Solfire Slot Reviews

Solfire Slot Review

If you are enthusiastic about playing slots but at the same time, you crave something that is out of the common run, Radi8’s Solfire might turn out to be the perfect fit for you. What makes this video slot so outstanding is that it does not feature traditional reels. Instead, it has a 1x3x9 structure, which is revealed after players hit the spin button.

This highly innovative video slot features 9 fixed paylines and is playable for as little as $0,90 and as much as $540. The biggest payout players can receive while availing themselves in Solfire is worth 9,000x their bet.

Apart from the completely unusual and fresh way in which this video slot functions, the game also stands out with its special features. The Wild Multiplier, along with the Colossal Tablet Multipliers will undoubtedly make your experience a lot more lucrative.

Solfire Slot Summary
Provider Radi8
Paylines 9 fixed paylines
RTP 97.11%
Minimum Bet $0,90
Maximum Bet $540
Wild Symbol The tablet with the turquoise fireball can replace all other symbols
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features Wild Multiplier and Colossal Tablet Wilds
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Solfire Slot

Winning CombinationsThe games that are designed by Radi8 undoubtedly increase the fun and excitement for slot mavens because of their top-notch visual presentation and outstanding bonus features. When it comes to Solfire’s layout, this game is certainly not like the video slots we have used to seeing so far.

Interestingly enough, in Norse mythology, Sol is the divinity of the sun. Once you start playing Solfire, you will notice that her character will be in the spotlight of this video slot as each time you hit the spin button, she will use her powers to set the wheel of gods in motion. The wheel itself is set against a mysterious background as two statues are standing on both of its sides. There is water all over the place as a waterfall can also be seen in the back. Soli will be with her back to you all the time, and you will only be able to see her summoning up her powers to help you score a win. In the meantime, she will keep on dancing until you do not decide to hit the spin button.

One of the biggest peculiarities of this video slot is that its lines branch out from a single center symbol. As soon as Soli focuses her energies towards the wheel, players will see that it is made of three separate circles. The outer circle features nine positions, while the inner has only 3 positions. In the center, however, there is a single position.

The symbols that show up once Soli uses her powers are out of the common run as well. The least rewarding are the small blue, red, and yellow fireballs as when three identical symbols appear, players will get a payout that is worth x4 their bet. If you notice three bigger yellow fireballs, you will enjoy a balance boost of x8. The bigger blue and the red fireballs, on the other hand, grant prizes that are worth x20 and x12 respectively. When you get three golden statues, you will land a win of x30, while three sun amulets will grant you a prize that is 50x your line bet.

The best paying symbol in Solfire is the wild symbol as landing three such symbols at once will bring you a return of x1,000. The wild symbol is represented by a tablet that is broken into four pieces and has a turquoise fireball in the middle of it.

Bonus Features of Solfire Slot

Bonus imageNo matter whether you are playing for fun or you are seeking to land a huge payout, you might be thrilled to bits when you activate Solfire’s special features. In this video slot, the duties of the wild symbol are not limited to its regular ones as when one or several tablets with turquoise fireball form a winning combination, players will trigger the wild multiplier.

Thus, if there is only one wild symbol, slot mavens will benefit from a 3x win multiplier. If two wild symbols have landed together, you will be granted a 9x win multiplier. Landing three wild symbols during the same round is what you should look forward to as this is when you will unlock the 1,000x win multiplier.

Solfire also allows players to benefit from Colossal Tablet Wilds. When you notice that a wild symbol has filled up the entire reel, you will snatch a prize that is worth 9,000x your line bet, so keep your fingers crossed to see how this happens.

Our Verdict

Radi8’s Solfire is a unique video slot that impresses with its superb layout. It is playable across desktop and portable devices, and promises to bring slot mavens a lot of thrill and excitement. Solfire’s well-crafted animations are likely to turn it into a draw for many slot lovers. This video slot is well-thought-of also in terms of special features as they can help players enjoy a staggering balance boost.