Super Hot Slot Review

Super Hot Slot

Super Hot Barbeque is a slot powered by Zeus Play and it has 4 reels and 25 paylines. This is a game inspired by classic fruit machines. What you have here, however, is a tasty-looking barbeque themed game.

While it may be less flashy than video slots with 5 reels and various special symbols, Super Hot is still a highly-volatile game. The graphics are crisp and the slot can run smoothly on numerous different devices. You can easily grab your tablet or phone and start playing Super Hot Barbeque thanks to the HTML technology it supports.

Super Hot Slot Summary
Provider Zeus Play
Paylines 25
RTP 96.10%
Min Bet €0.25
Max Bet €3.75
Wild Symbol There is no Wild symbol.
Scatter Symbol There is no Scatter symbol.
Bonus Features Landing 12 symbols of the same vegetable result in double the win and a payout of 5,000 credits.
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Super Hot Slot

Winning CombinationsBeing a variation of fruit machines, one would expect that Super Hot Barbeque would use the usual fruits, 7s and BAR symbols. However, the game developers have decided to base the symbols in the game on the theme of barbeque and use mostly vegetables for its icons.

If we start from the low-paying symbols, we will notice grilling tools which include a spatula and a fork. Landing a three grilling tools symbols will reward 15x your bet, while four symbols of this type will pay out 50x your wager. This is, however, the lowest paying icon in Super Hot Barbeque.

The next several items that will bring you higher payouts are vegetables that definitely go hand in hand with the barbeque theme. You will find sliced tomato, corn, mushroom and cucumber as the other low-paying symbols. This being said, they will still pay more than the grilling tools. No matter which of the vegetables you will land three times, you will receive a payout of 25 credits. Meanwhile, four symbols of the same vegetable will reward you with 100x your stake.

Among the higher-paying symbols, you will notice the Super Hot Barbeque logo. If you see this symbol three times on any payline, you can expect a payout of 100x your bet. If you are lucky enough to hit four BBQ symbols, the game will reward a payout of 1,000 times your stake. The next high-paying symbol is a hot chili pepper which adds the special flavor to any barbeque party. If you land three flaming hot peppers, expect to be rewarded with a payout of 150x your bet. Four of the spicy peppers are the combination you should be on the lookout for as it will bring you the generous payout of 1,500x your wager.

The last symbol of Super Hot Barbeque which will bring you the most satisfying payouts is a burger. Not only does this symbol looks tasty but it will also make your game very lucrative with a payout of 400 credits for landing it three times. The highest payout of 4,000 credits will be awarded when you hit four burgers on Super Hot Barbeque.

Bonus Features of Super Hot Slot

Bonus imageThere is no myriad of special bonus features that can be triggered in Super Hot Barbeque. There is, however, a special payout that players can enjoy if they land a specific combination. Those who manage to hit 12 of the same vegetable symbols will enjoy double the win on payline and will be able to collect a payout of 5,000 credits.

There is also the chance to double your winnings if you take additional risk. Whenever you land a win, you will be able to double your profit instead of collecting your payout. If you opt for this additional risk, this will load a side game where you will have to select successfully the color of five face-down cards. If you choose correctly five times in a row, you will double your win.


While Super Hot Barbeque is a classic slot which does not incorporate any special symbols or bonus rounds, it is still highly volatile game. Players would definitely enjoy a fun and rewarding game time if they decide to give this slot a try. With a tasty-looking design and multiple paylines, Super Hot Barbeque will definitely appeal to many slot fans.