with novel mechanics, Victoria Wild West is an excellent slot to try out. TrueLab Games has done an excellent job at enhancing the classic slot experience with extra features that, together, will make your gaming sessions an absolute blast to enjoy.