Portal Master Slot Review

Portal Master Slot Review

Portal Master is a remarkable new slot title developed by Mancala Gaming that features 5 reels and up to 1024 win ways. It takes you to a fantasy planet where you can open portals to other dimensions with the help of different-level energy spheres. Players can diversify their betting experience with wild and scatter symbols as well as with the free spins feature provided by the slot.

All terms and conditions are clearly explained within the info section that is available to everybody through the burger menu in the upper left corner of the screen. The RTP is average for this type of game (95%) but the graphics are so beautiful and of such a high quality, that we couldn’t resist and decided to take a closer look at the slot.

Portal Master Slot Summary
Provider Mancala Gaming
Payline number 1,024 ways to win
RTP 95%
Minimum Bet 10 credits
Maximum Bet 900 credits
Wild Symbols Portal Master
Scatter Symbols Scatter Crystal
Bonus Features Energy Spheres, Free spins
Jackpot 8,250 x your bet

Symbols and Winning Combinations in Portal Master

Winning Combinations We like the fact that a lot of creativity has been put into the regular symbols, it seems that someone with a flair for fine arts is involved in their creation. Combinations between 3 and 5 identical bulls, dragons, owls, or stingrays as well as five different shining gemstones result in payouts of diverse amounts. The winning combinations also include any wild substitute and are calculated on consecutive reels, from left to right.

The pink, green, blue, and orange gems are the symbols with the lowest profit – 3, 4, and 5 matched symbols of these kinds result in payouts of 0.1x, 0.2x, and 0.3x the total bet. As for the animal guardians, each of them brings a different winning. The strongest one is the dragon whose 5-fold combination will multiply your bet x250. For the other animals, the multipliers for combinations of 5 identical symbols are as follows: owls – 15x the original bet, stingrays – 1.5x the original bet, and bulls – 0.8x the original bet.

An attractive female character, the Portal Master, is the wild symbol provided within the slot game. While in a base mode, it can only appear on reel 3 where it expands to all the four positions and in addition awards the player an Energy Sphere.

The Portal Master slot game is equipped with a scatter symbol too, the beautiful Scatter Crystal. It can appear on any reel, as payable are combinations of over 3 crystals. If you have the chance to land 5 of them, the payout would be 30x your bet line.

Bonus Features of Portal Master

Bonus image One of the things that attracts players to bet on the Portal Master slot is its generous free spins feature. They can benefit from games of 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins and the procedure for their acquisition is quite interesting.

We already mentioned that with each appearance of the wild symbol, the player is awarded an Energy Sphere. These are of three different levels and are to be collected in a special collection stone located to the left of the reels. Ultimately, the stone must contain three low-level, two mid-level, and one high-level Energy Spheres.

One low-level sphere can be used either for transforming a Scatter Crystal into a regular symbol or for subsequent trade up for more powerful spheres. You can acquire a mid-level Energy Sphere by trading it for three low-level spheres. If a player decides to use a sphere of this medium level on a visible Scatter Crystal, it will create an instant 5-fold combination of any randomly chosen regular symbol.

The “price” of the most valuable high-level Energy Sphere is two mid-level spheres. When a player acquires this kind of sphere and uses the trading up function, he is awarded free spins whose number is randomly selected. It is important to keep in mind that trading of Energy Spheres is only possible before the start of the next spin, and in case there are no Scatter Crystals on the reels.

There is one more condition that is specific to the Free Spins feature. In addition to reel 3, the Master Portal wild symbol can appear on reels 2 and 4, but on the other hand, this will not lead to the accumulation of more Energy Spheres.


We can safely say that Portal Master is one of the most interesting and appealing slots we have come across recently. Given the 1,024 possible ways to win, players can benefit from multiple winning combinations. This fact, as well as the bonus features and the beautiful and user-friendly layout, make this MancalaGaming slot title worth trying.