Razor Returns Slot Review

Razor Returns Slot Review

Scarred yet stronger than ever, the cast of Push Gaming’s original Razor Shark is back and ready to fight in Razor Returns, one of the developer’s newest titles. This high-volatility slot has an RTP of 96.55%, and it will treat casino mavens to a myriad of bonus mechanics and rewards, including but not limited to multipliers, spins that are free of charge, and respins. All of the said bonuses can be tried out in the game’s demo version, giving casino mavens ample opportunity to check if Razor Returns will be a game that fits their preferences.

Razor Returns is optimized to run on both desktop devices and on smartphones thanks to its HTML5 technology. Slot buffs on the go will be able to open the game on their browser application of choice, regardless of whether the said app is Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or another mobile browser.

Razor Returns Slot Summary
Software Provider Push Gaming
Payline Number 40
RTP 96.55%
Minimum Bet $0.10
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbol Wild Shark
Scatter Symbol Torpedo Symbol, Nudge Up Symbol, Golden Shark Symbol
Bonus Features Free Spins, Mystery Symbols, Razor Reveal Feature, Bonus Buy, Push Bet
Jackpot 100,000x

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Razor Returns Slot

Winning CombinationsRazor Returns comes with 40 paylines in total, and in order to win, a player must luck out on at least 3 identical symbols on a payline. A group of icon copies needs to start from the first reel for it to pay out.

Each member of Razor Returns’ cast of characters serves as one of the high-paying symbols in this slot. The Wild Shark is the most generous symbol here in terms of payouts, as landing a 5-reel win lands fortunate casino devotees their base wagers times 12.5. As suggested by its name, this symbol also serves as Razor Returns’ Wild, and it substitutes for all of the game’s paying icons. The only exceptions are the Mystery Symbol, the Torpedo Scatter, and Instant Prize Symbols.

The second-best paying icon in the game is the Orange Shark symbol, as its payouts range from 0.60x to 7.5x, depending on the number of copies that land on a payline. This icon is followed by the Purple Shark symbol, which pays out 6x one’s base wager for a max win. The last two shark symbols are the Green Shark and the Blue Shark, and full-reel wins achieved via these icons result in payouts of 3x and 2.5x, respectively.

The rest of the paying symbols are items one can find at the bottom of the ocean, starting with the Diving Helmet and the Pipe, which both have win amounts ranging from 0.1x to 1x one’s wager. Finally, we have the Compass and the Anchor, with each paying out 0.8 times the base bet when 5 identical copies land.

In addition to the ordinary paying symbols and the Wild Shark, Razor Returns also features the Torpedo Symbol. This is a Scatter that activates the Free Spins bonus, provided at least 3 copies land. Mystery Symbols are another unique icon type, as they can reveal various symbols, including paying icons, Scatters, and Golden Shark Symbols. The last of the aforementioned symbols activates the Razor Reveal Feature, where Instant Prize Symbols, Multipliers, and Collector Symbols may land.

Bonus Features of Razor Returns Slot

Bonus imageAn absolute array of bonus mechanics awaits any casino maven who decides to pick up Razor Returns. The Nudge and Reveal Feature, for starters, is triggered whenever Mystery Symbols land on the reels. The role of these symbols is to reveal other icons, which can be either ordinary paying symbols, Wild Sharks, or Golden Shark icons. Then, whatever icons appeared as a result of this feature are nudged down by 1 position when the player spins the reels again, and will continue to do so with each spin. It should be noted that Mystery Symbols are exclusive to neither the base game nor the Free Spins Feature.

Continuing onwards, the Razor Reveal Feature is the second bonus players will encounter as they tread the dangerous waters of Razor Returns. This bonus can only be activated if the Mystery Symbol reveals a Golden Shark icon, and once triggered, all positions containing a Golden Shark turn into individual reels that respin. The following icons can land as a result of respins:

  • Instant Prize Symbol – can have values of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x, 1,000x, 2,500x, or 5,000x
  • Multiplier Symbol – can have a value of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x; multiplies Instant Prize Symbols and Collector Symbols by its own value
  • Collector Symbol – collects the values of Instant Prize Symbols; transforms into an Instant Prize Symbol when the given respin ends; disappears once it pays out
  • Converter Symbol – chooses a random paying symbol from the ones on the reels and converts all copies of the said icon into a Golden Shark Symbol; converted icons revert to their original symbols once the given Razor Reveal round is over
  • Nudge Up Symbol – exclusive to the Free Spins Feature, nudges Mystery Symbols up by 1 cell
  • Torpedo Symbol – 3+ copies of this icon trigger the Free Spins Feature

Do note that Torpedo Symbols are not exclusive to the Razor Reveal reels: these icons can land anywhere during the base game as well. As established, getting at least 3 copies takes players to the Free Spins Feature, and each instance of this bonus begins with an Initial Total multiplier that is applied to all wins from a complimentary spin. The starting size of this multiplier is dependent on how many Scatters trigger the bonus:

  • 3 Torpedo Symbols – 1x Initial Total multiplier
  • 4 Torpedo Symbols – 5x Initial Total multiplier
  • 5 Torpedo Symbols – 5x Initial Total multiplier

Another unique aspect of the Free Spins feature is how the second and fourth reels are covered by Mystery Symbols at the start of the mode, and like the base game, these icons are nudged down with each spin. Here, however, this also causes the Total Multiplier to increase by 1 per spin. We should also emphasize that in addition to the initial icons, more Mystery Symbols may appear throughout the duration of a round of complimentary games. The Free Spins feature ends once all Mystery Symbols disappear.

Continuing onwards, the Gamble Feature is an optional risk game where the player can wager their complimentary games before the Free Spins Feature begins. The possible prizes are the following Initial Total multiplier values: x5, x10, x25, x50, and x100. The range of possible wins is dependent on the multiplier already won. For example, players with an x25 multiplier could win either the x50 the or x100 Initial Total multiplier. To reiterate, one can choose to ignore the Gamble Feature and collect their Free Spins, and the said option is also available after every successful gamble.

We should also point out that if a player wishes to increase their chances of landing the Free Spins feature, they can play the base game with the Push Bet mechanic enabled. The said function increases the wager by 10% without affecting any of the payline wins.

Last but not least, we will cover Razor Returns’ Bonus Buy function. It allows casino enthusiasts to purchase the Free Spins feature or the Razor Reveal bonus, and the following options are available in the Bonus Buy menu:

  • x1 Initial Total multiplier Free Spins (3 Torpedo Scatters) – costs 106x bet
  • x5 Initial Total multiplier Free Spins (4 Torpedo Scatters) – costs 186x bet
  • x25 Initial Total multiplier Free Spins (5 Torpedo Scatters) – costs 550x bet
  • Random Free Spins (between 3 and 5 Torpedo Scatters) – costs 200x bet
  • Razor Reveal (all reel positions are covered in Mystery Symbols that reveal Razor Reveal icons) – costs 500x bet

Going with any of the Free Spins Feature options will lead the player to the Gamble Game first. Just like before, however, whether one will risk their FS or keep them is a matter of personal preference.

Our Verdict

All in all, Razor Returns is a slot that will definitely appeal to casino mavens looking to enjoy thrilling iGaming sessions. Razor Returns’ art and theme are both fantastic, as is the music. Best of all, the sheer number of features present is impressive, and the fact that each one enhances the gameplay in a meaningful way is another major plus.