Space Stacks Slot Review

Space Stacks Slot Review

Space Stacks is an extraordinary slot that offers thrill-seeking players spinning action they are sure to look forward to. This slot is far from being a standard one, and its unique look and bonus features go to prove this. The game comes with a 10×10 playing field, and it is up to players to choose if they want to place bets on just one of the columns or on all of them, which is possible thanks to Push Gaming’s innovative mechanics.

This is a next-generation game in which the software provider introduces the innovative Reelbets feature. Thanks to it, players can split the amount they want to bet between max block, instant-win block, and prize blocks. Before they give a shot to this game, players should get ready for a unique bonus spinning action that does not include features like rounds of free spins. Instead, the game comes with four special features that will not only spice up the spinning action but will also help them rake in more generous rewards.

With Space Stacks, players will benefit from medium volatility and wins that run into up to 5,000x. What players should consider before they dive into the spinning action is that each block has its own RTP that varies between 96.09% and 96.39%.

Space Stacks Slot Summary
Software Provider Push Gaming
Payline Number N/A
RTP 96.23%
Minimum Bet $0.01
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Apex, Flip, and Astro bonus games
Jackpot 5,000

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Space Stacks Slot

Winning CombinationsWhen players want to make a bet, they will be required to select the preferred denomination and place it on the preferred block or blocks by clicking or tapping on them. Reel spinners can increase the amount they prefer to stake per block by clicking or tapping it until they reach the maximum for the type of bet they have selected. While adjusting their bets, players can bet evenly between the columns or stake a different amount per column.

In Space Stacks, players will not be presented with traditional paylines on which a preset number of matching symbols need to appear in order for wins to be awarded. Instead, slot buffs will collect wins each time a reel they have placed a bet on is filled with symbols of the same kind.

It is important to note that wins are awarded only for filled columns on which bets are placed. If a column is filled with symbols but players have not placed a bet on it, they will not get a payout. In order for a game round to start, slot buffs need to stake at least 1 credit.

The total number of icons that can pop up on the reels is 11, and players should expect to see three feature blocks, one max instant-prize block, and six instant regular instant-prize blocks. At the start of each round, the six instant prize blocks will get randomly chosen multiplier values.

As players can tell by the name, the maximum instant-prize blocks are the most rewarding of all icons in the game, and they award the biggest possible win in Space Stacks which is worth 5,000x the bet amount.

The instant prize blocks come with varying minimum and average payouts, and their payout rates include 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 50x. The RTPs of the instant prize blocks also differ and range between 96.13% and 96.39%.

The three feature blocks that might show up on the reels are Astro, Apex, and Flip. The average payout of the Apex feature block is the highest and stands at 299.34x the bet amount. Second in the row is the Flip symbol as its average payout is 64.14x the bet amount. The average payout of the Astro symbol comes to 34.23x the amount staked per round.

Bonus Features of Space Stacks Slot

Bonus imagePlayers never know what rewards await them on the different planets, they might be pleased to know that they can spin their way to some generous prizes and engaging special features.

While searching the galaxy for big wins, slot buffs will stand a chance to bag such, thanks to the three special features they will get access to. When the Astro feature is unlocked, reel spinners will be presented with a prize wheel, which has 32 segments. The sectors the wheel is equipped with include bet multipliers and instant collect prizes. A collect segment is also available and if the wheel lands on such a sector, the feature will end and the winnings of players will be evaluated.

When the Flip feature kicks off, slot buffs will be presented with a new playing field made of six reels and six rows on which selectable prize tiles are featured. The icons players can unveil include instant prizes and rocket symbols and players are allowed to select three of the available tiles.

If players find a rocket symbol, they will be offered a win multiplier of 2x. In case they manage to find new rocket symbols, the total win multiplier will increase to 2x, 5x, 10x, and 100x. Slot buffs should hope to see rocket symbols more often as when such are uncovered, the number of picks will not decrease.

Within the Apex feature, players will be presented with a new stacking feature in which all six instant prize blocks are used but have new initial values that can be 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x, and 20x.

After the Apex feature is unlocked, the Enhancement feature will also be kicked off. When the feature is complete, the symbols will begin falling and filling up the columns. As soon as two columns are filled, players will get three lives. The lives counter is reset to three each time a symbol shows up on the reels and a life is deducted if no symbols appear. If all columns are filled, the feature will end, even if the live counter has not yet reached zero.

The Enhancement feature is one more bonus mechanic reel spinners should hope to activate. The latter is only active for instant prize blocks and not the max block, and while it is triggered, the values of one or several of the instant prize blocks will be increased.

The possible enhancements will be displayed in gray prior to the beginning of each game round and they might include multiplier values and additional values. As for the multiplier values, these include 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, and 100x. The additional values are all the more attention-grabbing as they include +2, +3, +5, +10, +25, +50, +100, +250, +500, and +1,000.

Our Verdict

Space Stacks is an intriguing game that offers gameplay that has nothing to do with regular spinning action. It is equipped with the brand new and unique Reelbet feature, which allows players to select the blocks on which they prefer to bet on. Additionally, the game has several extras that will not only keep players glued to their screens but will also give them the chance to bag great prizes.