Spinlotto Slot Review

Spinlotto Slot Review

As you might have already guessed, Spinlotto is a lotto-inspired video slot that was knocked together by the novel game maker G Games. Although at the moment, you might be thinking that the theme the gaming company has picked is already an old hat, the developers have positively endeavored to breathe new life in it by adding a couple of twists to the wonted lottery games.

Spinlotto’s reel grid is conventional as it features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines players can adjust with no effort at all. What you will be up against if you decide to give this video slot a shot is a refined lotto game in which you can benefit from win multipliers, which guarantee massive payouts. Yet, Spinlotto’s biggest attractions are its three jackpots that have the capacity to bring you hefty prizes.

Spinlotto Slot Summary
Provider G Games
Paylines 10 adjustable paylines
RTP 95.90%
Minimum Bet $0.01
Maximum Bet $1,000
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Star Booster
Jackpot X1,000, x10,000, and x1,000,000

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Spinlotto Slot

Winning CombinationsEven if you think that you already know the drill when lotto games are concerned, Spinlotto is likely to surprise you with the tweaks that were added to the gameplay. One of the first things that make Spinlotto deviate from the traditional lotto games is that before you get down to hit the spin button, you will be allowed to pick your five lucky numbers. What is more, slot mavens will also be permitted to pick a lucky star.

The numbers you have picked, along with the lucky star, will be displayed right above the reels all the time. If after a few spins you feel like altering the numbers you have picked, you can easily do so by clicking on Change and selecting the numbers you are now comfortable with.

If you take a closer look at the layout of the slot, you will notice that the reels lack a lineament, and they seem to be set against a galaxy background. All buttons from the interface of the game feature neon lining, so are your lucky numbers. The star numbers are positioned on the right-hand side of the reels, and slot lovers will notice that stardust is stewed over them.

In Spinlotto, the symbols that will land as you set the reels in motion are represented by lotto balls that have the numbers from 1 through 49 shown on them. Slot mavens will score a win, provided that at least two identical numbers appear on any of the paylines they have activated. At the beginning of the round, they will also be asked to pick a number that ranges from 1 to 15 for their lucky star.

Bonus Features of Spinlotto Slot

Bonus imageSpinlotto’s beauty can be ascribed to the fact that it is a simple yet rewarding video slot. First off, virtual players will have the opportunity to get their mitts on a huge payout even if they have got repeating numbers. Regardless of the lucky numbers, you have settled on before the round, if you see 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, for example, you will get a balance boost of x1,000 your line bet. What players should remember is that they will get this payout also if all their lucky numbers land together, regardless of their order.

Slot buffs will be able to lay their hands on a huge pile of coins also if they see their lucky numbers landing together. The peculiarity here is that the lucky star you have picked should also turn up as that way, you will snatch a prize that is x10,000 your line bet.

Spinlotto’s ultra jackpot will fall, provided that all your lucky numbers align in ascending order. Achieving this might turn out to be a bit onerous due to the fact that players also need to get their lucky star landing. Slot mavens are likely to get carried away by the rewards that are available for grabs in such cases as they will be offered an ultra jackpot of 1,000,000 credits. What they should remember is that they will enjoy this balance boost, provided that their lucky numbers pop up without any repeats.

The spin booster undoubtedly comes to make Spinlotto an even more lucrative video slot. This is an optional bet some of you might wish to take advantage of due to the fact that it will increase your lucky star wins further. An important thing slot buffs should take into account is that this extra bet has nothing to do with any of the three jackpots.

Our Verdict

G Games’ Spinlotto is a video slot you might be interested in, especially if you are after mind-blowing prizes. This video slot comes with three jackpots that will blow your mind. The cash flow is unlikely to stop also thanks to the star booster widget slot mavens can benefit from. What is more, the extensive betting customization options render Spinlotto a viable alternative even for players who have a rather limited budget.