Pets Go Wild Slot Review

Pets Go Wild Slot

Skillzzgaming’s new casino game Pets Go Wild is a unique animal-themed online game with stunning graphics, fun cartoon style, and fast gameplay. It is not a slot, however, but a tile-matching game, in which players eliminate 3 or more symbols of the same type to win.

In Pets Go Wild, we have several pets going to the beach, to the movies, to the pet’s circus, to a rock concert, and more. The game has no reels and no standard paylines – instead, it is played on a 7×7 cross-shaped board of tiles and to win, players need to find clusters of matching tiles and fill animal bars with them. Every bar is filled with 7 animals and you can fill the bars as many times as you can. But this is not even half of the story – players gain experience and progress to higher levels, which unlock different chapters. In addition, there are various bonus features, as well as an exciting Cruise Event where players can win the jackpot, which is worth 1,000 times their bet.

Pets Go Wild Slot Summary
Software Provider Skillzz Gaming
Paylines N/A
RTP 95.00%
Min Bet $0.60
Max Bet $100
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Bonus Features There are 7 bonus features, which can be triggered only from Chapter 2 onwards. In the Cruise Event, players can win the jackpot payout of the game.
Jackpot 1,000x bet

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Pets Go Wild Slot

Winning CombinationsThe game features 5 main pet symbols and in order to get a payout, players need to fill any of the animal bars with 7 pets, namely Dexter the Dog, Katie the Cat, Parker the Parrot, Fred the Fish, and Robin the Rabbit. Every pet is represented by a simplified symbol on the 7×7 tile board – Dexter’s paw print in blue, Katie’s pink yarn ball, a yellow feather, a green fish tile, and an orange rabbit symbol.

Players fill the pet bars when they blast a cluster of 3 or more animal tiles of the same kind. They receive a different payout for each pet bar that has been filled – 0.5x the bet for Dexter, 1x bet for Katie, 2x bet for Parker, 5x bet for Fred, and 10x bet for Robin. Once there are no more matching tiles on the board left, the round ends and players receive the respective payout.

Along with the different animal-themed symbols, there are also 3 types of bubbles that appear randomly above the regular tiles. Whenever players blast the tile below them, they win the bonus that is associated with each of them. The XP Bubble grants an experience boost that helps players progress through the game faster. The Bonus Bubble, which appears simply as the letter B, triggers the bonus features, which will be explained in the following section. The other bubble is the Cruise Event Bubble Star and collecting 5 of these stars activates the Cruise Event.

Bonus Features of Pets Go Wild Slot

Bonus imagePets Go Wild is a fun, really untraditional casino game that is rich in unique bonus features. The first thing that catches one’s attention is the fact that players gain experience by simply playing the game. This is how they reach new levels – each following level either gives a Cruise Event unlocks the different Chapters of this game. The first chapter is Beach Day, the starting chapter that has no bonus features to offer.

Once players unlock the second chapter, Film Festival, they can activate the popcorn prizes (an instant win bonus) when they blast a cluster with the Bonus Bubble above one of the tiles. The third chapter is called the Pets’ Circus and it unlocked at a higher level. In it, the Bonus Bubble can trigger the Loony Cannon – players select a circle and behind it, they will find a pet and a prize. Then, the pet is loaded in the cannon and propelled, and for every 100 m. of altitude, the multiplier increases by 1. At the end of the bonus feature, the multiplier is applied to the prize.

The Rock N’ Roll chapter unlocks the Rock Legends bonus feature. It gives 5 free rounds with random 2x, 3x, and 5x multipliers. The next chapter is the Haunted House – here, the Knock, Knock bonus game allows players to pick one of two doors and find a prize behind it. The Moon Adventure is probably the chapter with the most interesting bonus feature. It is the Zero Gravity bonus game where players are presented with a 5×5 moon tiles board and multipliers. The seventh chapter, Pets’ Museum, activates the Pets’ Gallery, a pick-me game with different prizes and multipliers. The last chapter to be unlocked is Safari Blast, which can give a single bonus game and any winnings from it are multiplied by 10.

The other bonus feature in this game is the Cruise Event which is triggered after 5 Stars have been blasted off the board. A total of 10 rounds can be played and all winnings are 30% higher. This is where the 777 symbol can appear – blasting it off the tiles brings the jackpot, which is 1,000 times the size of the bet.


Skillzzgaming’s Pets Go Wild game is still new but it is already available at a large number of online casinos. The game is really fun and engaging, with innovative design and fantastic graphics quality. It would be a great option for every type of casino player who is looking for something less monotonous than slots and yet, much more exciting and colorful than blackjack.