Mad Cars Slot Review

Mad Cars Slot Review

Dieselpunk is relatively uncharted territory in the iGaming sphere, which makes slots like Mad Cars an absolute treat to any casino aficionados who are fans of this sci-fi genre. Crafted by renowned software supplier Push Gaming, this mobile-friendly slot has graphics that feature a comic book art style that is ideal for the game’s post-apocalyptic setting. The Car Symbols turn the reels into racetracks, making for a unique gaming experience in both the base game and the Mad Bonus Feature.

In addition to looking fantastic, Mad Cars’ user interface is easy to navigate as well, and options like Turbo Mode and Autoplay can be enabled by players. Bonus Buy is also available, which is a function players can take advantage of in order to gain access to the slot’s Mad Bonus Feature without relying on luck.

Mad Cars Slot Summary
Software Provider Push Gaming
Payline Number 50
RTP 96.39%
Minimum Bet $0.10
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbol No
Scatter Symbol Scatter Car Symbol
Bonus Features Boost Reel, Mad Bonus Feature, Mad Race Feature
Jackpot 25,000x

Symbols and Winning Combinations of Mad Cars Slot

Winning CombinationsThis highly volatile slot has 50 paylines, and in the base game, players are greeted by a 5-reel layout with 6 rows. The ordinary icons pay out from left to right, and wins can be formed by matching 3 or more copies of the same symbol.

Pretty much all of Mad Cars’ icons follow the dieselpunk aesthetic the developers have gone for, starting with the symbols of the racers. The driver clad in red armor has a full-reel payout of 100x, making the symbol Mad Cars’ most generous icon. Next, we have the driver whose design is dominated by purples, and their best reward is 50x the base bet. The blue-framed symbol is the icon to follow, rewarding players with their wagers times 25 if 5 copies of the said symbol land. Finally, the character boasting a green mohawk hairstyle rewards the player with 20x their base bet. In addition to the high-paying icons, there are symbols whose payouts range between 0.1x and 5x, depending on how many identical copies of the same symbol land. The said icons are the Dice, the Steering Wheel, the Wrench, and the Traffic Cone.

In addition to the symbols outlined above, Mad Cars also has a myriad of special symbols. Instant Prize Car Symbols, for instance, all come with one of the following initial multipliers: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x. The Scatter Car Symbol, which has a multiplier of 10x, may also land, and it is the symbol that activates the Mad Bonus Feature.

Last but not least, the slot has a Boost Reel that is located above the main slot layout, and Boost Symbols can appear and “upgrade” the car symbols. The following icons may land: Multiplier Symbol, Gas Symbol, Multiplier & Gas Combo Symbol, Survivor Symbol, Persistent Payer Symbol, Persistent Collector Symbol, Persistent Payer & Collector Symbol. Do note that some of these icons are exclusive to the Mad Bonus Feature.

Bonus Features of Mad Cars Slot

Bonus imageThe first bonus mechanic of Mad Cars revolves around the Instant Prize Car Symbols. These icons land on the bottom row, and they come with values of up to 100x. For such a symbol to pay out, it needs to cross the finish line of the grid, i.e., reach and exceed the top row. When a single or multiple Instant Prize Car Symbols make it to the top and disappear, any other Car Symbols on the reels leave the layout with the next spin.

All in all, the cars are a crucial component of Mad Cars’ gameplay, and they can also receive upgrades thanks to the slot’s Boost Reel. Essentially, a given Boost Symbol will affect the car located on the reel below its cell. There are two groups of symbols that may land on the Boost Reel, starting with the ones that can appear during the base game:

  • Multiplier Symbol – this symbol multiplies the value of its corresponding Instant Prize Car Symbol by 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, or 100x
  • Gas Symbol – moves its corresponding Car Symbol up by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 positions
  • Multiplier & Gas Combo Symbol – this is a multi-purpose symbol that combines the effects of the previous two symbols
  • Survivor Symbol – locks a Car Symbol in place and prevents it from spinning away if another car makes it to the finish line

In order to observe the rest of the Boost Symbols, we must first examine the Mad Bonus Feature. This bonus is triggered when a Scatter Car Symbol exceeds the top row, and it rewards the player with 7 complimentary spins. Only Instant Car Symbols can appear on the 5×6 layout during this feature, and it starts with 5 such icons on the row at the very bottom. When one of the symbols makes it to the finish line, a new Prize Car Symbol appears on its reel, and the player is treated to 1 additional free spin.

As established, the Boost Reel is also present during the Mad Bonus, but the roster of symbols is upgraded. Basically, the Survivor icon is removed, and the following symbols are added to the selection of icons that can land:

  • Line Up – all Instant Prize Car Symbols align with the Car Symbol located on the highest row
  • Persistent Payer Symbol – applies the value of the corresponding Car Symbol to the other Car Symbols on the tracks, repeats this action for each subsequent spin
  • Persistent Collector Symbol – collects and adds the values of the other Car Symbols to its own value, repeats this action for each subsequent spin
  • Persistent Payer & Persistent Collector Symbol – applies its value to the rest of the Car Symbols and collects their values, repeats these actions for each subsequent spin

The final bonus mechanic is also a part of the Mad Bonus Feature. It is dubbed the Mad Race Feature, and it moves all Instant Prize Car Symbols present on the trucks so that they cross the finish line. This bonus may be activated once the player has exhausted all of their FS from the Mad Bonus Feature.

If one wishes to race straight to the Mad Bonus Feature, they can do so by buying one of the options below via Bonus Buy:

  • Regular Mad Bonus – triggers the ordinary Mad Bonus, costs 115.7x bet
  • Persistent Payer Bonus – activates the Mad Bonus feature and one of the Car Symbols will be affected by the Payer Bonus from the start, costs 301x bet
  • Persistent Collector Bonus – triggers the Mad Bonus feature, and one of the symbols on the Boost Reel is guaranteed to be the Persistent Collector bonus, costs 456x bet
  • Mystery Bonus – once again, the Mad Bonus mechanic is accessed, but the player may receive one of the above-mentioned bonuses at random or the Persistent Payer & Persistent Collector Symbol bonus, costs 624x bet

Our Verdict

Evidently, Push Gaming’s developers have had plenty of room to experiment and diversify the classic slot gameplay in Mad Cars, and the fact that one can simply buy the main bonus mode if they wish is another major point in favor of this slot. Coupled with the fact that the visuals are also fairly unique, Mad Cars should definitely be on your radar if you are looking for a slot that is innovative in both its graphics and gameplay.