RollZone Slot Review

RollZone Slot Review

RollZone is a video slot from Felix Gaming that takes players into the nuclear explosion zone, where they will be presented with a reel matrix made of four reels and four rows. In order for players to find out whether they will manage to survive the apocalypse, they need to stake between 0.20 and 80 credits.

Under the threat of a nuclear disaster, reel spinners will attempt to collect generous prizes, thanks to the clever nuclear payout mechanic. The game development studio has also made sure that in RollZone, there will be a fair amount of bonus spinning action that will hold the attention of the choosiest slot buffs.

Once they find themselves in the zone where radioactive liquids penetrate the ground and permeate every organism, players might be in for generous payouts, thanks to the wild and scatter icons, the rounds of free spins, win multipliers, and symbol mutations.

As they spin the reels of this video slot, players are offered some nice prizes that are capped at 4,000x the bet amount. With RollZone, the Geiger counter will not be pushed to its most extreme values as its volatility is medium.

RollZone Slot Summary
Provider Felix Gaming
Paylines Nuclear ways
RTP 96.48%
Minimum Bet $0.20
Maximum Bet $80.00
Wild Symbols Survivor with a green anti-contamination suit
Scatter Symbols Survivor with a blue anti-contamination suit
Bonus Features Rounds of free spins, win multipliers, and symbol mutation
Jackpot 4,000x Total Bet

Symbols and Winning Combinations of RollZone Slot

Winning CombinationsRollZone takes players to a place with radioactive contamination that evokes memories of the nuclear accident that occurred in Chernobyl. The game development studio has managed to create a spooky atmosphere, and the reel engine is set somewhere on the streets of a deserted town. On the left-hand side of the reels, there is a traffic light that is still working and tree branches, while behind the reel engine, players will spot the abandoned buildings.

On the right-hand side of the reel matrix, slot buffs will even see a Ferris that makes the setting all the more ghostly. There is snow all over the place, and the spinning action takes place at night, which makes the atmosphere gloomier.

The realistic atmosphere of this video slot is sure to grab the attention of players, and the provider has also ensured that the icons that will emerge on the reels will also be in perfect keeping with the apocalyptic setting. One of the most intriguing features of this video slot is the nuclear payout mechanic, thanks to which all symbols, including the regular ones, act like scatters and offer payouts no matter where on the reels they have appeared.

The payout players will be in for during each spin will be determined by the number of identical icons that have popped up on the reels. The minimum number of matching symbols that are required in order to get a payout is 9.

The J-A royals are the smallest payers in this slot, and they offer payouts of 0.25x and 4x depending on the number of times these symbols land on the reels. Even these symbols have unique designs, and players should keep in mind that each low-value symbol offers its own payout.

The three barrels offer payouts of 1x, 1.5, and 10x the bet amount, while the Geiger counter brings wins of 1.5x, 2.5x, and 12.50x the bet amount. The bunker is the next most valuable symbol, and it helps players bag wins of 2x, 5x, and 15x the bet amount. The teddy bear is another one of the most valuable icons in this slot, and it pays up to 25x the bet amount. The top-paying symbol in RollZone is the danger sign, and it awards wins of up to 50x.

Bonus Features of RollZone Slot

Bonus imageVisiting this dangerous place that is covered with radiation might be risky but can potentially turn out to be quite lucrative because of the special symbols and bonus features that will be unlocked along the way. Each time players set the reels in motion, a radiation frame will start moving across the reels, and when one of the low-paying symbols ends up within the frame, the symbol will mutate and turn into four symbols, thus increasing the chances of forming winning combinations further.

There are a few survivors that will try to collect the only leftover resources, and if they end up in the radiation frame, players will get an entry in the free spins and multiplier features. The survivor with a green anti-contamination suit offers wins of 0.25x and 2.5x the bet amount when such symbols land on three or four reel positions. This symbol can end up in the radiation frame in the base game and after the free spins feature is triggered and awards a random win multiplier value that is between 1x and 9x.

The survivor with a blue anti-contamination suit is the other special icon in RollZone and also pays no matter the position on which it lands. When three symbols of this kind appear, the awarded payout is worth 0.50 the bet amount, while four such symbols produce a payout of 5x the bet amount. This symbol also activates the free spins feature, and in order for this to happen, at least one such symbol needs to appear within the radiation frame. The awarded rounds of free spins can be up to five, and playing the feature again is also possible.

After the free spins feature is unlocked, players might bag even juicer payouts as the multiplier feature will also be active. It gets better as the win multiplier is applied to all winnings that are awarded during the rounds of free spins.


RollZone is an engaging video slot from Felix Gaming that is sure to draw the interest of reel spinners with its theme, unusual design, and the appetizing prizes that are up for grabs. What makes this post-apocalyptic slot even more intriguing is the roster of special features it comes with, thanks to which reel spinners can potentially bag the maximum possible payout of 4,000x the bet amount.