Street Muse Slot Review

Street Muse Slot Review

True Lab offers players a different type of slot experience with Street Muse. The game features 5 regular reels that award the payouts in the game and 3 additional reels where the bonus features of the game can be triggered. Instead of having standard paylines or ways to win, Street Muse offers wins only when all five regular reels land a symbol with a multiplier higher than 0x.

The slot features different multipliers that can go as high as 100x. Combining the highest-paying multipliers in the game with its bonus features can be very rewarding, bringing players up to 10,000x their bets.

Street Muse Slot Summary
Provider True Lab
Paylines Wins are paid when all regular reels land with a multiplier higher than 0x
RTP 96,37%
Min Bet 0.01
Max Bet 10
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Revive, Bump, Freeze, Strike
Jackpot 10,000x bet

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Street Muse Slot

Winning CombinationsStree Muse is definitely inspired by fashion, with symbols in the game featuring illustrations of people dressed in trendy clothes, yet showing a unique style on every reel of the slot. In this unusual game, symbols do not carry a set value, and it does not matter which fashion icon will land on the reels.

Instead of focusing on the fashionistas in the game, we suggest you take a look at the multipliers attached to them. On each spin, every illustration of a fashion-forward person will have a random multiplier. If all five regular reels land with a person carrying a multiplier higher than 0x, you will receive a payout.

The way wins are formed in Street Muse is rather simple, with all five multipliers on the main reels being multiplied, with the collective amount of the multiplier being applied to the total bet of players. However, if even one of the main reels contains a symbol with a 0x multiplier attached to it, this will result in a losing bet.

As there are no standard paying symbols to form winning combinations, there are also no Wilds or Scatters, which are often present in standard slots. That said, there are other ways to trigger the special features of Street Muse and boost your winnings.

Bonus Features of Street Muse Slot

Bonus imageEven though Street Muse may seem like a different type of slot, it still gives players plenty of opportunities for fruitful results. The special features of Street Muse can be activated from the three additional reels, which typically stay blocked during the base game.

As mentioned before, winnings in Street Muse are awarded when all five regular reels land a symbol with a multiplier higher than 0x. However, a single illustration with a 0 value will cause players to lose their bets. Thanks to the Revive feature of the slot, any losing spin can be turned into a fruitful one, with the Revive feature turning any 0x reel into a symbol with a 1x multiplier.

Another special feature of the slot that can also turn a losing spin into a winning one is called Bump. Instead of increasing only the losing reel’s multiplier to 1x, however, the Bump feature will add 1x to the multipliers on all five regular reels of the game, ultimately increasing your win.

Freeze is another of the bonus features of Street Muse, which can be randomly triggered and ensure higher payouts. When the Freese reel is unlocked, it will freeze the reel carrying the highest multiplier for three consecutive rounds. That means that you will enjoy the potential for higher payouts on three spins. However, wins are not guaranteed with this feature as a 0x multiplier on any other reel will still result in a loss.

Strike is the fourth special feature of Street Muse, having the potential to significantly boost one’s win. When the Strike reel is unlocked, it will act as the sixth reel with a multiplier, allowing you to apply up to 100x to the win from the regular five reels.


Street Muse is a video slot by True Lab that offers players a rather unique gaming experience. While it may take a few spins to get used to the unusual way winnings are landed in the game, you can have plenty of fun spinning the fashion icons of the slot. With several bonus features, Street Muse has the potential to be extremely rewarding, with the biggest potential win in the game being capped at 10,000x the original bet size.