Three Lucky Stars Slot Review

Three Lucky Stars Slot Review

Sometimes going with the simplest gameplay is the best option. This is why Spadegaming has decided to create the slot Three Lucky Stars. This game is comprised of 3 reels and only one payline in the center of the slot. You will get paid only when 3 symbols land in the center of the 3 reels.

There are a few special symbols that can award pretty good payouts, especially if you manage to land all of them on the payline of Three Lucky Stars. You will see three Chinese Gods above the reels which go perfectly with the Chinese-themed slot. If you wish to enjoy prosperity and land great winnings, you have the chance to achieve that by playing Three Lucky Stars.

Three Lucky Stars Slot Summary
Provider Spadegaming
Paylines 1
RTP 96.89%
Min Bet 0.2
Max Bet 450
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Landing 3 Chinese characters will award the biggest payout of the game.
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Three Lucky Stars Slot

Winning CombinationsIf you are interested in Chinese culture and its traditions, you will definitely appreciate the design of this slot. You will have the God of Wealth, as well as other popular Chinese gods above the three reels of Three Lucky Stars. The symbols in the game are also related to the items often used for Lunar New Year decorations.

As long as you land any 3 symbols on the center payline of the slot, you will receive 3x your bet. There are, however, symbols to look out for as they can bring you better rewards and more exciting spinning adventures.

One of the symbols is a peached-shaped mochi that will bring you the generous payout of 25x if you land it 3 times on the one payline in the middle of the slot. The other paying symbol of the game is a scroll that is an item considered to bring you good fortune and wealth. In this game, it will pay 50x your bet if it lands 3 times on the one payline of Three Lucky Stars. The third item is a talisman that will award 100x your bet if it lands 3 times on the winning line of the slot.

There are also three different Chinese characters, each of which appears only on one of the three reels. The first green one lands only on reel 1 and it will pay out 2x your wager if it lands on the payline. The second one is a red Chinese character that appears only on reel 2 and when it lands on the winning line it will pay out 10x your bet. Lastly, you have a blue Chinese character that shows up on reel 3 and will award 5x your stake if it lands on the middle line of the slot.

Bonus Features of Three Lucky Stars Slot

Bonus imageThere is nothing too complicated about the gameplay of this slot and it the payouts it offers are pretty straight-forward. There is, however, a special combination that will bring you the biggest payout of Three Lucky Stars.

As mentioned before, the game has three special Chinese character symbols that will award a payout even if only one of them appears on the payline of the slot. While each special symbol appears only on a specific reel, when all three of them land on the center payline of Three Lucky Stars, this will award 300x your bet.

Besides this special combination of the three different Chinese characters, the slot does not offer any other unordinary feature. The fact that you can enjoy a payout on any 3 symbols and on any single Chinese character on the payline, makes this game pretty generous.

To help you make this game even more enjoyable, the gaming creators have added a few options that will allow you to control your slot experience. You can easily adjust the size of your bet, as well as the speed of the spins. There is also a button that will allow you to set up several rounds of autospins. You can select to spin the reels automatically 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or infinite times.

You will easily view the paytable on the left side of the playscreen and below the reels. There are also buttons that will enable you to turn off the background music and sounds or view the rules of the game.

Our Verdict

Although pretty simple, Three Lucky Stars is a very entertaining slot that can be very rewarding and it will not require you to make bets that are way too risky. With just one payline, this slot still provides a good chance to get paid, especially if you land one of Three Lucky Stars’ special symbols.