Respin Joker Slot Review

Respin Joker

Respin Joker is one of the fun slots powered by SYNOT Games, allowing players to have a great time spinning various symbols across three reels. This game is definitely inspired by classic slot machines, offering players a simple yet very entertaining experience.

This classic slot has five paylines that can grant rewards for matching identical fruity symbols. Although it looks like a rather simple slot, Respin Joker has some special features that can lead to very generous payouts. With a Wild symbol and win multipliers, Respin Joker can further boost one’s wins and make the game a lot more riveting.

Respin Joker Slot Summary
Provider SYNOT Games
Payline Number 5
RTP 96.13%
Minimum Bet $0.10
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbols Joker Mask can substitute for other symbols
Scatter Symbols N/A
Bonus Features Wild winning combinations trigger a respin; Gamble Feature
Jackpot N/A

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Respin Joker Slot

Winning CombinationsYou will notice that symbols used in Respin Joker are the typical fruits that are often seen on classic slots. Players will enjoy a payout whenever identical fruits are matched 3 times across any of the 5 paylines of the slot.

For the lowest paying symbol, you have a pair of cherries that can bring you a payout of 2x your original bet whenever they are matched 3 times on a payline. If you land lemons, oranges, or plums 3 times on a winning line, you will be awarded bigger payouts. A combination of 3 lemons grants a win of 4x your original stake, while 3 oranges and 3 plums will pay out respectively 6x and 8x your total bet.

If you see grapes or sliced watermelons 3 times on one of the paylines of Respin Joker, you will enjoy even higher payouts of 10x and 15x, respectively. The highest payout is won whenever 3 golden bells land on a winning line, bringing lucky players 50x their original bet.

In addition to regular paying symbols, Respin Joker also features a special Wild icon. It is represented by a joker mask that can substitute for any other slot symbol. In addition to that, the Wild can trigger one of the special features of the slot, giving players even more opportunities for fruitful outcomes.

Bonus Features of Respin Joker Slot

Bonus imageTo make the gameplay more interesting, Respin Joker has several special features that can lead to more rewarding outcomes. Since the Wild can replace other slot symbols, it can help players to complete winning combinations.

In addition to finishing a winning line, whenever a Wild is a part of a winning combination, it will trigger the Respin feature of the slot. This can help you land another win without making a new bet. What is more, if the Respin leads to another win, the special feature will be triggered yet again, giving you a third spin on your original bet.

If you want to further double your wins and you enjoy taking some risks, you can also make use of the Gamble feature of Respin Joker. Whenever you land a win, you will see that the Gamble option will appear next to the Spin button. If you press it, this will load a side game with a playing card facing down. You will need to guess correctly whether the card is red or black. If you are correct, your winnings will be doubled. A wrong guess, however, will cost you your original win and the Gamble feature will be over.

You can choose to gamble only the half amount of your win by pressing the button “HALVE”. Meanwhile, if you are done with gambling your winnings, you can press “COLLECT” and you will return to the base game. If you guess the color of the card correctly, you can continue gambling your winnings and double their amount up to 10 consecutive times. This, of course, is possible only if every time you gamble, your guess is correct.


You will be able to have a great time spinning the reels of this classic slot by SYNOT Games. Fruity symbols will be there to help you enjoy a lucrative time, with 5 paylines spread across the 3 reels of Respin Joker. Keep an eye for the Wild symbol as it can easily help you complete winning combinations and can even trigger one of the wonderful special features of the game.