Star Guardians Slot Review

Star Guardians Slot

Star Guardians is a long-anticipated release of Evoplay, which offers 3D action on handheld devices and computers. The technology, which is used in the game is unseen before as a third-person shooter, over which players are given manual control, is the game’s lead character.

When they join the Star Guardians team, players should give their best to blast their way through the aliens in order to get a share of the whopping prizes. This game offers action-packed gameplay as there is a slew of bonus features that will amp up their betting session. The available rewards undoubtedly have what it takes to keep players on the edge of their seats for hours upon hours as, along with the amplifiers and chests, they will zip through a bonus game.

Yet, what they should embrace is the battle with the queen. In order for players to get ready to defeat the aliens, they should prepare to place bets of $0,10 and a maximum of $75. Please keep in mind that Star Guardians has high volatility and that its RTP stands at 96%.

Star Guardians Slot Summary
Provider Evoplay
Paylines N/A
RTP 96%
Minimum Bet $0,10
Maximum Bet $75
Special Symbols One bonus symbol and one boss symbol
Bonus Features Chests, amplifiers for heroes, bonus game, and battle with the queen
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Star Guardians

Winning Combinations Offering a completely new gaming experience for players, Star Guardians deserves the attention of gambling enthusiasts who want to take a break from the regular spinning action. It is worth giving a show as it allows players to shoot their way to some massive prizes, an opportunity, which is currently not available in other games.

Before they go ahead with their bets, players will need to pick one of the three characters that will battle against the mutated insects also known as tritons. Each character has unique skills and abilities, and the best thing is that players can go for another hero as they play. What makes the gameplay all the more immersive and thrilling is that players are allowed to move their characters left and right, forwards and backgrounds.

Unlike regular slots, Star Guardians does not have a reel engine, and in each row, only three symbols will be featured. The symbols players will see while being on the mission are seven in total, five regular, one bonus, and a shooter. When they power up the game, players can decide if the character they prefer using is Butcher, Skyler, or Kelliot.

Each time players press the spin button, they will enter a new room, where there are three aliens. In order to get the prize and progress to the next room, they will need to defeat the monsters. The prize players will get will be determined by the type of the tritons they have shot, the quality, and the quantity of the loot, which they will collect from the monsters.

Based on their opponent, players will be offered different rewards, as each alien has its own minimum and maximum percentage by which it pays. Thus, the payout players will be in for will be determined by this coefficient and the selected bet amount.

The standard enemies include the soldier, the liquidator, and the chief, and the value coefficient for these will be 0-15x, 0-20x, and 0-50x the selected bet value. The special enemies can show up only during the bonus game, and these include the larva and the queen. Their coefficient value is 0-10 and 50x-50,000x the bet amount.

Bonus Features of Star Guardians

Bonus image Star Guardians is a bonus feature-fraught, and the keys and chests are one of the most useful game features. The chests can pop up only in the base game, and each room can contain only one type of chest. The available chests will come with or without a lock, and in the latter, there will be a loot or a booster. The key for such chests is hidden in chests without locks. The chests without locks will not only contain keys, but might also hold a cheap loot, an amplifier, or a regular loot.

The payouts loots offer depend on their type, and the coefficient of the cheap ones is between 0,1x and 3x the bet amount. Regular loots have a coefficient, which ranges between 3x and 10x, while the coefficient of the rare loots is between 10x and 100x the bet amount.

While progressing through the rooms, players will also stand the chance to unlock one of the three random events that are called amplifiers. Those who unlock the Butcher’s amplifier will benefit from an x2 win multiplier on the next seven spins. If they happen to trigger the Skyler’s amplifier, players will be able to open all chests without a key on the next seven spins. With the Kellion’s amplifier, on the other hand, gambling enthusiasts are guaranteed to get the loot during the next seven spins.

Each time they hit the spin button, players, together with their allies, should be ready to repel the three waves of tritons during the bonus game. The activation of the bonus game happens randomly, and when this occurs, players will need to start collecting ammunition in order to defeat the queen and the swarm. The tritons that will pop up during the bonus game cannot appear in the main game and award money and ammunition.

The first wave of aliens is made of ten tritons, while in the second and third, there will be 20 and 30 aliens, respectively. In order for the swarm and the queen to enter the field, players should first defeat all three waves of enemies.

The battle with the queen is undoubtedly the highest point in Star Guardians, and in order for players to defeat her, they will need to destroy all her three heads. To do so, gambling enthusiasts will need to use the ammunition they have amassed during the three waves of tritons. If players succeed in destroying all heads of the queen, they will get a handsome payout. Yet, if they run out of ammunition before they defeat the queen, the bonus game will end, and they will return to the base game.


Star Guardians is the biggest-budget product of Evoplay, and it is easy to see why. The game is more than just a regular video slot as it allows players to control their character manually, which is a mechanic unavailable in other games of this kind. The battle against the mutated insects is intense, but the slew of game features will help along and will guarantee that players will stick with the game. If you are brave enough to answer the call for a fight, just give Star Guardians a shot on your tablet or smartphone.