Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks Slot Review

Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks Slot Review

If Greek mythology is something you are interested in, you will appreciate the theme of Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks. This video slot by Armadillo Studios is spread across six reels and four rows and 4,096 ways, at least during the base game. Once the special feature of the game is activated, the dynamic rows of the slot are activated, increasing their number as players land consecutive wins.

The slot’s grid can expand up to seven rows, making the total of ways a win can be landed 117,649. Thanks to the Cascading Worlds feature of the game, there is a potential for multiple consecutive wins, with plenty of bonus options unlocking the more you win. To boost their chances for fruitful outcomes, players can also take the Fortune Bet, which will raise their stake but can also improve their winning chances.

Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks Slot Summary
Provider Armadillo Studios
Paylines 4,096 – 117,649 ways to win
RTP 94% / 96% / 88%
Min Bet 0.25
Max Bet 100
Wild Symbol Wild
Scatter Symbol Apollo Sun
Bonus Features Prize pots, Cascading worlds, Supreme Streaks, Wild Frames
Jackpot 2,000x total bet

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks Slot

Winning CombinationsThe intricate design of the slot will have you start from the Elysian Plains as a mortal, fall into the dark realm of Tartarus, ascend to the sea world of Poseidon, and hopefully reach the blissful life on Olympus. This 6-reel slot will have you start with four rows and a total of 4,096 ways to land a win. If you reach the special feature and enjoy plenty of consecutive wins, the slot may expand to seven rows and increase the ways to land a win up to 117,649. Players will enjoy a win if the same symbol appears on at least three adjacent reels. Winnings pay only left to right, which means that all winning combinations need to start from the far left reel.

Instead of using the cliche slot symbol of playing card values, Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks’s developers chose to stick to the slot’s theme, using Greek letters for the low-value symbols of the game. The lowest payout for matching six identical symbols is given for a combination of Omega letters, paying 0.16x your total bet. Meanwhile, six Delta letters will offer a slightly higher payout of 0.20x your stake.

The higher-paying symbols in the base game include a shield, sword, helmet, spear, armor, and three-arrowed bow. The first four symbols will pay 0.2x, 0.24x, 0.36x, and 0.40x your bet respectively while the armor and the arrowed weapon will both pay 0.62x your bet for six-of-a-kind.

If you unlock the Flames of Tartarus, Seas of Poseidon, and Olympus bonus levels, you will also have extra symbols added to the reels. These include Minotaur, Medusa, Athena, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Their respective payouts for six-of-a-kind are going to be 2x, 6x, 10x, 4x, 8x, and 12x your total bet.

In addition to the regular paying symbols, the slot also features a few special icons that can trigger the bonus features of Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks. The first important symbol that appears in the base game is Apollo Sun, which will leave a trace on the positions where it has landed and will add a random multiplier to that position if another Apollo Sun lands on the same spot before the bonus feature is triggered. In the bonus game, Apollo Sun icons transform into Wilds. These symbols can replace any letter or paying symbol of the slot and complete winning patterns.

During the bonus feature, Prizepool Accumulators may also appear, with every lightning collected from consecutive wins getting you closer to the biggest prize in the game, which can award 2,000x your total stake.

Bonus Features of Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks Slot

Bonus imageThe transition to the bonus game in Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks is seamless, very intriguing, and potentially extremely rewarding. The great thing is that there is no doubt that players will transition from the Elysian Plains to the Flames of Tartarus level. After players play ten spins with the same bet, the main feature at its first level will be triggered.

Before players get to the Flames of Tartarus realm, however, they will have the chance to activate Wilds that will help them to form winning combinations during the bonus feature. In the base game, you may see the Apollo Sun symbol landing on random positions and leaving a mark after the reels spin the next round. If another Apollo Sun icon lands on a marked position, it will have a random multiplier attached to it. All marked positions will turn into Wilds during the bonus feature, with the respective multiplier applied to wins.

When the main feature of the slot starts, any winning combination will activate the Cascading Worlds feature. That means the symbols forming the win will disappear from the reels, allowing symbols above them to fall into their positions. This can lead to consecutive wins, which will also help you advance to the next levels of the feature and unlock better wins. The three levels of the feature include Flames of Tartarus, Seas of Poseidon, and Olympus, with each one of them adding a row to the slot.

During the first level of the feature, the Minotaur and Hades symbols will be added to the reels. When three cascades are hit during the Flames of Tartarus, players will reach the Seas of Poseidon level. This will add another row, increasing the possible ways to win, with Medusa and Poseidon being added to the reels. Getting another 3 consecutive wins will ensure the highest level of the feature – Olympus.

At the final level of the feature, players will play on a 6×7 grid, with a total of 117,649 ways to win. Athena and Zeus will be added as the highest-paying symbols in the game. During the third level of the feature, marked positions and Wilds appear on the reels. As you play the last level of the feature, every consecutive win will increase the game’s multiplier.

Random lightning bolts may land on unmarked positions and create a mark, adding a 1 counter to the symbol. If you are using Fortune Bet, the counter will be randomly set to 1, 2, or 3. If a marked position is struck by a lightning bolt, the counter on the symbol will be increased by 1. If players are playing with a Fortune Bet, the counter may be increased randomly by 1, 2, or 3. The lightning bolt may strike symbols on all reels but the first one.

Players may opt for making a Fortune Bet by clicking on the button on the right side of the top corner of the screen. This feature will increase the bet per spin amount but will affect many of the features in the game. In addition to offering a potentially higher counter when lightning bolts hit symbols on the reels, the special bet may also increase the counter on marked positions whenever a Wild lands on them. If the Wild falls on unmarked positions while playing with Fortune Bet, the said position will remain marked until the bonus feature starts, with the symbol having a random counter of 1, 2, or 3 when the feature is over.

While playing the bonus feature, look for the Prizepot Accumulators, which will be gold lightning symbols that may appear anywhere on the reels. The more cascading wins you get, the number of collected Prizepot Accumulators may increase. At the end of the feature, if players have landed 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 Prizepot Accumulators, they will win 20x, 50x, 200x, 800x, and 2,000x their original bet.


The journey from a mere mortal to someone entering the blissfulness of Olympus has never been that thrilling and rewarding. Thanks to Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks by Armadillo Studios, players can spin a fun slot, with a dynamic grid that can expand to a 6×7 slot, with the amazing 117,649 ways to land a win. This is a high-volatility slot, which indicates less regular but very generous wins.