Tooncops Slot Review

Tooncops Slot Review

Tooncops is a video slot game brought to us by Gamshy. Inspired by old-timey 1930s animations, Tooncops stands out from the rest of the slots genre with pure style. There are few games that can match this game in aesthetics and this one manages to pull off the feel just right. Aside from the thematic side of Tooncops, we also have to consider the gameplay elements of this title. Tooncops comes with 5 reels and 27 different paylines, allowing you to form combinations in dozens of patterns. In this review, you will find a broad description of Tooncops and all the relevant features of this game.

Tooncops Slot Summary
Software Provider Gamshy
Payline Number 27
RTP 96.36%
Minimum Bet $0.15
Maximum Bet $150
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Bonus Features Free Spins
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Tooncops Slot

Winning CombinationsYou will find a variety of symbols on the reels of Tooncops. These come in different shapes and sizes, each playing a different role in the general gameplay. As you already know, symbols are used to score wins in a slot game and we have to explore how the symbols in Tooncops function.

The basic symbols in Tooncops can be separated into two different groups, based on what they portray. The low-paying category is made up of High Card symbols, which range from Ten to Ace. The payouts provided by these symbols are not quite profitable but they will keep you in the game for longer. The Ten and Jack are on the low end of the spectrum, offering 50 and 75 coins, respectively, when you line up five of each symbol. The following two symbols – the Queen and King – will pay somewhat better, specifically, 100 and 125 coins for a full combination, respectively. Last but not least, the Ace symbol is the final low-paying symbol and when you spin 5 on a line, you will be rewarded with 150 coins.

The next category of symbols offers significantly higher incentives to play and this is where you will find the best-paying symbols in the game. First, we are presented with three symbols that share the same paytable. These include the Handcuffs, the Ball and Chain, and the Bundle of Dynamite, all of which will provide you with a payout of 320 coins for a full sequence.

There is a different group of symbols that is only present during free games and will not appear on the reels during the base game. They represent various items worth stealing during a robbery. For example, the first symbol is a Bag of Cash and it pays 150 coins for a maximum combination. It is followed up by the Necklace, which pays 180 coins when you spin 5 on a payline. The Safe is middle-of-the-road in terms of payout, rewarding you with 250 coins, while the Painting symbol offers 300 coins. The best-paying of the bunch is the Diamond and if you hit 5 on a line, you will benefit from 375 coins.

Aside from the basic symbols, Tooncops also features two special ones. These are the Wild and Scatter, both of which have a specific function in the gameplay. The Wild substitutes for basic symbols when it takes part in winning combinations, whereas the Scatter helps to unlock a bonus round.

Bonus Features of Tooncops Slot

Bonus imageAs we mentioned above, the Scatter is the key to unlocking a bonus feature in Tooncops. Specifically, when you spin 3 or more Scatters you will gain the benefit of free spins. The number of free spins you are awarded will depend on the number of Scatter symbols involved. This can be either 8, 20, or 50 free spins. Of course, you will also receive a cash prize just for spinning the Scatters, which can be either 50, 200, or 1,000 coins. We also have to remember that the free spins round also utilizes several unique symbols not found in the main game. Above, we covered the payout ratios of these symbols and how much stand to win by playing.

Aside from that, Tooncops does not feature any other notable bonus features. In fact, this game is quite simplistic when you look at everything.

Our Verdict

All in all, Tooncops is not the most complex slot out there. It is rather shallow where gameplay mechanics are concerned. However, the main strength in the game lies in its thematic setting. It is clear that the developer put more emphasis on aesthetics over gameplay. Therefore, if you like the graphics and background track, you will likely enjoy the game. But if you are here for the gameplay and special features, you might be better off with a different title.