Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Slot Review

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Slot Review

Powered by Playtech, Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic is one of their newly-introduced video slots. It is designed with players with different budgets in mind because the amounts that can be staked start at $0,10 and go as high as $500.

Players who never grow tired of magic-inspired slots might find this release of the provider quite enthralling because it is by no means void of special features. While mixing up the potions, reel spinners will see their winnings mount up, thanks to the assistance of the five sorcerers that will pop up on the reels and award random wilds, win multipliers, and symbol removals.

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Slot Summary
Provider Playtech
Paylines Between 10 and 20 non-adjustable win lines
RTP 96.76%
Minimum Bet $0,10
Maximum Bet $500
Wild Symbol The wild symbol can stand instead of all symbols, but not the different sorcerers
Scatter Symbol Winter, fire, water, argane, and nature sorcerers
Bonus Features Re-spins, win multipliers, symbol removal, extended paylines, and symbol transformation
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Slot

Winning CombinationsVisually, Sorcerer’sGuild of Magic is not exactly what players might expect to get from a Playtech-run video slot. Although the game was introduced not long ago, its visuals look rather dated and lack a bit in terms of quality.

The minimalistic game engine is set within the library of the sorcerer, with lots of bookshelves that are covered with ancient-looking books. Background audio will appear as soon as players set the reels in motion, and it is most likely to make them feel as if some magic is truly happening.

Yet, if players feel like immersing themselves in the world of magic, they should first explore the ingredients they will need while preparing the potions and waiting for a win to hit.

The completion of winning combos takes landing three or more identical icons in a row from left to right. The payouts reel spinners will get will be based on the chosen bet value and the type of icons that have formed the combo.

The blue club potion, together with the red diamond potion pays at the rate of 5x the value of the original stake. There are also a pink heart potion and a spade heart potion that produce payouts of 6x the staked amount if five of their examples hit the reels.

The golden ring of the magician with a sapphire on it produces more handsome wins that run into 8x the staked amount, which is awarded for the maximum possible winning combo made of five matching icons. The pay-scale of this slot also features a pair of ruby earrings, and forming five-of-a-kind from them means players’ balance will swell with 10x the staked amount.

The gold necklace and the amulet are among the better-payers in the game, and when five examples of them arrive during the same spin, the balance boost players will see will be worth 15x and 20x the value of the original bet.

The sorceress awards the heftiest prizes from the ordinary symbols, and if her image takes up five reel positions, a payout of 25x the chosen bet amount will be added to players’ balance.

The wild icon is the premium-paying symbol in Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic, and it will not only speed up the fulfillment of winning combos but will award prizes that range between 5x and 50x the staked amount depending on the number of times it has landed.

Bonus Features of Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Slot

Bonus imageWhen players get the magic going, they should always check whether a sorcerer has appeared on the reels. As likely as not, slot buffs might have noticed that there is a glass globe above each of the five reels. Whenever a magician shows up, the respective globe will start glowing to indicate what prize players should prepare to get.

The nature sorcerer is the green one, and it can only enter on the leftmost reel. When it pops up, this sorcerer will turn the amulet, earrings, necklace, or the ring into an additional wild icon.

The fire sorcerer is the red one, and it will only hit on the second reel. The magic powers of this sorcerer will make players’ winnings mount up as it awards a 10x multiplier.

The wind sorcerer hits only in the middle reel, and when this comes about the number of the paylines will be increased to 20.

The fourth reel cannot contain other sorcerer icons, but the water ones. Should a water sorcerer emerges there, one of the low-value icons that include the spade, heart, diamond, and club potions, will be removed from the reels.

The argane sorcerer lands solely on the rightmost reel, and it will team up with the rest of the sorcerers so that he could work his magic. A re-spin will be awarded after such a sorcerer comes into view.

If nature and argane sorcerers emerge together, an additional high-value symbol will start behaving like a wild icon. If the argane sorcerer lands together with the fire sorcerer, the value of the multiplier, which is awarded will be doubled.

Getting a wind and argane sorcerers at once means that winning combos will then be formed from left to right and from right to left. Whenever the water sorcerer pops up together with the argane one, additional low-paying symbols will drop from the reels.

In the event that more than several bonuses are already triggered, the argane sorcerer will pick which bonus to empower.

No matter which sorcerer will hit the reels, players will be awarded a re-spin during which they will benefit from the respective special power.

Our Verdict

Players who are ready to go to the lab of some of the most powerful magicians and hopefully, walk away with boosted bankrolls, should certainly try Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic by Playtech. Although it does not shine that brightly when its visuals are concerned, this game has a lot to offer when bonus features go. The spells the different sorcerers will cast on the reels are likely to keep players glued to the spin button for quite a while and have a whale of their time.