Penalty Shoot-Out Slot Review

Penalty Shoot-Out Slot

Evoplay is one of the strongest companies on the iGaming highly competitive scene, which provides more than 100 slot and arcade games. A part of their portfolio is Penalty Shoot-Out, a simple, but at the same time, interesting instant game with soccer being its leading theme. The title was released at a time when real sporting events were severely limited by the pandemic and still enjoys great interest.

Your only opponent here is the goalkeeper and there are five spots to which you can direct your kick. The more goals you manage to score, the bigger bonuses you will get. So, choose your team, make a bet, and let’s get started!

Penalty Shoot-Out Slot Summary
Provider Evoplay
RTP 96.00%
Minimum Bet 1
Maximum Bet 500
Special Symbols Different color equipment for each national team
Special Features Collection of winnings is possible at any time of the game
Jackpot The maximum bet allowed by the operator multiplied x30.72

Symbols and Winning Combinations in Penalty Shoot-Out

Winning Combinations The sum of your winnings in this game depends only on the amount of your bet and the number of goals scored. That is, there are no special symbols to give temporary characteristics to your player, nor combinations of kicks that are more profitable than others.

The game has extremely simple rules, but this does not mean that the developers have not made much effort. A lot of resources have been used to make this title attractive. Bettors can enjoy dynamic, colorful, and high-quality graphics. After every five shots (if they are successful) or when the game resumes after a missed goal, a goalkeeper from a new team faces you. You are notified of the change from the icons at the top of the screen, as well as from the change in the color of his equipment.

We were also impressed by the realistic atmosphere that the sound design gives – enthusiastic shouts and applause when a goal is scored, disappointed sighs when missed, as well as inspiring music all the time. If all this distracts you and you prefer to shoot against the goalkeeper in complete silence, just enter the settings section and disable the game sounds.

As already mentioned, the rules of the game are very simple, but if in doubt, you can refer to the information section at the bottom of the screen, which is only two clicks/taps away.

Bonus Features of Penalty Shoot-Out

Bonus image As with most instant games, there are no bonus features here like the free spins in classic slots, for example. The things with which Penalty Shoot-Out attracts players are their favorite sport (soccer), fast action, and reasonably high eventual winnings.

While testing the game we liked that at any time after placing the bet you have the opportunity to press the Collect button and thus to add the currently accumulated amount to the balance of your account. This is somewhat reminiscent of the early cash-out function in online sportsbooks which helps you minimize the possible losses. Players can choose to pass through all five shots cycle, or they can collect their winnings after any goal they have scored.

Your bet is multiplied x1.92 for one successful goal, x3.84 for two, x7.68 for three, x15.64 for four, and if you manage to score all the five goals within one round, your bet amount will be multiplied x30.72. This means that if you bet $500 and the goalkeeper fails to oppose you, your winnings can reach $15,360. After each round, you are allowed to change the amount of your bet.

Players must keep in mind that if the goalkeeper saves the ball, they will lose their original bet plus the winnings from the previous successful goal.

If at some point in the game you decide that the selected national team is unlucky and you want to try to play with another one, just press the button with two crossed flags and you can choose from 24 teams. Another option Penalty Shoot-Out provides its players with is to click on the Random ball and the spot within the football gate will be randomly chosen.


Penalty Shoot-Out is another good title released by Evoplay. It is a dynamic instant game that comes with a 96% RTP, user-friendly layout, and high-quality graphics. The atmosphere, close to that of a real football field, and the high possible winnings make it a favorite title for many players, especially for sports fans.