Treasure Mania Slot Review

Treasure Mania Slot Review

Set somewhere deep in the Wild West, Treasure Mania is an Evoplay-released video slot, which is all about gold mining. If the idea of searching for precious metals appeals to slot buffs, this five-reel, three-row, and twenty-payline video slot is easily worth giving a spin.

Players can start mining along with the hard-working dwarf Warf and try to find buried treasures. Yet, finding the treasures will not be a walk in the park as the greedy and jealous goblin Robin will give his best to steal the miner’s riches. Treasure Mania offers premium-quality visuals and a plethora of bonus features that are bound to hold players’ attention for hours upon hours.

Aside from the bonus game players will stand the chance to enter, the appearance of the bonus icons will also add up to the thrill Treasure Mania brings. Before they go for another spin of the reels, players can set the staked amount anywhere between $0,10 and $500.

Treasure Mania Slot Summary
Provider Evoplay
Paylines 20 win lines
RTP 96.05%
Minimum Bet $0,10
Maximum Bet $500
Wild Symbol The train wild icon replaces all symbols, but the dwarf and goblin bonus icons
Scatter Symbol A dwarf and goblin bonus symbols that trigger the Mine Bonus game
Bonus Features Mine Bonus game, wild train feature, and mystery symbols
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Treasure Mania

Winning Combinations As they load Treasure Mania for the first time, slot buffs will notice that it is not an ordinary game, which is based around gold mining. Instead of the ordinary reel matrix, players will see wagons that go out of the mine and move along the rails. The visual elements of the game will undoubtedly grab the attention of players, especially the animated chicken, which pops up on the screen when they have not pressed the spin button for a while.

The miner’s house stands on the left-hand side of the reel matrix, along with a fence, lots of bare trees, and cactuses. There is also a fire and a gold mining machine, which keeps on working all the time.

The symbols players can expect to see as they spin the reels of Treasure Mania are aplenty, and the regular-paying ones alone are eight in total. Depending on the type of precious stones the carts contain, reel spinners will get a payout when three, four, or five matching icons line up on one of the win lines.

The least-paying symbol is the pile of black crystals, which awards prizes of 1x the staked amount. The pink and the light blue crystals are a little bit more lucrative, and when five-of-a-kind is formed from such icons, reel spinners will collect a payout of 2x and 3x the staked amount, respectively. The yellow crystals pay at a higher rate, and when five examples of these icons land on one of the paylines, players will be in for a payout of 5x the bet amount.

When five blue crystals line up on a payline, the awarded payout will be 15x the selected bet value. The green crystal brings more fruitful payouts of 20x the bet amount. Whenever reel spinners get five red crystals during the same round, their balance will grow by an amount, which is 20x the preferred bet value. The purple crystal is the most lucrative of the regular-pay icons, as getting it five times on a payline will bring in a payoff of 50x the bet amount.

While spinning the reels of Treasure Mania, there is plenty to look forward to when special icons are concerned, and the gold cart is one of the most useful icons for players. This is so because this is the game’s wild icon, and as such, it can stand instead of all regular-pay symbols, and not instead of the bonus icon. Besides, it produces a payoff on its own, and landing five such symbols at the same time will result in a whopping payout of 75x the bet amount.

Additionally, Treasure Mania is equipped with mystery symbols, extra wild icons, and two bonus symbols that can all help players collect the prizes they are after. The mystery icon is represented by a cart with a blue cover on it, which is removed as soon as the reels stop spinning. When such an icon lands on the screen, it will reveal one of the regular-pay symbols.

Bonus Features of Treasure Mania

Bonus image The creators of gaming content from Evoplay have undoubtedly wanted to show their innovativeness while designing this slot, and the slew of uncommon features it is equipped with goes to show this.

Players should give their best to find the buried treasures as along with bags of gold, finding the wild train will also result in a decent balance boost. Along with the gold cart wild icon, players will also get to benefit from a gold train wild symbol, which emerges after spins that have not resulted in a win and can land only on the middle reel. Still, the wild train will not land on the reels if a mystery icon is already present there.

If the wild train feature is unlocked, and the special symbol has not facilitated the creation of a winning combo, an additional wild train will land on a random position on the reels. Thus, extra wild trains will be added to the reels until at least one winning combo is completed.

The dwarf and goblin bonus symbols are the other two special icons players might be impatient to see on the reels. The bonus goblin icon can pop up exclusively on the middle reel, while the dwarf bonus symbol can land only on the second and fourth reels. When the two bonus icons happen to pop up at the same time, reel spinners will enter the Bonus Mine bonus game.

Once slot mavens unlock the bonus game, they will see that all symbols, but the goblin bonus ones and the empty wagons will be removed from the middle reel.

When they enter the Bonus Mine game, reel spinners will be presented with ten doors, and once they reach the end of the chosen door, they will be required to pick a new one from the two offered. While one of the doors will allow them to progress through the bonus game, the other one will end the bonus feature.

While inspecting the tunnels the hard-working dwarf has created in order to look for treasures, players will collect coins that will award prizes equal to the bet amount they have opted for prior to the activation of the bonus feature. Additionally, players will get to find different items that will bring them payouts, including a diamond, crown, and pick. The rate at which these symbols pay is 15x, 5x, and 3x.

Aside from the items that belong to the dwarf and the gold coins, reel spinners will also meet the goblin once they reach the last room. When they see the bonus icon, they will get a payout of 500x the bet amount, and the bonus game will end.


Treasure Mania is an action-packed video slot, in which players can join the hard-working dwarf and search for some hidden riches. Yet, the hunt for the most bountiful prizes will not be easy at all, but players will benefit from mystery icons, wild symbols, and bonus icons that will help along. If they decide to join the dwarf in his quest for the hidden treasures, players will undoubtedly look forward to the Bonus Mine feature, which is exceptionally intriguing.